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  1. The Storm Testament
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Jan 20, Mike Dixon rated it really liked it.


The Storm Testament

I read these books when I was in middle school and remember loving them. Good, fun reads. Jul 23, JeremyZon rated it really liked it. Loved this book. I got sucked in to the story. Nov 27, Julie rated it it was amazing. This was a reread of one of my favorite series I read as a kid. Always will be a favorite.

Dec 27, Jaime rated it really liked it. Really interesting. So many trials, whether it was people or the elements: harsh winters, etc Jan 30, Angelique Miller rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Aug 15, Ridge H rated it it was amazing Shelves: storm. This is a really good book. It has a lot of action and some love sences. The story line is great and how Ike and him had to get on the steamboat and was attacked by Indians.

This was a great book. I would recommend this book to everyone. Dec 15, Sam Huff rated it it was amazing. Sam Huff Mrs. I loved this book, a descriptive page story of how a young man became a mountain man, a hunter, and an indian in his lifetime. This young man braved savage natives, colossal bears, and the most extreme of conditions.

This story has the richest of details and description, and completely takes the reader i Sam Huff Mrs. This story has the richest of details and description, and completely takes the reader into the past to enjoy the world as it used to be. There was no snow where we were. It was May and and the rolling plains were covered with a new blanket of sweet, green grass. With nowhere else to go, Dan pursues a new future in the distant and bounteous land, later named Utah Valley by the mormons who would eventually settle there. As he travels his way towards the Rocky Mountains, he learns many things from many teachers, from mountain men to indian chiefs.

But still a conflict remains, and he will have to make a choice that could completely and permanently change his life. The whole story is based on a true story and I really liked it. An interesting book, was really fun to read and I highly recommend this to anyone who likes anything Western. Jan 26, Andrea rated it it was ok. My husband loved these books when he was growing up.

We go to church with the author's son, so I got him a couple of Lee Nelson autographed books for Christmas, and decided I should see what was so great about them. Well, the editing is certainly NOT great. The book is riddled with typos. It seriously makes me wonder if anyone bothered to proof it at all.

Or, why after all these years when additional copies have been printed that corrections haven't been made. The story was alright. This kid named My husband loved these books when he was growing up. This kid named Dan Storm was converted to the Mormon church in Canada with his family. His parents die, and he moves to Missouri to live with some relatives. Persecution is crazy, and after causing trouble with some high ups, he flees to the Rocky Mountains. This part of the book had me thinking my husband was so funny, because he pretty much loathes LDS fiction.

When I called him on it, he told me that after that point it doesn't talk about religion much at all. This was true. Dan's adventures with trappers, prospectors, and indians were interesting. Most of the writing was ok other than the typos , but there is a part near the end that was driving me nuts because it was so unclear. It was only over the space of four or five paragraphs, but after the first one or two I kept rereading to see what I must have missed. The answer came out a few paragraphs later.

ISBN 13: 9780936860091

Something that could have been helped with some good editing. Jan 27, Jason Caldwell rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , read-to-my-kids , western , read-more-than-once. I read this book many times as a child and young adult and loved it. I just finished reading it to my boys ages 8 and They thoroughly enjoyed it as well. I gave them the choice have having me continue reading book two or they could choose something else for me to read to them. They want to continue with the next book. This was the first story they have ever heard with the exception perhaps of Ender's Game that had some very disturbing content.

The story doesn't end like happy like most sto I read this book many times as a child and young adult and loved it. The story doesn't end like happy like most stories they are used to usually do. The story gave us the chance to discuss topics like racism and violence with each other. As we read through the book we would occasionally stop and watch a youtube movie about things the book discussed like how beaver dams are made, how to make a fire with a bow drill, edible plants, what steamboats look like, and what small pox are.

Children, young adults and adults will enjoy the story, though the target audience is defenitely younger adults probably age I must admit that the 5 star rating is how I saw the book as a young adult. If I had to give it a rating as an objective adult I would have to give it four stars. View 1 comment. Every chapter of this book was exciting and captivating. My wife and I read this book together, the whole thing out loud to each other. Of all the books we have read together, this one was the fastest to read because it was so fun and interesting.

