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The Chelsea Bindery Show the Processes of Book Binding

The photographs reveal the intricate patterns and artistic designs worked by the students. One volume has some captions giving the name of the student and a date for the work, but the other two are unlabelled. The volumes were probably assembled as examples of student work to show at events such as open days, or for new students to study. The volumes themselves were most likely made in the Bookbinding classes. Bookbinding was first offered at the Leicester School of Art in the session.

More Books by John Mason

The prospectus stated that ' practical instruction will be given in all the branches of the craft '. By the s teaching had expanded and the subject was taught as part of the Department of Printing and Book Production which offered day and evening classes for apprentices and journeymen in bookbinding and machine ruling. The course was designed to lead to the City and Guilds Institute qualification.

Students were taught 'practical bookbinding', 'design', 'theory and English', and 'ruling'. There was also a course in 'bookcrafts' for trainee art teachers. In the s the Bookbinding Department came under the School of Printing. Students had to be employed in the industry or be preparing to enter it.

A practical course in bookcrafts and | Items | National Library of New Zealand

The syllabus gave complete basic training in both letterpress and stationery binding. Part time students undertook a 5 year course which combined practical work, theory and design. The prospectus advised: 'a complete course comprises folding, cleaning, mending, guarding, sewing on cords and tapes, back gluing, cutting of edges, rounding and backing, marbling, edge-guilding and colouring, headbanding, covering in cloth, leather, vellum and other materials, hand lettering and tooling, gold and colour blocking, inlaying, spring back account books, laced banded ledgers, looseleaf books, repair and restoration of old books and bindings'.

Importance was placed on design and decoration while experimentation was encouraged: 'the scope of the work is governed only by the limitations of the student '. Formal teaching in bookbinding appears to have stopped when the College of Art became Leicester Polytechnic in and subjects from the School of Printing were absorbed within the new Graphic Design course.

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Open and available for general access. Tutor: Mary Bartlett t: e: mary. Also in contemporary book structures, boxes and associated papercrafts. Teaching space for up to 12 people also available at our studio in North Devon.

Bookbinding Short Courses

Devon Bookbinders Group meets here on the first working Monday of every Month and occasional Saturdays. Full details on the web site. Small group learning from beginners to professional development. Tutor: Isabelle Ting w: owlandliongallery. More information and a booking form can he found on the website. Tutor: Doug Mitchell t e: plas snowdonia-npa. Check out our website for more information. They are taught by an internationally recognised team of tutors t: e: bookbindingworkshops gmail. Participants bring in their own projects and work at their own speed. There are three terms per academic year October — May with five sessions per term.

Tutor: Lori Sauer, Fellow of Designer Bookbinders t: e: contact w: salisburybookcrafts. Workshops are in small groups and give step-by-step tuition in various bookbinding and conservation techniques.

Bookbinding Courses

Workshops are held at the studio near Malvern and are led by Arthur, as well as occasional guest lecturers. Supervision and guidance is on hand and sessions are tailored to fit your requirements. Sessions are held monthly at weekends: please see the website for dates. Ideally suited to beginners or those with little experience, participants will learn how to make a particular book structure that they will be able to reproduce at home without specialist equipment.

All dates are by mutual agreement with participants. More information is available at bookconservationservices. Information about workshop: leif. Part-Time Courses. Bookbinding Part-Time Courses Please inform the website editor of any inaccuracies or omissions. If you have never tried bookbinding or wish to improve your skills, do come and join us.