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Disability and mental health support

  1. Making contact with the Mental Health Inclusion team
  2. Mental health | Safe Work Australia
  3. Disability Support
  5. Self-Care & Supporting Others

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Making contact with the Mental Health Inclusion team

Why Attend Identify the primary mental health concerns for your organisation Improve and benchmark current workplace mental health and wellness schemes Develop holistic approaches for handling mental health concerns in the workplace Create bespoke solutions to the needs of individual employees and industry sectors Communicate mental health needs to management and employees Challenge and overcome stigma related to mental health Promote mental resilience across your organisation Measure the success of your wellness and wellbeing initiatives.

Contact info aventedge. Some really great speakers and interesting topics were covered" Allianz -. This workbook allows individuals to work through activities and scenarios, learning strategies for managing low mood and depression. It focuses on three antidepressant skills: solving problems effectively, realistic thinking, and reactivating your life. Download a copy of the manual. Give yourself a mental health check-up with this confidential, anonymous online self-assessment tool.

Using this tool, individuals can periodically "check up" on their mental health to help identify symptoms of depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder as a way of seeking support early on. This assessment is provided by the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario for all members of the public. There is no cost to use it and reassessments can taken as needed.

Mental health | Safe Work Australia

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Services we offer

You can make changes to your disclosure arrangements at any time by contacting the Wellbeing Team. The Wellbeing Team and Student Services may need to share information without consent in the following exceptional circumstances only:.

Denis Warren - The Mental Storm - SCORE AND TABS

A decision to breach confidentiality in the circumstances set out above would be made by a designated Disability Adviser in conjunction with their line manager. DSAs are government grants designed to contribute towards any additional costs a student may incur whilst studying due to their disability, long term medical condition, specific learning difficulty or mental health difficulty. They are not means tested, and you do not generally have to pay them back.

This is an informal meeting between you and an assessor to decide what support you need.

Disability Support

You will then finally receive a letter of entitlement detailing exactly what support you are entitled to and how to order your equipment. Students should make a DSA application to the appropriate funding body. Please visit the relevant website for more information on DSA and to either complete an online application or to download an application form.

The whole DSA application process can take up to 14 weeks , therefore we advise you to apply as early as possible so that support is in place for the start of your course. The team can advise and guide you through any point of the DSA application process.


The Wellbeing Team are here to support students who experience mental health difficulties during their academic study. In conjunction to this, the team are committed to raising awareness and reducing stigma around mental health conditions in addition to encouraging all of our students to stay well. The team has a dedicated Mental Health Adviser who can offer a range of advice, information and support to students and staff on mental health issues and topics.

In addition, a variety of literature has also been developed around specific mental health conditions for psychoeducation purposes. Students with a diagnosed mental health condition can register with the team and may receive support through reasonable adjustments and where applicable, disabled student allowances DSA.

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The team are also able to advise students who may not currently have a diagnosis of a mental health condition, how to take the step toward diagnosis and how to obtain medical evidence. If you disclose your disability to the University you will be able to access a range of support and reasonable adjustments.

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You have the opportunity to disclose your disability on your UCAS form, during enrolment or any time during your studies. The University encourages all students to disclose their disability as early as possible, in order for support to be set up and ensure that you reach your full potential. If you require any adjustments to a test or interview during the admissions process because of your disability, please contact the Wellbeing Team in good time beforehand to discuss your requirements.

Depending on the nature of the adjustment required, you may be required to provide medical evidence.

Self-Care & Supporting Others

Can I talk to the University about the support available to them? The University is fully committed to upholding the principles laid out in the Data Protection Act If your child would like to set up consent to share information with you, we will require their explicit written consent. We are able to discuss support available to students in general terms and answer any questions you may have.

However, we encourage students to contact us themselves so we can talk to students directly about their individual support requirements. I used to get support during my exams at school, will this continue at University? There is a range of exam adjustments and support available at the University. Students should discuss their requirements with the Wellbeing Team, who will make recommendations for exam support on the basis of individual need.