In this book you'll read stories about the early Mormon persecution in Missouri, Dan Storm and Ike escaping from several life threatening experiences including being hunted down with hounds chasing after them, Indian and bear attacks, etc. Usually I rea Every chapter of this book was exciting and captivating. Usually I read the prologue in books before I start reading them.

Storm Testament No 1

This time I didn't. After reading about half the book, one night I decided to read the prologue. I was completely thrilled with it. I learned that I was not reading a completely invented story as I thought I was. The prologue contains the most interesting and fun genealogy account I've ever read.

My wife and I started reading the second book in this 9 book series right away. We're already half finished with it and it is just as exciting of a story as the first book. Our minds are dreaming at night wondering what is about to come in the next chapters. Sep 16, Stacy rated it liked it.

I borrowed this book from my grandmother. It is Mormon fiction, though there is no overt Mormon message in this book. Nelson is probably the most serialized author in modern times with weekly installments of his stories appearing in over a hundred newspspers in the United States and Canada. Nelson was born in Logan, Utah, but spent most of his childhood in California.

ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING (Esther the Bible Movie)

He was a speech writer in Philadelphia and a car dealer in Montana before beginning his career as an author. Every spring Nelson takes fans on wildernes horseback adventures, visiting many of the remote settings described in his books. He is also a much sought after public speaker-his favorite engagements are prisons and junior high schools.

His hobbies include team roping an wilderness horseback packing with his children. He can be reached by writing P. Box , Springville, UT, or by e-mail at authorleenelson hotmail. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 7 new copies. Book Description Council Pr. Condition: new. Seller Inventory thinkX. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Council Pr, Inspired by business opportunities opened up by the completion of the transcontinental railroead in , Sam Storm and his friend, Lance Claw, attempt to make a quick fortune dealing in firewater and stolen horses.

A bizarre chain of events involves Sam and the woman he loves in one of the most ruthless schemes of the 19th Century. The Storm Testament, Volume Four. However, at the insistence of Porter Rockwell, Storm leaves the territory to scout out a force of U. When he later finds out that Boggs and the rest of the company are headed south — toward his home in American Fork — Storm sets out to protect his family from Boggs, but arrives too late. Furious, Storm joins the Gosiute chief Ike in trailing Boggs and the rest of the Fancher Company to Mountain Meadows, where an unusual sequence of events triggers one of the bloodiest massacres in the history of the American West.

A beautiful blind woman, the kidnapping of two little girls, a frantic chase through the Utah wilderness, and an unanticipated romance make this one of the most intriguing historical novels of Western LDS history. The Storm Testament, Volume Five. In Utah Territory in the s, the United States seems determined to crush the Mormon Church, with polygamy as the central issue. The polygamous Storm family find themselves being torn apart and scattered in the attempt to survive this unfair conflict.

Church leaders are on the run, wives are being forced to testify against husbands, good men are going to jail without a fair trial, Church property is being confiscated by determined U. Marshals, and the Mormons themselves are unable to agree on the issue of polygamy.

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But despite the impossible odds, the Storms resolve to fight back. Storm Testament Volume Six: Rockwell.

‎The Storm Testament I: The Storm Testament Series, Book 1 (Unabridged) on Apple Books

The true story of the timid farm boy from New York who became the greatest gunfighter in the history of the American West. He drank his whiskey straight, signed his name with an X, and rode the fastest horses, while defending the early Mormon prophets. This is the story of Porter Rockwell, the destroying angel of the old west.

The true story of the young savage from Spanish Fork Canyon who became the greatest horse thief in the history of the American West, the most notorious slave trader on the western half of a continent, the most wanted man in California, and the undisputed ruler over countless bands of Indians and a territory larger than the state of Texas, but his toughest challenge of all was to convince a beautiful Shoshone woman to become his squaw. Ephraim Chronicles. In , Frank Clark headed into the wilderness to trap Old Ephraim, the most notorious grizzly the Utah mountains had ever seen.

Ephraim literally waded through herds of sheep and cattle, as his powerful paws broke legs and backs and slung entrails in every direction.