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  1. Flipping for Profit - Earn Thousands from Flea Market Finds!
  2. Flea Market Selling Tips
  3. 12 Insider Flea Market Selling Tips to Increase Profits
  4. Flea Market Flipping: How Anyone Can Make $50-500 per Week
  5. Flea Market Selling Tips

A professional looking shop sign can also convey a sense of trust to your customers.

Instead of just seeing a bunch of random items strewn across a table, they are more likely to see an actual business with products that are high-quality and valuable. Some customers at flea markets might not be ready to buy from you even if your booth looks great and your products are awesome. So you should give them an easy way to connect with you later.

In addition, provide your social media accounts so they can follow you from market to market each week. Encourage that repeat business even more by offering deals to those loyal customers. You can also offer special discounts to your social media followers to encourage repeat customers.

Followers who may not have intended to go to the market that weekend may be enticed to go if they know a 20 percent discount is waiting for them. Because of this, there will be a group of people who are already interested in your product even before you set up a booth in the flea market.

Flipping for Profit - Earn Thousands from Flea Market Finds!

You can then encourage them to visit you there and you have an instant market waiting to buy from you. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Powered by. Email this Article Print This Article. Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. Aira Bongco June 12, at pm.

Annie Pilon June 13, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. One of my most interesting finds was a prosthetic leg. Those are the times that I kick myself because I know if it sells that fast I could have sold it for more money! But I was happy with the profit anyway. Another interesting lot of items I purchased was 60 sleep number mattresses from a hotel. These mattresses are different from traditional mattresses because they come completely apart and I can throw the parts in a commercial washing machine at the laundry mat.

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Most of our family members are now sleeping on sleep number mattresses. As far as a profit margin, I look to at least double my money, but usually end up making way more than that.

Flea Market Selling Tips

I usually ask them what they know about the item and if it works if it is some type of machine. I have a pretty good relationship with some of the vendors of my local flea market. I search eBay and google for the item while at the flea market or store and see if it is worth my time to buy. Not overpaying for items is a big part of making money at this. If you end up paying too much then you can really cut into your profits.

Sometimes I negotiate with people online If I am buying from offer up, craigslist, or Facebook before I ever get there in person. Then I can get a feel for them before I even get there. At the flea market, I know which vendors will sell low and which ones barely budge on their prices. This is a great question! There are also ways to invest nothing except for a little time and be able to make a profit.

It just takes a little extra searching time. We are actually in the process of publishing an e-book to teach people how to do it. Some people get very detailed in their description of an item. I typically write sentences on each item. I make sure I accurately describe if anything is damaged or missing. I never try to make an item sound better than it really is. Pictures tend to make items look better than they really are, and you never want your buyers to be disappointed when they receive the item. Yes, I have shipped items all over the U. I never use to ship internationally until recently when eBay created a hub where they ship all your items from.

You ship it to them and they take care of the rest. Everything I sell is so different that I have to approach shipping differently.

12 Insider Flea Market Selling Tips to Increase Profits

Some items I can just place in a box and send off, and others need packaging bubbles and peanuts. Some of my large, heavier items I throw on a pallet and build a crate around it.

All the labels are printed through eBay and they give me a discount to do so. I purchase insurance on all the items I ship. Sometimes it can be days and sometimes it can be years.

Flea Market Flipping: How Anyone Can Make $50-500 per Week

I try not to let the latter happen, but occasionally it does. The goal is always a short flip time, but a few items I get need some TLC before I can sell them, and others are just very unique that they take the right person to see the listing. I usually make more profit because I am willing to wait. I would like to add that along with making an income with this side hustle, we also SAVE a ton of money by buying things second hand. Our house is full of items that were purchased from the flea market, second hand stores or auctions. That does not mean our house is full of junk by any means.

Our kitchen has all stainless steal appliances in it and we paid next to nothing for them. Christmas is also a time we save a lot of money. We buy gifts for our girls from the flea market and hardly spend anything. We can find toys that are still in their boxes for a quarter of the price as they are in the store. On days that I go to the flea market I wake up earlier with a little pep in my step because I truly enjoy the hunt for fun items and the mystery of what treasures I will find that day. I just started selling on ebay and found out they have a 5 item limit per month for people starting out.

Flea Market Selling Tips

How long before they increase my limit and is there a way around this, such as signing up for an ebay store? You make it sound like so much fun! So true!

Hi Polly! I usually charge for shipping. There are a few items where I may try to get the buyers attention by offering free shipping, but If I do I am making a good profit on the item already. Thank you so much for the information. I just thought of finding an answer to questions in my head after I went to an Indoor Flee Market. I google- then came your website!