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In my earlier days as an MC, I did not understand the need to meet with my client ahead, in order to clarify and understand expectations.

How to Deliver a Wedding Reception Welcome Speech

At weddings for example, I did not know how to balance satisfying couple, parents, chairman, guests and myself. A professional MC is smart to notice loopholes on time and cover them swiftly, especially if proper consultations have been made.

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It paid little at the start, but pays a lot more now, with improved service rendition and clout, based on the application of professionalism. The good news is, you do not need to look too far to find a platform to get trained as a professional Master of Ceremonies. In my cousin paid N8, to a makeup artist to make her up for her wedding. By the way, that makeup artist who charged N8, in , now charges as much as N, for bridal makeovers…pheeewwwww… The MCing profession, is going through a similar transition, from family, friends, friends of friends and staff, to professionals who can clearly interpret the objectives of the event and help the event owner and audience, achieve these objectives.

Have they been told?

Chairperson/MC Debate Script

If yes, which? To MC like a professional, here are a few things that could and should be done: Carry out a client analysis and expectation.

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Nobody wants to hear the DJ blathering on, right? True, but you can deliver a welcome speech to build rapport with the crowd… and do it without blabbing. Introducing yourself is much like the courtesy and professionalism a waitress or waiter shows when they first approach your table. Anything to drink?

The Government is from.......

Is this your first time here? Our bathrooms are right over there, and all the fountain drinks come with free refills. Can I get you started with an appetizer or something from the bar? He has given helpful information and done it in a succinct and professional manner. But we have all been to those restaurants where the waiter comes over and kneels down.

That, to me, is blathering. We do a succinct, professional-caliber introduction speech to make the guests assured that they are in good hands for the night…things will be organized, timely, and fun.

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A good welcome speech builds rapport between us and the crowd, which can translate into people not leaving early, more dancing, and more photo-worthy dance floor antics. Please take your seats so we can officially welcome our guests of honor. If you need to charge your devices, I do have a mini charging station up here including some universal chargers. The nearest restrooms are located on the upper lawn behind me.

The connection between them was pretty much immediate. Written by Ron Tacchi and Peter Miller. Ron was a wonderful MC and mentor to many. For some years he also ran a very successful Speakers Bureau so he really understood what clients wanted.

Lynda and I ran Corporate Trivia Events for several years. Great Filler or Warm Up material for any event.

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But if you would like a much bigger selection of questions, these were the guys we used all the time. Trivia Questions. Lastly, if you are on a budget, apart from the free resources and articles here on the site you can download 2 great reports via the sidebar to the right or the button below.

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