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  1. The Play Gym
  2. The Gym - On the Ropes: Rhode Island Based Boxing and Fitness gym
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Hillside Fitness is cheap and basic, it takes time to repair broken equipment and many of the clients are expats who are living at the complex. Hillside has a small private exercise class where they do Yoga, and the room can be used by members. Parking in the garage available for 20 baht per motorcycle but as with so many parking attendants if you take the time to talk to them a few times they sometimes forget to charge you.

Touch Gym and Fitness in the Maya Mall Chiang Mai has recently opened and is based on western styled gyms with western pricing. Touch gym has a time tier pricing system and charges 1, baht processing fee. Beautiful and modern equipment, with beautiful and modern people. Personal trainers are available for hire 5 times 6, baht.

The Play Gym

Locker rooms are like a spa with dry and wet sauna, free towels and Touch boast its suspended training system. Touch Fitness is a modern and spa like gym fill of successful and pretty people. It has many aerobic and exercise classes and full assessments of fitness available.

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CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that is rapidly gaining a huge world wide following for its intense workouts and fast results. Working with a personal trainer in a group setting allows you to progress quickly towards your goals — as an athlete or just in life.

The Gym - On the Ropes: Rhode Island Based Boxing and Fitness gym

They focus on nutrition, strength and conditioning as three important components of fitness. Workouts include a mix of running, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, conditioning and other activities. Gyms and Fitness Centers in Chiang Mai There are a wide range of Gyms and Fitness Centers in Chiang Mai, and like in any city or country around the world, come in the basic grunt and sweat cheaper facilities to the more plush and stylish places that offer you a personal trainer while you work out.

Having a large shed structure Go Gym offers some interesting fitness options like hoops and silk facilities as well as the type of body pump and aerobic classes common in my fitness centers Powerhouse Gym Fitness Center Soi 6, Nimmanhemin Road in Punna Place 13, Baht per year exercise allowed anytime 9, Baht per year exercise allowed from 9am to 3pm Baht per day 2, Baht for a visit coupon No Swimming Pool Powerhouse Gym is the only fitness center in the country operating under this popular US brand.

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Featured Titles. Story Chart. Gym Leader. Gym Leader - Rematch. Onix Lv.

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And so much more!

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Tentacruel Lv. Venomoth Lv. Golbat Lv. Muk Lv. Weezing Lv. Hypno Lv. Take the opportunity to book a private sessions customized to your individual needs by our personal fitness trainers, who can provide you with expertise and motivation to assist you in achieving your personal health and fitness goals. Duis aliquam, neque at porttitor tempus, vel enim felis finibus id tortor, at fringilla nulla at magna.

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