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Although Fireline behaves fairly nicely during the stitching process, I prefer Nymo, size D instead. I worry that any thread which dulls scissors when it's cut, may be too harsh on fabric over time. Additionally, with Nymo, knots remain small and hold well. Mary Stori web: www.

Thanks Happy new year. What a great start to the New Year. By far you guys are one of my top ten blogs I visit. I appreciate all the encouragement and info the "and then we set it on fire" people so freely give.


Beaded PUG Pin/ Pendant -Dog Beading Pattern-PDF File | Flickr

I have always liked hand work and look forward to this month. Great post, Beth. Like Mary, I've been beading on fabric a very long time since What that provides is a wide range of colors to choose from. I prefer to match, as closely as possible, the color of the beads I am using, so I use whatever brand provides me with that. Fireline is very useful for construction of 3-D quilted objects like boxes and vessels and beaded dolls. It is also your best friend if you are working with crystals, whether Swarovski or Chinese, as the edges are sharp enough to cut regular thread - even beading thread.

For that, I use 6 lb. I have been thinking of a daily project, and have settled on doing something with beads. Imagine my surprise to open this link just after completing today's bead. At the moment I am making fabric beads round a knitting needle and then embellished with seed beeds. Sandy in the UK. I am so excited to see these instructions. I have never beaded except to add a couple of single seed beads to an art quilt or two. I'm a total novice!! I'm really looking forward to learning and applying all this great knowledge!! This looks like fun.


I have a few ;- boxes of beads. I have been using them for postcards, haven't had the guts to expand to larger pieces with the beading. One day I'll expand my horizons and venture into beading large art pieces. Nancy B. This is great information, I am preparing my quilt for the next round: beading!

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I stay tuned Although this blog is no longer active, we will get your comments so please feel free to share them. This blog is no longer active but all our content is still here and accessible. I love hand embroidery, beading, buttons—anything that adds texture and interest to a piece. Or maybe it's just this is my interest and focus, so I tend to observe it more often then other forms of bead work.

Bead At Home Beading Jewelry helps you explore and expand on this topic of basic bead stringing and on you, the beginner. We look closer at the beading supplies, techniques and tools needed for each project as you progress through. Bead embroidery is a type of bead work that incorporates sewing with beads, stitching seed beads to a variety of items or garments, creating an embellished look that enhances the appearance.

So beading is not merely for jewelry making but also embellishing non-jewelry items. Embellishing garments such as a wedding dress or an evening gown and fashion accessories may require sewing or gluing the beads to your project. This type of bead work will be a time investment project but well worth the effort to achieve the bling and effects the added dimension can offer your wardrobe. Bead weaving is a type of bead work that incorporates sewing, stitching and weaving beads together to create beaded patterns. Bead weaving is done both on a bead loom and off a bead loom.

Off loom bead weaving introduces a variety of beading patterns based on a variety of specific stitches used for your project. Some of these bead weaving stitches are Each specific stitch done in a repetitive series creates different looking beading patterns. The one picture above is a sample from a bead artist I follow. She does beautiful work and by the looks of it she knows what she is doing.

Bead weaving can be created using seed beads or a variety of other beads, opening a whole new topic of beading supplies as well. You will learn about needles, beading thread, and a variety of other topics to cover this type of beading thoroughly. Perhaps in the future you may see more beading instructions and tutorials on bead weaving from Bead At Home. Be sure to stay tuned and in touch as we continue to grow. Bead weaving with a bead loom requires a special tool called It's resembles other type of weaving looms that I'm sure you have seen demonstrated some time or other.

A loom used to weave fibers to create either cloth or rugs and a loom to weave beads to create jewelry and accessories. Bead looms are available in a variety of styles, quality and price range. Since I know very little on this specific topic at the moment, I am sharing an introductory video with you. This should give you enough of a taste of bead weaving on a bead loom to see if it's something you might be interested in. I hope you found this video helpful and gave you some insight as to what to expect should this type of beading or bead work catches your interest. It's an old favorite technique that has been given some new life with a new feel.

