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Here are just a few of the reactions to the books.

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Edvardsson for taking the time to answer my questions! This book is pure pleasure reading.

For readers of fan-favorite domestic thrillers Behind Closed Doors by B. Paris and Lie To Me by J. I devoured this thoughtful and thought-provoking story just about a month ago, and have been mulling it over ever since. A domestic drama? This slow-burn of a story takes readers into the midst of a family at the exact moment that their blissfully ordinary life is shattered. With the news that their daughter has been arrested for murder, a mother and father must face the unthinkable. How far will they go to protect their child? And what if their child really is guilty? Edvardsson ratchets up the tension and emotional investment all the same.

Can she keep her past from catching up to her? Alice Feeney has a dark imagination, and she pulls no punches in her sophomore thriller. What begins innocently enough twists and turns into something altogether shocking and utterly addictive. In THE ISLAND, Jonasson ratchets up the tension and bone-chilling atmosphere of this Icelandic mystery trilogy—and the result is a downright unputdownable crime novel that captivates as much with its spine-tingling suspense as it does with its clever plotting. Jul 1, Jun 25, Jun 10, Loved all three books. Great characters. Highly recommend. Jan 08, Christina rated it it was amazing.

I loved this series. Only thing that annoyed me was grammar issues! The story line was beautifully written and executed. The characters were all over lovable and easy to relate with. I will say I made a lot of assumptions and guesses about these novels as to where the plot was headed and was surprised when I was wrong almost every time which was very refreshing.

Connor was a good strong character and Ellery was a wonderful heroine to match the alpha male in this series. I love how witty and fun I loved this series. I love how witty and fun she was I spent a lot of time laughing with their bickering. The story flowed and I never once got bored I found the read so enjoyable I read the whole series in 2 days. A really good story for anyone looking to experience it all, love, romance, heartbreaking times, and new beginnings.

Jan 13, Denita Kee rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this series! Once I started reading I literally could not put it down. I loved Connor and Ellery so much.

They healed each other in so many ways. Ellery was filled with so much love that was just waiting to be shared. Connor didn't stand a chance. I loved how she always stood up to him and didn't let him boss her around no matter how rich and successful he was. I just fell in love with all these characters.

A summary of the 'To All The Boys' book sequels - PopBuzz

This book is filled with emotion, tears, love, passion, and suspense. Oh yes and don't forget hot hot sex. Omg the hot sex. Such a great series. I cannot wait to read the books about their kids Julia and Collin.

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Apr 16, Peyton rated it really liked it. I love this new take on "boy meets girl". I also liked that this Cancer story wasn't a typical Cancer, the sad and depressing story I love his protectiveness of her and his intensity and her independence and no-nonsense type of attitude. I have read this book many times over the years when I am between books and it will always be one of my favorite book series!

Can't wait for the next book! Apr 21, Nelly rated it it was amazing. It was sexy but focused more on the story than the sex. It also wasn't the perfect, lovey dovey story that some romances are. There were trials and tribulations just as there are with every relationship and family. I wouldn't say that it was realistic because Connor is a billionaire but realistic for someone rich I guess. Loved the epilogue too!

I really enjoy reading into the future so that I am not always imagining my own ending.

I get so wrapped up in the story and feeling like a part of it that when I don't get a glimpse into the characters future I feel slighted. Apr 21, Ruthie Thayer rated it really liked it. This was a good series, it did not seem like it took me too long to read all three books. I Liked how you were able to have both point of views.

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So many times you are left to wonder if the other person feels as passionately as the other. I wish though it would have happened in the same book rather than having to wait until the second book to see how Connor felt. I liked in the last book that it was alternated between both views.

The first book wrapped up so nicely I wondered how the story would This was a good series, it did not seem like it took me too long to read all three books. The first book wrapped up so nicely I wondered how the story would play out in the last book. She did a nice job in elaborating on their story. Nice read I would recommend it. Apr 29, Yolie Duron rated it it was ok. Where to begin.. It seemed the author had a great premesis,yet wanted to get everything down on paper quickly. Point 2 The fast pace leave me unable to connect with the MS's in any emotional level Jul 31, Fabie Gutierrez rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

This series captured me in a way I did not think was possible. It's become a soothing reread for me when I feel the need for tenderness and love. Sandi Lynn has a gift for expressing love, want, need, and passion in times of exasperation and loss. There are very few books that can make me feel the way I did with the Forever Trilogy, and for that I am most Grateful.

This series has a very special place in my heart. Thank you Sand This series captured me in a way I did not think was possible. Thank you Sandi Lynn Jul 10, Katrina Bruce rated it really liked it. Moving story that will make your heart swell Okay so this didn't get a 5 star from me because on several occasions I was so frustrated with Emmerly. I understand there's women out there like that but it drives me insane!

Aside from that, I loved to read and discover their story and love. I laughed, cried and overall enjoyed the series. There was a little predictability with some aspects but the one that threw me and completely blew my mind was Apr 16, L. Remenicky rated it really liked it. What do you get when you have a broken man and a girl with a secret? Connor uses women as merely a release until Ellery Lane hauls his drunk behind out of a bar one night. Emotions don't play a part in Connor's rules and Ellery has a big secret, can they each put their past behind them so they can be together forever?

You'll have to read them to find out! Definitely wort What do you get when you have a broken man and a girl with a secret?

The Eye of Minds

Definitely worth the price. Apr 27, Rebecca Sowter rated it it was amazing. The forever series was amazing, a defiantly 5 star read and one of my favourite trilogys. Book 1 and 2 were heart breaking, but shows how strong the couple was to make it through, it was nice to see the story from both points of views. I loved the characters, I was often laughing with them or even crying.

I enjoyed book 3 seeing Conner and Ellery become parents and th joys and struggles that a new baby brings. Looking forward to reading Being Julia. May 13, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Love this trilogy!! Ellery and Connor are so meant for each other yet so frustrating at that same time!! Their bond and love for each other is so amazing!

I love the way he supported her through everything. At first I was SO upset with her, but then once it all played out I thought smooth one!! Good read!

Isaac Asimov

Highly recommend it! Apr 27, Nicole Mcclain rated it liked it.

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I wanted to really like this series but too many grammatical errors and many scenes read like a play-by-play I didn't feel the emotional connection of the characters until the third book Do some research Sep 28, Lesley rated it it was amazing. Great books This series has been on my wish list for a long time, and it didn't disappoint!!!!

I felt the characters were well developed. The story pulled me in and kept me up way past bedtime just to finish. There was one storyline in book 3 that was unnecessary in my opinion, but didn't alter my rating! Will be one I'll pick up and read again. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed.

About Sandi Lynn. Sandi Lynn. Writing is my passion and my mission is to provide readers with romance novels that will whisk them away into another world and from the daily grind of life - one book at a time. Other books in the series. Forever 5 books. Books by Sandi Lynn. Trivia About The Forever Trilo No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from The Forever Trilogy. You stole my heart from the moment you turned around and looked at me. Born of Vengeance Born of Blood Born of Trouble Dark-Hunter 0. Dark Bites 0.

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