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Fear of missing out? Thanks for signing up. Boeing declined to comment on this story. Staff Sgt. Air Force. Money Minute — Choosing the right checking account When it comes to storing your money for safe-keeping, most financial institutions provide several account options. Archived from the original on November 28, Terrell, Roy January 9, Sports Illustrated.

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Great Teams in College Basketball History. Jewish World Review. Retrieved February 9, May 10, Archived from the original on February 27, June 6, Note: This source appears to have a typo it was corrected in this article: It reads "I did now want Academy of Achievement. July 4, Retrieved February 19, Retrieved May 22, CBS Sportsline.

Archived from the original on February 14, Retrieved February 23, The Stanford Daily.

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Sports Illustrated — via The Associated Press. May 5, Archived from the original on April 12, — via The Associated Press. January 2, Little, Brown and Company.

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Archived from the original on September 10, Retrieved April 1, Archived from the original on May 17, Retrieved May 23, Archived from the original on December 8, Retrieved December 4, Archived from the original on October 11, Retrieved November 6, Archived from the original on December 15, Archived from the original on June 10, Retrieved June 4, Retrieved December 6, Archived from the original on September 21, Archived from the original on September 18, The New York Times.

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Retrieved August 10, June 15, Huffington Post. Archived from the original on May 3, Retrieved April 29, Archived from the original on April 21, June 2, Game 7". Russell is more effective against me than any other defender in the NBA because he catches me off guard with his moves. Sometimes, he's playing in front of me.

Other times he's in back of me. He keeps me guessing. He plays me tight this time, loose the next time. I've got to look around to find out where he is. It means I'm concentrating on him as much as my shot. And, of course, nobody has quite the timing he does in blocking shots. SLAM Magazine. Archived from the original on June 22, Retrieved June 22, February 12, Retrieved January 24, The White House.

November 17, Archived from the original on November 20, Retrieved November 19, The Basketball Fans. November 19, Retrieved November 29, Russell Legacy Project. Archived from the original on July 11, The Christian Science Monitor. October 17, Retrieved February 12, Bill Russell: A Biography.

Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing Group. January 26, Archived from the original on February 18, Retrieved February 15, Retrieved April 4, Retrieved November 11, Retrieved August 29, Retrieved October 19, April 19, No by-line. Russell's House" Interview. Interviewed by Bill Simmons. Russell and Auerbach enjoy a strictly professional rapport Russell frankly appraised [Auerbach] as the greatest of all coaches No man who has ever played for Auerbach has ever been close to him, with the possible exception of Bob Cousy. Philadelphia Daily News. Archived from the original on January 6, Retrieved May 24, Interviewed by VisionaryProject.

Quoting Russell's memoir Second Wind. Berkeley: University of California Press. Retrieved April 8, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. December 3, Retrieved September 28, Bill Russell at Wikipedia's sister projects. Links to related articles. Boston Celtics head coaches.

Oklahoma City Thunder head coaches. Carlesimo — Scott Brooks — Billy Donovan — denotes interim head coach. Sacramento Kings head coaches. Robinson Smith Allen. Russell B. Thompson D. Stan Buchanan K. Jones Willie Naulls Bill Uhl. United States basketball squad — Summer Olympics — Gold medal. Tom Heinsohn. Jones Bob Kessler Phil Rollins. Malone Abdul-Jabbar Erving M. Malone M. Malone Jordan K. Boston Celtics —57 NBA champions. Head coach Auerbach. Regular season Playoffs. Boston Celtics —59 NBA champions. Jones 25 K. Jones 29 Tsioropoulos. Boston Celtics —60 NBA champions. Boston Celtics —61 NBA champions.

Boston Celtics —62 NBA champions. Boston Celtics —63 NBA champions. Boston Celtics —64 NBA champions. Boston Celtics —65 NBA champions. Boston Celtics —66 NBA champions.

  • Basketball: S-M's Riewer a different kind of globetrotter.
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Boston Celtics —68 NBA champions. Jones 26 Weitzman 27 J. Jones 28 Embry. Head coach Russell. Boston Celtics —69 NBA champions. NBA season rebounding leaders. NBA 25th Anniversary Team. NBA 35th Anniversary Team. Emil Liston. Adi supported himself while attempting to start up his business by repairing shoes in town. Using belts, for example, he rigged a leather milling machine to a mounted, stationary bicycle powered by the firm's first employee.

He produced one of the earliest spiked shoes, with spikes forged by the smithy of the family of his friend Fritz Zehlein. Years later his widow, Kathe Dessler said: "Developing shoes was his hobby, not his job. He did it very scientifically. After the war Rudolf had determined on becoming a policeman. But after he completed his training, he joined Adi's firm on 1 July Two factors paved the way for the transformation of the business from a small regional factory to the international shoe distributor it would become.

Basketball: S-M's Riewer a different kind of globetrotter

First was the interest showed by former Olympian and then coach of the German Olympic track-and-field team, Josef Waitzer. On learning of the plant and the experiments of Adi, Waitzer travelled from Munich to Herzogenaurach to see for himself. A long friendship developed between the two, based on interest in improving athletic performance with improved footwear, and Waitzer became something of a consultant to the company.

