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Murder accused is alleged to have killed part-time DJ in order to rekindle affair

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That is a very cool idea and I found it to be fascinating. Especially since there was another empire, the Thermidorians, who used machinery and were considered to be a menacing empire. There is a definite nod to gothic literature in Moonlight, Murder and Machinery, especially that of Frankenstein, with the main characters being named Mary and Shelley. I also appreciated the re-imagining of key people and events in history that are brought forth in the telling of this story.

That was a fun element to the story with creative twists and turns. There was a romance aspect between the main characters but I was not sold on a romance between Mary and Shelley. I know it is set in an early nineteenth century society but regardless there should have been at least some randy internal monologuing taking place. Overall, Moonlight, Murder and Machinery was a fun read that was entertaining with its nod to gothic literature, historical events and people. There was no ginormous deposit of information at the start of the story, instead the story started with action and the setting was developed over time with information given as it was relevant.

If you enjoy historical, paranormal, and horror reads then this story is something that should greatly appeal to you. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating. Sep 17, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-figures , ya-only-means-no-gratuitous-erotica , steampunk , 19th-century , alternate-history.


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YA only means no gratuitous erotica. But it would probably require a sincere interest in history and literature to truly enjoy this book. There are many historical personages portrayed in innovative ways, as well as locales and other historical items such as the powerful henges, and the art and craft of smugglers. I loved it and sniggered frequently at the twists and imaginative ploys used. Now I need to afford the sequel!

Moonlight, Murder & Machinery! | Excalibur Books

Thanks to Books Go Social for alerting me to this fun book! Mar 12, John McNee rated it it was amazing. The story is set in Nova Albion, an earlyth-Century Great Britain warped almost beyond recognition by the rediscovery of Druidic energy. It's a fairly progressive society, governed by paganism, psychics and alchemy, where machinery is outlawed, relegated to the sinister 'Thermidorian' empire across the Channel.

Our heroes are the Red Branch, a team of psychically-gifted military investigators charged with unravelling a complex conspiracy involving body-snatchers, an undead highwayman, the son of Benjamin Franklin and a young woman's prophetic nightmares. You'd imagine a world so complex would require a tremendous amount of exposition in the early going, but the book isn't front-loaded with info.

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Instead, we're plunged straight into the action, with the rules and mythology of the land filled in along the way. It makes for a demanding read, but ultimately a rewarding one for those who are prepared to stick with it. The world is so well-drawn, so intricately detailed, that it rises above its inspiration, feeling fresh, original and exciting. As genre-mashing tributes go, it's certainly far superior to the likes of the cynical 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' and its depressing brethren.

Those who are especially concerned about such things will also be delighted to hear that it's both well written and very carefully edited, with fewer grammatical or spelling errors than you'd find in most mainstream publications. I know there are a whole lot of steampunk romance fans out there, searching for something you can really get your teeth into. You'd be doing yourselves a favour to grab a copy of this as soon as you can.

Mar 29, Cody Martin rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book for the world building and mystery. Nova Albion and the world it inhabits was well thought out and detailed. With out getting too technical or overly descriptive, Catton was able to explain how things worked. This was somewhat surprising to me. But they made sense and seemed plausible. The environs of London and York were vivid.

The witness was in charge of searching the house and another team searched the lands. They also took possession of a Ford pick-up truck and a trailer. He said that in or around March Mr Quirke asked him for a loan of a tractor and agitator, a device used to stir slurry so that it can be sucked into a tanker and spread on the fields.

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He said this would be a normal request and as neighbours, people would often lend things to each other. On June 2nd, a day before Mr Ryan went missing, he was cutting grass and baling at Fawnagowan and Breanshamore. The following day he had no involvement with Mr Quirke and on June 5th he baled the grass he had cut two days earlier.

He sold a tractor to Mr Quirke, which was delivered the week before Christmas that year.

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  • Murder accused is alleged to have killed part-time DJ in order to rekindle affair?
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The witness agreed with Mr Condon that it is common sense that farmers upgrade their machinery. The trial continues in front of Ms Justice Eileen Creedon and a jury of six men and six women. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

For more information see our Cookie Policy. They had a Chinese and then Mary suggested they go to hear some music, explaining that Mary has a great love of music. They were sitting at the bar listening to the music when a man approached and asked her to dance. She believed it was Bobby Ryan. Ms Barlow said she stayed having her drink. Mary and Bobby were 'in great form.

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They seem to have really connected,' she said. She told the court she had spoken to Bobby Ryan that night, telling him that after what Mary had been through, she wanted to make sure she was in safe hands. She asked Bobby "if his intentions were good" and if he would look after Mary because she "needed a refuge.

They seemed "very very happy together. Meanwhile Mary Ryan, the former wife of Bobby Ryan told the court that she married Bobby in and they had two children, Michelle and Bobby. After many years, differences arose and they grew apart, she said.

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Eventually they separated. She was aware of his relationship with Mary Lowry, saying: "I was happy for him, why wouldn't I be? Meanwhile Clare O'Grady, who lived locally and who travelled to work in Limerick every morning at 6. She had never met any vehicle on that road at that hour of the morning when leaving for work, she said, adding: "It's very early. On learning of Bobby Ryan's disappearance and of the garda search for a silver van, she contacted them about the sighting. Olivia Kelleher A MAN who sexually assaulted a vulnerable 14 year old after two weeks of sending her sexual messages and images by Facebook has been jailed for four years with the last two and a half years