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The eldest, heir to the title, Lord Silverbridge has already been booted out of Oxford for a silly prank.

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Now he goes into horse racing with questionable companions and winds up as the victim of a major scandal, which costs his father a huge sum. Next he deserts his father's choice for his bride to woo an American girl whose grandfather was a laborer. The Duke's daughter, Mary, wants to marry a commoner, son of a country squire, a good man, but with no title and little money. The outraged Duke is adamantly opposed to such a match, but Mary vows to marry no other and is constantly miserable. The youngest son, Gerald, who plays a relatively minor role in the novel, is forced to leave Cambridge because he was away without permission attending a race in which his brother's horse was running.

Later he loses several thousand pounds in a card game. The Duke bemoans his children's foolishness and their lack of respect for the traditions of their fathers. He pays for their mistakes, but vigorously opposes the two unwise marriages.

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But although he is a strict, authoritarian man, he is also a compassionate and loving father. Will he yield to the fervent desires of his rebellious offspring? The resolution of this clash of generations brings the Palliser novels to a satisfying conclusion. From the outwardly firm but inwardly doubting Duke to the very sincere but frequently erring Silverbridge to the tragic Lady Mabel Grex, who has the young heir in her grasp only to let him slip away, these are well-rounded figures with whom the reader lives intimately and comes to understand thoroughly.

With the perfectly depicted ambience of upper-class Victoriana as the setting, this novel is an absorbing work of genius. As the book opens we learn that Lady Glencora Palliser the feisty wife of the starchy Duke of Omnium has died. He has trouble with all three of his grown children: 1. Silverbridge is the oldest boy and heir to the Duke's immense fortune. He is sent down from Oxford due to prankish and juvenile behavior. He gambles and loses thousands on racing coming under the influence of the odious Major Shifto.

Silverbridge considers marrying the unstable and gloomy Lady Mabel Grex. Instead, he becomes a lover of the tart-tongued American beauty Isabel Bocassen.

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The old Duke opposes this alliance since Mabel is a commoner and a Yankee. Silverbridge is favored by Isabel as she rejects the stupid Dolly Longstaff. Silverbridge wins a seat in Parliament as a Conservative member much to the disgust of the Duke who comes from a long line of Liberals. Neither did it have a chapter index so I couldn't use that to find my place if I got lost. Sometimes the Kindle doesn't work right and loses the page I was on.

Sometimes it doesn't go to the book-marked page; this is irritating but I can put up with it. So this version was useless and I put it away and got my paper version out. Anthony Trollope seems a poor second to Charles Dickens, but, nevertheless, he is an interesting read and the "Palliser"novels are a great insight to the Victorian age.

Barchester Chronicles (5 of 7)

There are several novels, some better than others. Some can be a little dry and maybe long winded but on the whole enjoyable. Go to Amazon. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Length: pages. Word Wise: Enabled. Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled. Page Flip: Enabled. We care about what happens to both Ralphs as they attempt to resolve their problems; we care much less about Sir Thomas and his difficulties attempting to get elected to Parliament. Trollope succeeds in drawing us in to the world of the two Ralphs and it sometimes feels like we are actually present in some scenes where the two young men get in and out of trouble.

Anthony Trollope Collection

Trollope talks to us directly about their situations. Even though Trollope disapproves of much of the behavior of Ralph the heir, he still treats him compassionately and we readers do the same. At the end of an evening reading Trollope we often find ourselves thinking about what we might do if we took the place of one or more of the characters in the story.

So it is with Ralph the Heir, not Trollope at his finest, but still a novel that those readers who love the work of the master will want to read. Basically, this story explores the concepts behind inheritance, property, illegitimacy, and marriage, among others.

While I enjoyed reading the story to get a feel for the arguments Trollope makes about inheritance and such, it was a very long novel. It dragged a bit in in the middle, but was overall fairly interesting. The more I read Trollope, the more I love him.

Barsetshire Novels | Anthony Trollope | PublishDrive Inc | | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

He's witty, but has such a keen eye for real characters. Great read for brit lit fans. I enjoyed this book and the subject matter and heroes and heroines were certainly different than usual though quite likeable. Certainly worth the read, though he does wax a little too long in the middle, belaboring his point too much. Not as great as the Pallisers, but still wonderful Trollope story-telling. Ir a Amazon.