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  2. 351 Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled In Jesus Christ
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Consider how the up and coming generation is tattooed, pierced and marked with all kinds of insignia. And today, for the first time in history, global tracking and marking technology is available. A global economic system would exist Revelation This was unthinkable in the apostle John's day. Yet today, globalists in every level of government are seeking to unite the world.

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Connecting the world monetarily is crucial to their goal. See: - Technology for a Global Monetary System understand the times - G introduces food tracking system to stabilize prices. A man would control all banking and commerce Revelation Remember, this prophecy was penned years before our computer-driven society. Yet, until recently, you couldn't have even dreamed how a person could control all commerce. Famines would be common Luke ; Revelation According to the United Nations, an estimated million people went hungry in Great signs from heaven prophesied Luke , Unexplained sightings in the sky appear to be increasing.

For instance, since UFO testimonies have exploded - terrifying many. Each year thousands of unidentified aerial sightings are reported. The sun would scorch the inhabitants of the earth Revelation In recent years, solar activity has intensified markedly. Though this prophecy is clearly a divine judgment on unrepentant mankind, a compromise in the earth's atmosphere due to nuclear war or other ecological disaster could facilitate this judgment. The nation Israel would be born in one day Isaiah On May 14, Israel became a nation. The Jews would begin to regather in Israel Isaiah ; Ezekiel ; ; Luke Over five million Jews have returned to Israel in recent times!

This is unprecedented in human history. Never has a people group been dispersed for hundreds of years to every corner of the globe, and then regathered back to their homeland. Yet, God said it and He has done it before our very eyes! Returning Jews would come from the north, south, east, and west Isaiah ; Jeremiah Amazingly, nearly a million Jews have emigrated from Russia in the north.

Over , Ethiopian Jews have emigrated from the south Zephaniah Since , Jews have emigrated from Europe, Asia, the Americas, everywhere! During the diaspora the dispersion of the Jews to the four corners of the globe , Israel would become a wasteland Deuteronomy ; Ezekiel ; Ezekiel During the past years Israel became a nearly uninhabited, desolate wasteland. See : - International scientists learn how Israel combats desertification with forestry. Israel, once a desolate desert, would blossom in the last days and export produce to the world Isaiah ; ; Ezekiel Israel's increased rainfall and world-renowned irrigation technology have caused the land to blossom.

Incredibly, as foretold, they currently export over million dollars worth of fresh produce each year, including over million in flowers and ornamental plants! Israel would prosper economically Ezekiel Amazingly, this recently regathered, often attacked, tiny nation exported over 54 billion dollars worth of goods in This was inconceivable a century ago! In contrast, their neighbor Jordan exported less than 8 billion in Israel would once again plant vineyards Joel ; Amos Today, sweet wine flows from the Golan Heights and many other vineyards on the mountains of Israel.

The last days Jews would plant forests of trees. The Bible even specifies the variety of trees, cedar, acacia, myrtle, oil, cypress, pine, and box Isaiah Since more than one billion trees have been planted in Israel!

351 Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled In Jesus Christ

This has happened in our day after Israel lay barren for nearly two millennia. See : - Trees for the Holy Land www. A pure language would be restored Zephaniah At the end of the 19th century the Zionist movement brought about the revival of Hebrew as a spoken language. In , Hebrew became an official tongue of the state of Israel.

Originally there was only one language Genesis and this pure speech will be restored Isaiah Interestingly, Hebrew has no swear words. Jerusalem would be rebuilt on its own ruins Jeremiah ; Zechariah Since , Jerusalem has been rebuilt on the old ruins exactly as foretold.

Matthew: Prophecy Fulfilled- OT0761

See : - The Divine Zionist Roadmap arutz 7 Jerusalem would be trampled by Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled Luke Since 70 A. See : - Jerusalem - History of Israel olive tree ministries.

Matthew: Prophecy Fulfilled Jesus by Elizabeth Talbot

Anti-Semitism worldwide anticipated Deuteronomy ; Jeremiah ; ; Luke ; Revelation History confirms that the Jews have been persecuted as no other people group. Hitler tried to exterminate them, and the Antichrist will attempt the same during the Tribulation. Today, anti-Semitism is a global epidemic. Only a few have been passed against Arab nations, but none as a response to their involvement with terrorism.

In other words, out of nations in the UN, the majority of all UN resolutions rebuke just one member, Israel! All surrounding nations would be united against Israel Psalm ; Zechariah This hasnever happened in history. Yet today, Israel is surrounded by Muslim nations sworn to her destruction. Muhammad said: The Hour last day will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say 'O Muslim!

