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  1. The Dark Lord's Captive Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
  2. Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black)
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The Dark Lord used them to strike terror in the hearts of all of those who opposed him, but like all tyrannical leaders, he made sure to tell them where they stood in comparison to their vile colleagues. During this arc, we see him fall from Lord Voldemort's favor.

This shattered his confidence, and thus impacted his magical abilities. However, beforehand, he was easily one of the Dark Lord's strongest and most talented servants.

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This, as well as his leadership skills and financial resources, is why was at Voldemort's side during the First Wizarding War and for much of the Second. Lucius was a highly proficient duelist, completely unafraid to inflict the Unforgivable Curses on his enemies. He did so with a level of elegance, as he held himself in very high regard. He was fast, agile, and an excellent tactician.

However, after he failed to retrieve Harry's prophecy and was sent to Azkaban, all of this changed. Barty Crouch Jr. In fact, he's arguably one of the best on this list. First off, his dueling skills were enough to bring down Alastor Moody, who he convincingly impersonated for the better part of a year. During this impersonation, he even taught Defense Against The Dark Arts, proving that he had a great understanding of it. Most famously, he used one of them with Bellatrix Lestrange on Neville Longbottom's parents, driving them into madness. In , he also managed to occasionally slip out of his father's Imperius Curse.

However, dedicated fans know that he actually became one of the Death Eaters. Originally, he was arrested for claiming to know inside information on them, even though he probably was joking. However, Shunpike's magical skills weren't worth the Dark Lord's time. He wasn't a skilled duelist, nor particularly talented at spells in general. Harry had no issue stunning him during the aerial Battle of the Seven Potters. You can't marry Bellatrix Lestrange unless you can keep up with her evil.

Although the practically unseen Rodolphus Lestrange was no Voldemort, he was certainly a powerful dark wizard. This horrific incident gave the Aurors a fate worse than the loss of life. Rodolphus was also a skilled duelist, comfortably taking on both Kingsley Shaklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks.

Little is know about his personality, but it's safe to say that he had a similar taste for violence as his wife, even if he wasn't as formidable as the man she was truly in love with. When it comes to powerful wizards, Severus Snape ranked pretty high on the list. A lot of his formidable abilities had to do with how well-read he was. Snape was even capable of creating spells from scratch, such as Sectumsempra. Perhaps some of Snape's dueling skills came from osmosis-- after all, he did spend a lot of time with both Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort.

Snape also held up appearances while he dueled, making sure he seemed as though he had the intent to do harm to Voldemort's enemies even though he was restraining himself. There isn't enough information on Rodolphus Lestrange's brother to suggest that he was completely useless. He did take part in the horrible event that drove Alice and Frank Longbottom into insanity. He was also present in all of the major battles after Voldemort released him, his brother, and sister-in-law from Azkaban prison during The Order of the Phoenix. Rabastan was easily stunned by Harry in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

In fact, it didn't seem like he stood much of a chance against the year-old boy. He was also described as nervous, with darting eyes during his trail, unlike his brother, Rodolphus and sister-in-law Bellatrix. Antonin Dolohov was freed from Azkaban Prisoner and took part in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries where he first showed his substantial dueling skills. During the fight, he managed to subdue Alastor Moody but was defeated by Harry and Sirius. Even though he failed to retrieve the prophecy, Voldemort forgave him after he broke him out of Azkaban a second time.

This was probably because Dolohov had taken out many of Voldemort's enemies in the First Wizarding War, including the Prewetts. Voldemort was even more thrilled with Dolohov during the Battle of Hogwarts, as he was the man who took out Remus Lupin. He also took on more than four people at once but was eventually taken down by Professor Flitwick, who was known as a master duelist. In each one of them, he showed his skills. During this same fight, he managed to take on, Harry, Ron, and Hermione at the same time. He was only taken out by Harry who used his Invisibility Cloak.

He was also part of the attack on Bill and Fleurs wedding but was stunned in the later altercation in the diner. Rowle was also able to cast a successful silencing charm over Hagrid when the Death Eaters captured him in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Crabbe Senior's son, Vincent Crabbe, was particularly untalented when it came to using magic. This is just one of the reasons why one would rank Crabbe Senior low on a list of the strongest Death Eaters. Crabbe was also unfaithful to Voldemort, which angered the Dark Lord.