Using parachute cord, hemp cord and a variety of other suitable cords will create this fun and appealing styled jewelry for any age group. Examples of this type of weaving can be found in the currently popular friendship bracelets, shamballa bracelets or survival bracelets. No sewing is required for this weaving either. The knot pictured here is the square knot and very, very easy to achieve with just a little practice. Incorporating beads can be added to the process providing more detail and interest to your design plus giving you countless creations for your collection.

It is basic and fun to do if you love working with your hands and the updated colorful materials that are available can make for some rather uptown designs so be watching for more.

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For now let's move onto a different concept to beading and bead work and that is actually making beads. Making beads is another form of bead work. There are a variety of methods and a variety of materials that can be used. Finding the right medium that suites you will take some experimentation or perhaps trying your hand with all of them if your interest turns this way. If you decide to create beads using clay or by melting glass canes, each technique will have it's own set of specific tools, instructions and techniques to accomplish the project and master the process.

Yes, I kind of figured that! I had a very frustrating experience with Mill Hill Beads a few years ago. I was using a pink frosted bead on a project and realized I would need more. She only had one box in stock and I needed two so she ordered more. When they came in the beads in the box with the same color number were not the same, plain not frosted. She refunded my money, contacted her wholesaler who insisted they were correct.

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After a couple of back and forths with the wholesaler she contacted Mill Hill. I was so irritated I wrote to Mill Hill telling them what I thought of their apparent changing of their numbering system. They replied they had a supply problem and sent me free two packages of beads BUT they never apologized or refunded money to the retailer who had gone to a lot of effort trying to get me my beads.

I needed a good laugh this morning. And I am laughing………….. Thanks for the posting on beads. Wondering if you have a supply for rhinestones that are sew on. The kind with the metal attached to sew thru, not holes. I have looked for some large rhinestones to put on a stocking and have not had any luck.

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I like to use jewels and beads on stockings for added interest. I have not had any issue with them, great customer service, prices, and delivery. I very rarely buy them. Hope the company reads your posting. You r hysterical! As soon as I get beads I have little zip-top plastic bags that I use or Altos tins or my favorite is tic tac boxes. I open the mill hill beads inside a small freezer bag — so if things spill, the loose beads are contained.

I agree! I was recently using some beads from my stash and almost chose not to because they are such a pain to use. I know packaging is not cheap and sometimes costs more than its contents but still, we are talking only pennies difference at the volume that Mill Hill uses. I would gladly pay that additional cost for a package that makes sense. Thank you for the comparison to other brands of beads.

Stockholm’s Coolest Design Store Is Launching a Revolution Against Minimalist Interiors

I will definitely look for them. The problem is that a change in packaging means a change in the machines that do the packing, and they are not cheap so that lowers the chances of it getting changed. I have nothing constructive to say, other than, thanks for the laugh! This made me chortle out loud. You really are a super writer. Thanks Mary! You can take a gallon size freezer bag, put the bead package in and open the package inside the bag. Check your hands for beads before removing them from the bag. You can undo your neatness by trying to dump them out of the bag so I use an ice tea spoon to scoop them out.

Works well for me. I love starting my day off reading your blog Mary. Your wonderful instructions for opening a package of Millhouse Beads reminded me of the time I was traveling with a friend who brought a beading project along to work on during the evening hours. She accidentally flipped her container of beads onto the shag carpet of the apartment we had rented. Shag carpet! Got the picture? All ended well as we found the vacuum, placed a knee high stocking over the end of the vacuum hose and sucked them out of the carpet.

We still laugh when we remember that incident. You might want to add a vacuum cleaner and a pair on knee highs to your list of necessities when opening a package of beads! Absolutely loved and felt your rant! Thanks for sharing, Mary Corbet! That would at least contain the chaos a bit. Yes, in fact, in the photo above of pouring the beads into the new container, I was pouring them from a plastic bag I had opened the container in.

This poses its own little sticky problem, though, called Static! So you end up having to scrape out the bag. It beats retrieving them from the floor, though! What a laugh I got reading this…how true! Learned years ago to be super wary of Mill Hill bead packages. Thanks for this post…needed some smiles! I love Mill Hill beads but hate that packaging too. However, once open I decant to an egg cup. My problem though is when I go to put a bead on the needle it pops off to the netherworld lucky to be found again.