There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him. Jerusalem would be a cup of trembling to all surrounding peoples Zechariah Jerusalem is a small city, with no natural resources, no port, insignificant manufacturing and industrial capability, yet its very existence causes the surrounding nations to shudder. See: A Cup of Trembling. Jerusalem would be a burdensome stone to all nations Zechariah Almost daily the world news reports on the conflict over Jerusalem.

The United Nations, the Vatican, and many world leaders want to make it an international city. All who burden themselves with it will be "cut in pieces. As a result, most countries refuse to transfer their embassies to Jerusalem - Israel's capital. Israel would be invincible Zechariah ; Micah ; Since , tiny Israel has been attacked in three major wars and several lesser wars. Yet despite being vastly outnumbered, they have defeated all attacking foes.

Even during the final battle, when it looks like Israel will be destroyed, the Lord shall deliver her Jeremiah ; Zechariah 14 ; Mark An invincible Israel makes no sense unless you believe God's Word. See : - Israel wars. Israel would be partitioned by all nations Joel ; Daniel This is another unimaginable prophecy! In , UN Resolution planned the partitioning of Israel. Dividing Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria are also being negotiated today in order to create a Palestinian state. The Eastern Gate would remain closed until the Messiah returns. Today, as prophesied, the Eastern Gate remains sealed.

See : - The Eastern Gate in Prophecy focusonjerusalem. The nation of Israel, which had been divided into two kingdoms since the time of Solomon B.

Quick Overview

Israel in the north and Judah in the south would be one united nation in the last days Ezekiel ; Isaiah ; Jeremiah ; Hosea And so it is, Israel is one nation. See : - Declaration of Establishment of State of Israel. The returning Jews would have no king until Jesus returns Hosea As foretold, Israel has been without a king for over years. Amazingly, not only is Israel no longer a theocracy, but today the Jewish state is governed by a democracy comprised of multiple political parties.

See : - List of political parties in Israel - The Knesset jewish virtual library Rebuilt temple in Israel anticipated Daniel ; ; Mark ; 2 Thessalonians ; Revelation The prophet Daniel, Jesus, Paul, and John all refer to the temple in the last days. Therefore we know it must be rebuilt. Preparations by the Temple Institute are nearly complete! The temple sacrifices would be reinstituted in Israel in the last days Daniel ; ; Matthew Daniel foresaw the Antichrist ending the daily sacrifices.

Therefore, the Jewish sacrificial system must have first been restored in the last days. Currently, the Temple Institute has created the temple furniture, vessels, and priestly garments. There are also several hundred young Jewish men in training for the Levitical priesthood. A red heifer without blemish must be born and sacrificed to purify the temple in Israel Numbers The Temple Institute is actively seeking to acquire a kosher red heifer.

See : - The Red Heifer www. Though Israel would be the focus of many fulfilled prophecies, most Jews would remain blind to the fact that Jesus is their Messiah until the very end Luke ; Luke ; Romans Remarkably, in recent years thousands of Jews have trusted Jesus as Messiah! Ancient Petra Sela the rock city in Jordan would exist and become the refuge for the fleeing Jews during the Tribulation Isaiah ; Matthew ; Revelation , Russia Magog would rise as a military power and lead an attack on Israel Ezekiel Today, most of the southern states of the former Soviet Union are both military powerhouses and Muslim.

Anti-Semitism in the Islamic world is rampant. According to the Koran and Hadith, Muslims are commanded to fight and slay non-believers in Jihad holy war unless they convert to Islam Surahs and ; vol. Turkey Gomer would also join in the attack on Israel Ezekiel In , Turkey elected a pro-Islamic party to govern the country. In , Turkey elected an Islamist president.

ISBN 13: 9780816323531

In and Israel discovered a huge natural gas reservoir Leviathan and a large oil reserve that could alter the geopolitcal power balance in the Middle East. Birds of prey would eat the dead flesh of the enemy armies that fall in battle against Israel Ezekiel , 17 ; Revelation It is a little known fact that Israel is the bird migration capital of the world.

During the spring and fall migrations, billions of birds fly over Israel. Many of these migratory birds are raptors — carrion dead flesh eating birds of prey. In fact, 34 species of raptors migrate over Israel. Today, with nuclear proliferation, global terrorism and grave ecological fears, the nations are in a quandary with no apparent way out. The Euphrates River would be dried up Revelation Today, the massive Ataturk Dam in Turkey, completed in , can hold back the Euphrates to a trickle. See : - Ataturk Dam Asia the kings from the east would be capable of deploying a million-man army duringearth's final days Revelation ; Bear in mind, when John penned this prophecy years ago, there were only an estimated to million people on the entire planet.

