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  1. How to Find Your Inner Peace and Transform Your Life
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As you may already know, there are no coincidences in life. You stumbled upon this audiobook, because you acknowledge that you need to develop a positive state of mind. You have come to the realization that you need to change your thoughts in order to manifest your dreams. You are here because you are ready to stop the negative self-talk in order to bring positivity into your life.


How to Find Your Inner Peace and Transform Your Life

Are you wondering why you can't attract any of your goals into your life? Do you wish you lived in abundance when it comes to your health, money, relationships, and overall wellbeing? This guide will help you achieve a positive mindset by helping you retrain your mind through many tried and tested strategies.

Once you have learned all of the essential techniques, you will be ready to apply positive affirmations into your life.

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Using the positive affirmations provided in this book, you will start to see all of the positive changes unfolding in your life. I had never really worked with positive affirmations or even looked into it before, but I was very happily surprised when I listened to this audiobook. The book was very enjoyable to listen to and helped me to understand the importance of positive affirmations. Understanding the mind and how we perceive negative thoughts especially helped me!

Many books on this topic exist, but few are as clear, simple and well thought out as this one. I listened to this book on my morning runs for a. The chapters with the actual affirmations help you keep a motivated mindset. Loved the narrator too! I had mixed feelings going into this book not having done any prior work on affirmations, but was impressed at the scientific and mature manner in which the material was represented. Many great tips are offered in how to best establish a routine of utilizing affirmations and how the more they are practiced, the more you will see your life change.

It can sound overwhelming at first when you take into consideration all the steps you must take and things you must remove in your life in order to free your mind, but there is great truth in cleaning out the clutter. While it did not take away from the content, the audio and Audible chapters did not align.

Again, it didn't throw off the book, just might make it a little confusing if you weren't paying attention to where you left off.

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  6. Overall, this is a great book for people to listen to in how to get our minds into better ways of thinking and was easy to follow along. In today's hectic society, these tools to finding inner peace can be life changing. With a soothing voice narrating, it was easy to relax and let the words almost entrance me. Life is stressful and I have found myself, at times, feeling a lack of confidence or letting stress get me down.

    This book has opened my eyes to ways that I can release my burdens and force myself to both believe in myself and the world around me through inner dialogue and affirmations.

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    It lays these lessons out in an easy to understand format in a way that makes achieving inner peace seem obtainable and desirable. Positive Thinking is an all-in-one course in getting your mind right. I appreciate how it mentions other factors besides affirmations that contribute to negative thought. Your environment, what you put into your body, and what you put into your mind are all factors in feeling good.

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    I noticed when I began personalizing my positive affirmation, I began to truly believe it. The wisdom shared in this book helped me find mental clarity in a chaotic work environment.

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    This is liberating to myself and others because I honor myself and be and do as I choose and allow others to do the same. I realized that I was a very conditional person. How I felt depended upon the conditions that surrounded me. If traffic was good; I was happy.

    Inner Peace

    If it was bad; I was upset. If my children did as I told them to; I was happy. If they did not; I would be frustrated. If I had money; I would feel at peace. I was on a daily emotional roller-coaster ride. I first learned about living an unconditional lifestyle after watching countless Esther Hicks videos and one day it just clicked for me. I discovered that if I wanted to experience unconditional joy , peace, love, excitement and happiness that I had to stop giving so much of my emotional energy to the conditions that surrounded me.

    I then learned more about being a vibrational being and that my surroundings or conditions are typically responding to my vibration or energetic field. This showed me the importance of living unconditionally and instead of letting my conditions influence my mood, I would allow my mood to influence my conditions.

    This is a powerful one. I have come to know that focus and attention is a gift from the universe. I have such an appreciation for the fact that in every moment I get to choose what I focus upon. This kind of goes hand in hand with living unconditionally. Once I decided to start living the unconditional lifestyle I began to shift my focus from my current circumstances.

    That included everything and everyone. I acknowledge what is happening in my current reality but instead of dwelling on it, I use it as an opportunity to focus and create a solution rather than focusing on the problem. This is what keeps me grounded. I can also enter a meditative state while watching an eye-opening video. I make sure that I feed my spirit daily so that my energetic frequency remains at a high point. I am able to see the bigger picture or higher perspective of things by maintaining my connection to Source. This is another big one for me. I have always been natural born helper.

    I feel great satisfaction knowing I can be of service to others. This would leave me feeling very resentful towards them when it was really my fault for not honoring myself.

    Inner Peace: An Obtainable Goal by Vivian Stevenson | eBay

    Long story short, I put an end to that. I now only assist others if I absolutely feel up to it. That may sound a bit selfish but honestly I must be in order to maintain my own peace and happiness. So now when I help people I no longer feel resentful and can fully feel that sense of satisfaction.