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Mistake 5: Lacking confidence in your sales ability

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And, let me guess. Think of it as a snowball effect. Ready to learn how you can tackle those three goals I mentioned? To do that, you need to find people who would love to spend money with your clients. Enter Facebook ads, assisting you with catching leads via a funnel like this:. Part 1: A Jaw-dropping offer JDO — a narrowly targeted, irresistible sales offer that compels the target audience to take immediate action.

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Think of it as a product or service of perceived high value your client can offer for free or of little cost, getting new customers in the door. For example, if you had a dental client, their JDO could be a free teeth-whitening session. And, targeting is just as, if not more , important when it comes to the success of your ad:. Part 3: The Funnel Pages— after clicking on your ad, leads will wind up on a series of funnel pages to accomplish one thing: opt-in to the next stage of your funnel.

The key to these pages is to keep them minimal. For your opt-in page , be sure to include these fundamental components:. This page is very similar to the opt-in page, with only a few minor changes. If you are looking for more examples, check out this post for a Dental Campaign and one for a Chiropractic Campaign. Part 4: The Follow-Up Process— once the customer submits their information and sees the Thank You page, we recommend you send them a series of two emails along with an SMS text message.

There are a few services that can help you accomplish this: SendGrid or LeadKit. Your choice. There are two types of clients we work with, and you will too:.

Eight Proven Fitness Marketing Strategies That Get Trainers More Clients

What I mean by High Lifetime Value clients is their business allows the opportunity to make a lot of money off one particular customer. Think dentists, real estate agents, chiropractors, etc. Think restaurants, gyms, hair salons, etc. With that being said, what do you charge these two types of clients?

Say you have 30 days to put all this information shared here today to good use. Without a doubt. After years of serving the wrong clients, we created a checklist to illustrate what exactly you should be looking for when in search of your first ideal local client. Tells you they not only care about building their own business, but also their community. They understand how the platform works. On both Facebook and Google. This tells you they do a good job creating loyal customers.

Can you see how all these things help you filter out a lot of potentially bad clients? And, are all of these deal breakers when choosing a client? Successful local businesses want to establish relationships within their community. Being scared is normal, however! You in? On the morning you plan to approach potential clients, go pick up one- or two-dozen donuts or cookies to take to each business.

To take it one step further, be sure to write a note to go along with your sweet treats, featuring:. Make the drop-offs early in the morning before it gets too busy, and walk out of the office without asking anything of them—the receptionist, owner, whoever it may be. Towards the end of the day, or the next day if you have to, go back to the business or businesses where you made the sweet treat drop-off and speak to the same person you spoke with earlier receptionist, etc.

If that person happens to not be there, mention you spoke with name of the person earlier. Then, remind them you have a Facebook marketing company—that was on your note—helping local businesses get more people in the door. Let the person know your company is in the process of building something brand new to help name their type of business get leads. Can I get some help? If the opportunity is there, talk to them right away. Now, this part is important. At this point, they're going to let you in for 15 minutes right away or they're going to schedule a meeting later.

I've been looking for a local office here to help me test it out. Once again, are you asking them to take a chance on you and pay a bunch of money? So, you're coming in asking for their help. What does it involve? Show them everything you're going to be doing. Don't hold anything back. Since you're helping me out, I'll do all of my usual work for free.

Didn't have it dialed in. But, they're putting some risk on the line too, which is important. After that, your focus should be on creating a trial campaign, giving them a teaser of what you can do with their business. By this point, you have your first client who has agreed to join forces with you for a trial run.

But, how can you push them to be a part of your regular client roster?

7 ways to move friends and acquaintances to clients - The Business Journals

Well, for starters, we suggest running a day trial. So, set up a meeting to discus the results of the trial experiment. All because they helped you prove the model. If not, no pressure.

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You will encounter objections. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that. As I briefly mentioned earlier, the day timeline is for freaking hustlers. And, one client only. With this one testimonial, you can then begin reaching out to new clients via Facebook messenger. And, on days , you repeat, repeat, and repeat. Again, the foundation of this step is the video testimonial. Simply ask them questions as you film them using your phone you can edit your voice out later , and set it up on an inexpensive tripod on your desk. It should be no more than 10 minutes long. Do you have multiple businesses working out at your gym?

