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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! The departure point for this book is an antique saying: life is complete unless love, poverty and war have been experienced. Born on April 13, in Portsmouth, England, Christopher Hitchens wrote for a variety of English magazines before moving to the United States in Hitchens established himself as one of the leading intellectual writers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, willing to offend his readership with his controversial positions on matters such as religion, art, politics, war and literature.

Love, Poverty, and War : Journeys and Essays

Hitchens died on December 15, , from complications arising from oesophageal cancer. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review.

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Unable to Load Delivery Dates. His pieces here have a patina of hardheaded reasoning, but this at times appears to hide nothing but hard-core anger and hard-hearted callousness. But this, Hitchens would argue, is exactly what is necessary.


His support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has always been more difficult to counter than most, because he refrains from justifying the wars on account of world safety or weapons of mass destruction or terrorism. He simply tells us that the people of Afghanistan or Iraq will be happier once their tyrants are gone.

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  • Love, Poverty, and War: Journeys and Essays.

In the most embarrassing passage of the book, Hitchens seems remarkably well-disposed towards Paul Bremer, at the time the administrator of Iraq, seemingly missing completely the arch smugness and the knowing indifference of that faintly despicable man. Afghanistan, on the other hand, was more immediately related to Al Qaeda, was in the grip of a fouler despotism, the offence against America rank and immediate, and much of the world seemed willing to give Americans this revenge.

All this is a shame, of course. For what the best of these political pieces display is the sort of talent that made Hitchens such a valuable ally of the left in previous years. It is with something like relief that one turns to the opening section, Love , and reads the pieces Hitchens has written on the writers he most admires — Proust, Borges, Joyce — and on the complexities and rewards of more maligned writers like Churchill and Kipling.

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  8. This literary focus has become more pronounced in Hitchens lately, and seems to have improved as much as his political writing has declined. But there are still problems. He was simply an arrogant Englishman in a hot country having a snarl at the natives. Watching the local men coming out of the mosques, Hitchens became indignant at them for displaying what he could "only call an attitude.

    LOVE, POVERTY AND WAR: Journeys and Essays

    Evelyn Waugh would have recognized his type. The other piece, an account of a stay in Iraq, was published in Vanity Fair in October From one of Waugh's expatriates Hitchens now has become a bit-part figure in a Graham Greene novel. Their operational skills are reconstruction, liaison with civilian forces, the cultivation of intelligence and the study of religion and ethnicity. This is, in every sense, a smart army. There was a time when Hitchens would have pounced on the above quotation, enjoying its foolishness.

    On this trip he was not, he might have been the first to point out, in any sense a smart reporter. His Iraq, after its liberation from Saddam Hussein, was a place Orwell would have been proud of.

    Local people are getting used to the sight of professional young American women, white and black and Hispanic, efficiently on patrol. Police cadets are receiving instruction in civil and human rights.

    Love, Poverty, and War: Journeys and Essays - Christopher Hitchens

    Hitchens is brave to reproduce these observations, written in the heat of battle. He will, perhaps, be braver still if he applies his noble mind to how that "study of religion and ethnicity" and that "instruction in civil and human rights" have worked out.

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