Yet today, according to the CIA, China alone has over million men fit for military service! Population explosion foreseen Revelation , The apostle John, who wrote the Book of Revelation, was told the number of an army in the last days - million Revelation This was the approximate population of the world at that time. That John also beholds a great multitude which no one could number coming out of the Great Tribulation at the end of the age Revelation , 14 , indicates an enormous number of people on planet earth in the last days.

The nations would bud Luke In Scripture, the tree is often used figuratively of a nation Ezekiel ; ; Daniel Since , more than 80 former colonies have gained their independence. Our generation has witnessed the end of the colonial era and the budding of the nations. See : - Growth in the Number of Independent Nations - Listing of over nations, dependent areas, and other entities - Listing of over nations, dependent areas, and other entities-2 - The United Nations and Decolonization Egypt would exist in the last days - but only as a "lowly Kingdom" Ezekiel Egypt was one of the world's greatest ancient civilizations.

Yet today, as prophesied, Egypt remains - but only as a third world nation - which will "never again exalt itself above the nations" v. And while God's Word foretold of the demise of many other ancient people groups and kingdoms which have long since vanished , Egypt remains!

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Great earthquakes in diverse places foreseen Luke ; Isaiah ; Revelation ; Seismic activity appears to be on the rise. Marriage would be forbidden by many 1 Timothy The Bible states that marriage is honorable among all Hebrews Despite this, the Catholic Church forbids their , priests, , nuns and numerous bishops, cardinals, and monks from marrying. The Orthodox Church, as well as Hindus, Buddhists, and other religious groups also impose mandatory celibacy for certain orders.

Deceptive signs and wonders would abound Matthew ; ; 2 Thessalonians The signs and wonders movement has swept the globe in recent years replacing the Word of God. Experiences that feed the senses in the name of Christ are drawing away millions. Men would be lovers of themselves 2 Timothy This generation, like no other, regards self above all else. Self-love, self-esteem, self-reliance, self-gratification, are encouraged by the media, schools, psychologists, etc. In contrast, Jesus taught self-denial.

Even many churches today preach a feel good about yourself message. See : - The Problem of Self-Love the berean call. Youth would become increasingly rebellious 2 Timothy ; Mark No comment necessary. Humanity would become increasingly materialistic and lovers of pleasure 2 Timothy No generation in history has had so many means to entertain and arouse the senses.

Every imaginable hedonistic pleasure is available and has become big business. See : - Explosion of Lust. Jesus said Christians would be hated for His name's sake Luke ; Revelation ; The banning of the Bible, prayer, the Ten Commandments, nativity scenes, Christmas songs, etc. Also consider that more Christians were martyred during the past century than during all previous history. Homosexuality would be flaunted at the end of the age.

Jesus warned that the last days would be like the days of Lot who lived in wicked Sodom Luke We know that the root of Sodom's sin was pride and complacency Ezekiel as it is today. However, Sodom's lasting infamy stemmed from their aggressive homosexual sin Genesis 19 ; Jude Today, the homosexual agenda is flaunted and forced upon our entire society. Substantial wealth and luxuries foreseen James ; Revelation ; Revelation It is interesting that 40 years ago some authorities predicted that the growing mass of humanity was so quickly depleting the world's resources, that many resources would be exhausted in a few decades.

Yet today, vast material wealth and luxuries are in abundant supply just as the Bible anticipated years ago. In the last days, fallen angels would interact with mankind 1 Timothy ; Luke ; Genesis Studies indicate these entities behave more like demons than space travelers. They transcend the laws of physics, invoke fear, and deliver anti-Christian messages. Apostasy would occur just before the Antichrist is revealed 2 Thessalonians Increasingly, experience-based "Christianity" is replacing the Bible as the standard for saving faith. The ecumenical movement is striving for unity at the expense of truth.

Christ's exclusive claims are negated in the name of tolerance. There would be a move towards a one-world religion Revelation , 12 ; Revelation Today, as never before, we are witnessing religions joining hands in the name of peace and tolerance.

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  6. Some would say that Christ is in the secret chambers or inner rooms in the last days Matthew According to the Catholic Church, Christ is in the inner rooms of hundreds of thousands of Catholic churches either in Eucharistic tabernacles or monstrances. See : - Read Another Jesus? Jesus also warned that this deception would be ushered in by great signs and wonders Matthew Currently, Eucharistic, apparitional, and related miracles and signs are reported around the globe.

    A woman would call herself "queen" and head the global counterfeit church in the last days - proving herself an imposter Revelation 17 ; ; Isaiah The woman would also represent a great city set on seven hills Revelation , The Queen of Heaven is considered the Mother of the Roman Catholic Church which has its headquarters the Vatican situated on seven hills. As the Catholic Encyclopedia states, It is within the city of Rome, called the city of seven hills, that the entire area of Vatican State proper is now confined. In the last days, this wicked woman would go out over the face of the whole earth.

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