Run an organizational challenge. Get local businesses to compete against each other. Give the winning business either a free membership for 6 months, products such as vitamins, protein powder, etc. Business owners are innately competitive and getting them to have a friendly competition with other business owners will get everyone working towards a goal, and bring more sales to your gym. The competition could be whatever suits your gym. It could be weight loss, the total time devoted to working out, increasing in strength, or training for a triathlon or something like Tough Mudder.

Because as with all competitions, bargaining rights is just as important as the progress. When the individual uses one of the above methods to sign-up to get the free class you have their information to provide them with more information even after they claim their free training. Again, as with the other flash special, these people are testing out the waters need to be wooed. They have to feel like they fit in; they will achieve the results they are looking for and feel comfortable.

This effort might seem like a lot to take care of in one class or session. But it makes the different from them loving their experience and wanting to sign up on the spot to just liking it and walking away. Everyone is glued to their phones so why not take advantage this and provide a free week pass to new check-ins on Facebook and Foursquare. Promote your offer on Facebook via an ad and only show it on mobile phones. Lure them with a free week of workouts and make sure you have a way to sign them up after the one week is over.

Google reviews not only look good when people are searching for a gym to commit to but people really read them and it helps your business rank higher than your competition in local SEO! And more than not, it influences their decision. First, you get Google reviews on your page which looks good to non-members and it great for Google. It gives them the chance to workout with someone they know! Third, it gets new people to your gym. Once you do get them there make sure you keep them!

Before the one month is over talk to the potential member about joining and get them signed up before the month is completed. Do you have exceptional gym members that are working super hard to reach a goal? Of course you do! Make your members feel special by featuring a member of the week or month on your website and social media accounts.

Everyone likes to be recognized and there is no better way to keep your members happy than them knowing their personal trainers and coaches are paying attention. Take a photo of your special member during or after a workout, share why they are so spectacular and recognize them on your digital channels. Want to take it one step further, create special t-shirts that has a special saying or acronym on them. These shirts can not be given to everyone but it has to be earned. Only featured members get to have them. Fitness marketing is not only about attracting new members but keeping your current members happy.

You know those questions that members continuously ask you during class? Answer those questions on your website.

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  • Not only will these blog posts help with current members but now you have a place your members can turn to for resources and FAQs. Want to take it one step further? Create short videos answering the question and post them on YouTube. This is great for gyms that have a lot of technical workouts where movements are essential in efficiently completing the workouts. Members can have a resource that they can turn to again and again when they need that extra bit of teaching or forget something that you told them.

    Creating this unique content is not only a great time saver, member keeper but it also helps your website rank for more keywords. Providing consistent, valuable content that is SEO optimized will get more people to your website online. Then in these blog posts, you have a way to capture the new visitor information and then you start creating an email list. An email list for your non-members and members. Send non-members valuable content via emails and persuade them to visit your gym with a discount or a trial period.

    If you are happy with my product and think you might know a friend who would benefit from an introduction to my business, please do pass my information on to them. Offline, you should post subtle signage. If you have a brick and mortar presence, put a sticker on your front door. Post a simple sign in your lobby. This is especially great if they are sitting there waiting for an appointment and looking for something to do while they wait.

    7 Ways to Get More Referrals

    What better activity to suggest than asking them to email friends and colleagues to recommend you? In fact you definitely should not go on and on, anywhere. About anything! I am proud to have built my business on references from wonderful clients like you. If you think a friend or colleague could use my services as well, please pass my name on.

    Thank you in advance! Read my article here about the power of email marketing. Make sure that every customer receives your newsletter make sure you get their opt-in permission first, in the fine print. Following the newsletter method, think of events you can host that both your current clients and their friends will find valuable. Host a monthly breakfast where your clients and their friends can pop by for free Danishes and coffee and watch a presentation or seminar on something of great interest to their businesses.

    It need not be exactly related to what you do, but should at least be tangentially so. If you sell SEO services, have a social media expert come in and speak.

    Mistake 4: Having a subpar marketing plan

    If you provide paper goods to businesses, host a presentation on protecting the environment.