Perhaps the bead has the same DNA as the packaging does. I have had exactly the same thoughts about those beads. Dip that in the beads to pick some up and then just pick them off the tape with your needle as you need them. I have also had a very hard time with opening the Mill Hill beads!

Bead Embroidery 101 - Bead Embroidery Tutorial - Basics

You have described the procedure perfectly!! Short of moving all the furniture, locking up the pets and making sure there is not an airflow anywhere in the house yes, that tiny breeze will also make them fly into another room I cover my hands with a small pillowcase before attempting to open said package. Sometimes, I have found myself needing one last bead and have searched the seams. Thank you for the laugh this morning! The visual was priceless! Oh, hilarious!! Love the steps to open the beads, Mary. I could tell your tongue was firmly in your cheek as you wrote them out.

Tell us — that picture of all the different beads in all the different containers, stacked in rows and columns: is that your stash? All in the interest of keeping you informed, of course! Fantastic article! You always are so insightful and knowledgeable. I laughed out loud and also wished I had read step 7 in earlier projects….. Thank you again for all you do! Mary — your post was very entertaining and true! Thank you for starting my day with a smile. Oh, Mary! I certainly enjoyed reading your post. I pictured myself opening those beads and got quite a laugh.

I have had some wild experiences opening those packages too.! Mary that was just what the doctor ordered this morning in your account of opening the bead container. I was laughing as I read. After such a another report of a shooting,, this time at a baseball field in Virginia aimed at Rep.

Congressmen, comic relief was needed I really do not like those containers in general whether they are for beads or food. They are to open and for beads a disaster. I too put beads in other types of containers. I love the the little cabinet you use. Thanks for the amusing story this morning. I meant to say the containers are Hard to open. Should have proofread first. Also for my beads I use a cabinet with little drawers from Hardware store , meant for screws and bolts.

Mary I am still laughing about your method of opening their packaging! Thanks for exaggerated technique to a problem that plaques all of us! Hope everyone gets the humor of your article. Thanks for brightening my day! I have done battle with Mill Hill Bead packaging too. I tolerate it only for those particular colors they have that I really like.

I bought a gross or greater of small zip lock type bags from Fire Mountain once upon a time. I transfer small embellishments into them. I have simpler way of dealing with Mills Hill beads. It is a little more work putting spare ones back in the packaging but less than picking stray beads from around the room. Really got a chuckle out of your post today. It was deja vu for me as I had a similar conversation with my hubby this week because I was trying to get beads out of a Mill Hill package designed by the devil.

And more importantly, I learn a lot which should give you some satisfaction for all your hard work. Well written I understand completely. Once you have a sea of beads around you and have to retrieve them you sure are careful next time. The colours are great for such little beads. Good depth of colour. I carefully hold the plastic container of unopened beads in my hand in the base of a larger container with one hand steadying the pull and dominant hand pulling. It sure can be tricky. Then if they pop out they are in a receptacle and not everywhere. I tip out a few at a time onto suede and they almost grip on it making them easy to pick up with your needle.

I loved your article.

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Oh yes! You are so right on with your comments. That is, I try to pinch the one half into the other and the beads get in the way, get tucked into the little grooves in the plastic. Then I tip and shake and tap trying to move the beads out of the way. Oh dear. Not a project to do when children are near by. Is there a difference between jewelry making beads and embroidery beads?

Thank you!! Hi, Kathy — You can use any kind of beads for decorative, fun embroidery. Slit paper label on Mill Hill bead package. Place entire package in sandwich-sized, Ziplock-type bag. Zip closed — important point. Hold package through bag. Open carefully. Ask me how I know. Leave in bag until needed or carefully transfer to alternate container, cursing those beads that escape your efforts to remove from their death grip on inside of bag. Sigh heavily, multiple times, attempting to avoid cursing as grandchildren are in room.