It was clear that Voldemort didn't think very highly of him and just saw him as a weak follower. After all, he did forgive Lucius Malfoy for his abandonment following the end of the First Wizarding War. He even gave Lucius special tasks. Crabbe, on the other hand, couldn't even take out a year-old Hermione during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

Sirius Black's younger brother, Regulus, was a skilled enough wizard to earn himself a place amongst Professor Horace Slughorn's favorite students. Clearly, he was agile and a quick thinker. He not only knew what the Horcruxes were but, with the help of Kreacher, he also strong enough to get past Voldemort's defenses. Corban Yaxley was one of Voldemort's favorite servants. He was often chosen to go on secret missions for the Dark Lord, including the attempt to convert Horace Slughorn. Yaxley was proficient at coercion, manipulation, and the Imperius Curse.

In fact, he managed to have Pius Thicknesse under his spell throughout the entire war. This proved to be incredibly beneficial for Voldemort, who used Thicknesse to completely take over the Ministry Of Magic. Yaxley was also a very skilled duelist, ranking quite high among the Death Eaters.

The Dark Lord's Captive Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

The fight ended in a stalemate. Eventually, it took both Lee Jordan and George Weasley to take him down. He was also good at non-verbal magic, using it on Fenrir Greyback at one point. Voldemort felt his relief and smiled. Avery thought he was done…hmm. Her body hurt and bruised. While she laid there on the hard marble floor, she catalogued her pains.

Too god damned many, she thought. Ignoring the conversation between the servant and Lord, she tried to remember what happened leading up to this point in time. Hermione strained her mind to remember the events suddenly they all came back to her in a flash of lights.

Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black)

She had just gotten out of the shower, and went into the kitchen for some wine, that she had delivered from her parent's vineyard in Napa Valley in the USA. She descended down the stairs to the kitchen. The steel appliances gleamed as Hermione opened the wine cabinet, letting the light illuminate the kitchen.

Drawing out the bottle she set it down on the dark marble counter. Ever since Hermione moved into this house, the gourmet kitchen was one of her favorite rooms, often spending her nights cooking for friends in the beautiful kitchen. Picking out a wine glass, Hermione poured the alcohol into the glass. Appreciatively, taking a sip of it, she let the drink linger on her tongue, savoring the bitterness of the first taste and the sweetness of the grape. Setting the glass down, she moved to put the cork in the bottle, but spotted some movement out of her eye.

Slowly she put the cork in and placed the bottle back in the refrigerated wine cooler, and grasped her wine bottle and started for the door. Again a movement was caught out of her eye. Slowly she walked toward the area, and looked about. Suddenly, just as quick as it could, a streak of orange fur jumped out and collided with Hermione's legs, purring in content.

The glass of sweet wine fell out of Hermione's delicate hand and shattered onto the hardwood floor with a sickening crash. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Hermione is captured by Lord Voldemort. But it isn't for torture, but for companionship. For the time being.

The Dark Lord's Captive By: fallen-panda The dark corridor echoed the sounds of people in black cloaks. On her other side, was Bellatrix Black, in dark blue robe and a silver mask with a black strip down the middle, clutched the hostage's arm. Lord Voldemort, noticed this, and said "Crucio.

Reviews Please, or this story is gone. Chapter 1 2. As the Valley burned, the Sith regrouped beyond the arm of the Republic and prepared to return and seek revenge on their persecutors. Over the ensuing centuries, the Valley was visited by grave robbers and treasure seekers who infiltrated the defenses of the tombs and stole priceless artifacts from the ancient Sith Empire's old stronghold.

When Revan was captured and redeemed by the Jedi, he was dispatched to Korriban in the guise of a Sith apprentice and infiltrated the academy in order to gain access to the tombs. Retrieving artifacts such as Ajunta Pall's blade and the holocron of Tulak Hord , Revan escaped the Valley undetected. When the war came to an end with the death of Darth Malak, the academy was abandoned as the remaining Sith fled persecution. During the Dark Wars the Sith Triumvirate did not return to Korriban, though some Sith acolytes still roamed the Academy's halls seeking knowledge. Jedi Knight Meetra Surik traveled to the Valley in search of Master Lonna Vash , most of the tombs' entrances had caved in with the exception of the burial chamber of Ludo Kressh , which remained largely unscathed.

In a stunning orbital battle , Sith Lord Vindican conquered the world and wiped out the Republic's forces stationed at the orbital facility charged with maintaining the planetary quarantine. When the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, a Cold War ensued and life on Korriban thrived as a training ground for the Sith and their soldiers alike. As the Cold War went on, the excavation of the Valley progressed significantly under the guidance of Darth Thanaton. To the dismay of the Sith, a great number of k'lor'slugs had infested the Valley and the lower tombs while tuk'ata protected the higher tombs from grave robbers, vestiges of old Sith alchemical experimentation.