The relationship would prove extremely valuable in giving Adi access to the athletes German and foreign at the Berlin Olympics. With the rise of the Nazi Party , athletic teamwork was prioritized. The Dassler brothers did not fail to see how their economic interest would benefit from politics; all three Dassler brother joined the Nazi Party on 1 May —three months after Hitler was appointed Chancellor.

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He also testified that he was involved in clubs of other political affiliations, such as the a liberal gymnastic club, Herzogenaurach's conservative KHC soccer club and a workers' sports club named "Union. One of the instructors was Franz Martz, a master producer of lasts. On 17 March , the two wed. She would have frequent run-ins with Adi's parents and Rudolf and his wife, all of whom lived in the same house.

Dassler saw the Berlin Olympics as the key springboard for international exposure. Although his relation with Waitzer ensured that most German athletes would wear Dassler footwear, Dassler had another athlete principally in mind— Jesse Owens , the American track-and-field star. Dassler found his way to meeting Owens and wordlessly offered his shoes to the American star. Owens accepted the gesture and wore the distinctive shoes with two leather strips on the sides and dark spikes when he defeated Lutz Long in the long jump shattering his own record in the process , in his two individual gold-winning performances in track and as a member of America's Gold medal upset of the German relay team.

Dasslers' association with Owens proved crucial to the success of the firm. Not only did it immediately catapult the company into an international player in the sportswear field spiking sales overall, but it quite literally later saved the firm. When American troops discovered that the Dassler factory was where the shoes for Owens' Olympic victories were made, they decided to let the works remain standing, and, indeed, many of the troops became good customers.

Once war began the Dasslers' ability to profit from Nazi enthusiasm for sport ended as the Reich became a total war machine.

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The Dassler firm was permitted to operate, but its production was severely curtailed. Then on 7 August Adi received notice of his conscription into the Wehrmacht. In the early years of the war, the firm was partially converted to a factory for the production of military material. Nevertheless, staff was reduced and supply was hard to come by. But it still continued to produce Waitzer shoes, although some of its football line became known as "Kampf" and "Blitz.

Wartime conditions exacerbated the simmering dispute between Rudolf and Adi's families. The house that Christoph, Pauline, sons Rudolf and Adi and their wives, and five grandchildren seemed stifling and forced family association at work was further complicated by sister Marie's employment there. Rudolf, angry that his younger brother was determined to be the leader of the Dassler firm and therefore released from the Wehrmacht , began to assert himself among family members.

He used this assumed authority to deny employment to two of Marie's sons, asserting that "there were enough family problems at the company. Adi managed to make room at the shoe factory to protect her for the rest of the war. Rudolf's rage boiled over when he was called up again in January as part of a total mobilization program.

He later expressed to the Puma American distributors the belief that he was unfairly repaid for getting his brother "released for the factory" in and claimed that for his own immediate conscription he "had to thank my brother and his [Nazi] party friends …" [32] Stationed in Tuschin in April , Rudolf wrote to his brother: "I will not hesitate to seek the closure of the factory so that you be forced to take up an occupation that will allow you to play the leader and, as a first-class sportsman, to carry a gun. On leave at the time of the shut down, Rudolf intended to take some of the leather inventory for his own later use.

Stunned to find that Adi had already done so, he denounced his brother to the Kreisleitung the county level Party leaders , according to Kathe, who treated her husband "in the most demeaning manner. In December the shoe-making machinery of the Dassler firm were replaced by spot-welding machines.

The Army determined that the Dassler plant would thereafter make Panzerschreck , a shoulder-fired tube copied after captured American bazookas. Like the American proto-type, the weapon was designed to be relatively light weight and able to penetrate tank armor. Parts were transported by rail to the Dassler plant where they were welded. The simple design of the weapon allowed the contractor to quickly train former seamstresses to spot weld sights and blast shields onto the pipes provided.

The weapons were to be distributed to tank-destroying detachments, and by March 92, panzerschrecks were in active use at the fronts of the rapidly constricting periphery of German territory. Although the weapon was remarkably effective and easily produced, its availability came too late in the war to save the Reich. Back in Tuschin, Rudolf continued to make good on his resolve to wrest the plant from his brother.

Using contacts at the Luftwaffe he attempted to have the production of panzerschreck replaced by government-ordered production of army boots under a patent he personally held.

Mexico's America Movil says Uno TV project cleared by regulator - Reuters

The patent proved defective, and his plan came to nothing. The now-defunct unit had been folded into the Schutzstaffel SS. The sources for what Rudolf did between his desertion from Tuschin and the funeral of Rudolf's and Adi's father on 4 April is among the disputed records in the American denazification panels. He remained there until the Allied liberation in early May.

Publish research promptly, not when it suits you, ministers told

When American troops reached Herzogenaurach, tanks paused before the Dassler factory pondering whether to blow it up. The troops spared the plant, taking over the family house in the process. Two weeks after the liberation of Herzogenaurach, Rudolf returned. As the American denazification process proceeded, the threat of liability from their Nazi past drove an irreconcilable rift between brothers Rudolf and Adi, each seeking to save himself.

On 25 July , about two months after the arrival of U. The American investigators soon discovered his early Nazi party membership and proof that he volunteered for the Wehrmacht in