Oh, yes, the seed bead juggling. I have the same problem with the tubes of beads. I repackage them into little ziplock baggies as soon as I can. I put the container in a sandwich baggie before I pry the lid open, then pour the contents into the bead holder…. Been there done that!! Thanks for my morning laugh and all of your information. I like adding beads, etc. Thank you for all of your information, sharing etc. I love. Why pay more for fewer beads? Places like Lima Beads and Fusion beads always seem to have their seed beads on sale.

AND there are different combinations of color and finish. Okay, some of the wilder finishes are more expensive, but always less than Mill Hill. You can even find conversion charts that will help you convert Miyuki colors to DMC. My favorite bead storage containers are rubber-stoppered test tubes. I can pour to and from a flexible little dish repurposed gelato cup!

I think the only thing really going for the Mill Hill beads is availability. You can find them in shops and see them in person, rather than ordering online in the hopes of getting the right color, shape, size, etc. But I definitely find them expensive for what you get in the package. I really liked steps , a great post which made me laugh. I dropped a box of small pearl beads last week and it took ages to pick them up of the carpeted floor at my stitching and knitting group, the other women were wondering what I was doing, so frustrating.

Thanks for sharing the Mill Hill bead experience with us and for the tips on how to open a box of beads, so funny. I love your package opening instructions… I always appreciate a good laugh to start my day!! Close the bag completely and then open the bead package inside the bag. Thank you for all your very useful information and instructional videos.

I guess if I had read further down before posting my last comment I would have seen that others have already tried the Ziploc bag approach. I noticed a comment about static in the bag….. Thanks for the morning laugh! I lined a small tin with felt to sort and pick from.. A bit of a nuisance sorting out the colours and size, but mail order gets too costly. I no longer buy Mill Hill beads because of their packaging and pricing.

There are so many options for those who like to embroider with beads. Mary, you made my day! I had a good chuckle over your Mill Hill bead story on Wednesday. Been there, done that myself many times. Thanks for your wonderful articles. I look forward to them every time I open my email each day. I have succeeded in opening small ones, like the ones toothbrushes come in this might be too small.

The Mill Hill rant was my first laugh in 3 days. You got it perfect! And you are not really exaggerating believe me. I have been through at least half of the highjinx you described. The last time you introduced us to alternative beads storage my husband surprised me at Christmas. I would surmise the cheap single molded plastic container contributes to its low product cost.

And that whatever got you in there is over and done with!! I really enjoyed your description of opening a package of Mill Hill beads. It made me laugh out loud. An alternate method, though one must still be very careful, is to cut an X in the top of the package with an exacto knife and bend back one of the corners of the X to pour out the beads. I then place them in another container that I like, though you can bend the corner back and cover with masking tape.

If you do that then form a tab with the tape over one edge by folding it onto itself. The tab makes it easier to open again and access the X. Mostly though, I purchase other beads. I had to sit outside a classified meeting for days monitoring who went in and out of the room. I had my table all set up with the various Mill Hill bead packages open. Lots of people stopped to see what I was doing. No problem until one guy came by with a water bottle.

He asked, What is all this? While swiping his bottle across the table. Actually, although it appeared beads went everywhere, I lost very few. On a side note, we were working with Koreans at the time. They were so excited to learn about all the reindeer. Their secretary was confused by all the requests to print out the names. They wanted to teach their families about the other reindeer.

THEN transfer the beads to a new container! Will re-visit this posting to connect the link to purchase. I will be needing several of these trays in 1 or 2 months. BTW what are you making with these beads? I so enjoyed the thread of this posting as I have had that experience with trying to open the packages. I found myself giggling like a fool because I remembered thinking I needed to do something very similar. Oh my gosh! I was simply rolling in hysterics at this!

Thank you, a great way to start the day! I laughed! But NOT their packaging! Mary, I so agree with you about the packaging of Mill Hills beads. Your article made me laugh when you gave instruction on what to do before opening them, loved it. I am a smocker and also do embroidery. I have my small stash of beads in recycled containers. LOL, Mary! I open up a zip-top freezer bag, stick my hands and the bead container thingy inside, and open the bead container thingy that way.