The Academy and the Sith flourished for many years and throughout the Galactic War until the Empire's final defeat. As the New Sith Empire and the Republic battled ceaselessly for generations, the Sith remained separated from their origin world. Under the leadership of Sith Lord Skere Kaan and his reorganized Brotherhood of Darkness , the Sith took back Korriban in a stunning victory which left all Jedi and Republic soldiers on the battlefield dead.

They found the Valley desolate, having been largely ignored by generations of Sith; dark siders during the New Sith Wars would seldom if ever visit the site as centuries of looting and conflict had largely destroyed anything of value.

Autres livres audio du même :

As the Sith flocked to Korriban and sent hundreds through the academy system, the Valley remained largely abandoned as the Masters believed it to be empty of all relics or secrets that could aid in the war effort. Nonetheless, a headstrong and powerful student named Bane would defy his masters and make the treacherous journey from the city of Dreshdae in hopes of uncovering ancient secrets.

While on Korriban, Bane felt the gentle hum of the dark side that permeated the air and hoped it would intensify within the Valley itself. Instead, Bane found that the air within the Valley had grown still, and that the dark side had retreated from the ancient edifices long ago.

Searching the Valley for knowledge for thirteen days, Bane concluded that the wealth of the Valley had long ago disappeared and abandoned it forever. The Valley of the Dark Lords, c. Since the Ruusan Reformations of the Galactic Senate , Korriban and the Valley remained largely depopulated and seldom visited as the Jedi Order entered a golden age of peace.

While the remaining Sith were deep in hiding, Force Adepts interested in the dark side sought out the treasures hidden deep in Korriban's tombs; most visitors were lost in the Valley forever, never to emerge.

Though he did not realize it at the time, this later proved to have been Darth Tyranus the Sith alter-ego of Count Dooku , who was there on Korriban to rendezvous with Omega and Zan Arbor. The two criminals were seeking to strike an alliance of power with the galaxy's re-emergent Sith. As year-old Anakin Skywalker looked out towards the grayness of the Valley of the Dark Lords from the Academy's landing platform, he felt the beating heart of the Sith Lord reaching out, calling to him—its pull was powerful, insistent, irresistible.

The Jedi team, aboard a borrowed Commerce Guild airspeeder their Republic cruisers having just exploded from sabotage , were, within the hour and before dusk, pursuing Omega and Zan Arbor to the Valley of the Dark Lords. There, they would at last confront the long-sought criminals in a final showdown, after having spent years tracking them down unsuccessfully for both Omega and Zan Arbor had somehow always managed, at the last moment, to escape the Jedi's reach.

As the Jedi entered the Valley proper, a dark wave hit them, causing them to slow to a stop—it fractured the Force they felt around them, tearing at it.

The dark side of the Force was more concentrated than they'd expected it to be. The Sith tombs that inhabited the Valley were designed to amplify dark energy , and the Jedi could feel that physical presence press against their chests, instinctively making them reach for their lightsaber hilts. It was only after battling their way through ten tuk'ata beasts—those fabled Sith sentinels of terror—that they were able to proceed down the mausoleum-lined valley. The dark energies of the dead Sith Lords, having awoken to the Jedi presence, poured from the mausoleums, and the Jedi could taste their anger, cruelty, and pain.

Obi-Wan Kenobi reached out with the Force and detected the mausoleum that Omega and Zan Arbor had gone into for their secret meeting with the Sith Lord. Once the Jedi had entered, the Dark Lords' whispers grew louder as they advanced. Rising up from their crumbling tombs, the Sith Lords approached the Jedi, their shroud-rags falling away, their mouths gaping, their hands grasping, their whispers taunting the intruders.

But then the specters merely disintegrated onto the Jedi with foul smells and tastes. The dark side of the Force felt as thick as a curtain, however, and slowed the Jedi's movement, as if it was a literal presence. The Jedi soon encountered dark energy traps , concentrations of dark-side power that appeared as faint shimmers of purple in the air: these, of course, could immobilize a Force-sensitive being for a time, but the Jedi were able to stay clear of them with Kenobi's advance warning. But suddenly, Omega appeared from behind a tomb, arrogant, cruel, sure of himself, laughing in vengeful derision.

Zan Arbor was there, too, in the shadows. Kenobi held their gaze, with no desire to speak, though without anger.

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He simply wouldn't respond to Omega's taunts—but rather held fast to his grim commitment to finish this unsavory but necessary task. It was time to rid the galaxy of this heinous scourge. Having first to battle through a platoon of Korriban zombies , released by the Sith Lord in the wings, to stall them, the Jedi Masters broke through to advance on the criminals. But Omega and Zan Arbor had slipped away into the darkness around the back of the tombs and appeared again from behind—as did the Sith Lord, who stood waiting for them at the tombs' entrance: the three villains were about to escape through the mausoleum's front door.