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Guglielmo In onor di Citerea Un convito io voglio far. Overture N. Ferrando and Guglielmo No, you've told us They could be faithless; If you're honest You will prove it. Don Alfonso Let's not trouble with proof. Ferrando and Guglielmo No, no, we demand it: Or out with your sword And we'll break up this friendship, setting their bands to their swords Ferrando and Guglielmo He strikes at my honour Who allows his lips To utter a word Which does her wrong.

Recitative Ferrando and Guglielmo Draw your sword! Choose which of us you'd prefer. Don Alfonso calmly I'm a peaceable man And don't touch steel, Except at table. Ferrando Either fight, Or say at once Why you suspect our sweethearts Could possibly be untrue. Don Alfonso Sweet simplicity, how I love it! Ferrando A truce to your jests, Or I swear, by heaven Don Alfonso And I swear by this world, My friends, I'm not jesting; I'd only like to know What kind of creatures Are these beauties of yours, if they're flesh and blood and bone like us, If they eat like us, and wear skirts, If, in fact, they're goddesses or women Ferrando and Guglielmo They're women, but the like of them Don Alfonso And in woman you expect To find fidelity?

How I love such simplicity! Ferrando with fire The phoenix is my Dorabella! Guglielmo The phoenix is my Fiordiligi! Don Alfonso It's neither one nor the other.

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It never existed, and never will. Recitative Ferrando Poets' nonsense! Guglielmo Old men's drivel! Don Alfonso Well then, listen, But without flying into a rage: What proof have you That your loves are always true to you? What makes you so sure That their hearts are steadfast? Ferrando Long acquaintance Guglielmo Their noble upbringing Ferrando Their sublime thoughts Guglielmo Kindred feelings Ferrando Unselfishness Guglielmo Steadfast characters Ferrando Their promises Guglielmo Their protests Ferrando Their oaths Don Alfonso Tears and sighs, caresses, swoons.

Excuse me if I laugh Ferrando Confound you! Stop taunting us! Don Alfonso Gently, gently; what if I prove conclusively to you today That they're just like the others? Guglielmo It couldn't be! Ferrando Impossible! Don Alfonso Shall we bet on it? Ferrando We're on! Don Alfonso A hundred sequins. Guglielmo A thousand, if you like. Don Alfonso My hand on it! Ferrando Both hands! Ferrando We swear. Don Alfonso On your honour as soldiers? Guglielmo On our honour as soldiers. Don Alfonso And you'll do Everything I tell you to? Ferrando Everything! Guglielmo Even more!

Don Alfonso Well done! Ferrando We'll make merry at your expense. Guglielmo to Ferrando What shall we do with the hundred sequins? Guglielmo In honour of Venus I will give a banquet. Don Alfonso Shall I be invited? Ferrando and Guglielmo Yes, you shall be there. Giardino sulla spiaggia del mare. Fiordiligi e Dorabella guardano un ritratto che lor pende dal fianco.

A garden by the seashore. Fiordiligi and Dorabella are both gazing at miniatures hanging round their necks. Dorabella Osserva tu un poco, Che fuoco ha ne' sguardi! Se fiamma, se dardi Non sembran scoccar. Fiordiligi Si vede un sembiante Guerriero ed amante. Dorabella Si vede una faccia Che alletta e minaccia. Fiordiligi Io sono felice. Dorabella Felice son io. Recitativo Fiordiligi Mi par che stamattina volentieri Farei la pazzarella: ho un certo foco, Un certo pizzicor entro le vene Quando Guglielmo viene Dorabella Per dirti il vero, Qualche cosa di nuovo Anch'io nell'alma provo: io giurerei Che lontane non siam dagli imenei.

Fiordiligi Dammi la mano: io voglio astrologarti. Uh, che bell'Emme! Va bene: matrimonio presto. Fiordiligi Ed io non ci avrei rabbia. Dorabella Ma che diavol vuol dir che i nostri sposi Ritardano a venir? Fiordiligi Eccoli. Dorabella Just look, See what fire is in his eye, If flames and darts Do not seem to flash forth!

Fiordiligi This is the face Of a soldier and a lover. Dorabella This is a face Both charming and alarming. Dorabella How happy I am! If Guglielmo knew what pranks I'll play on him when he comes! Dorabella To tell the truth, I also feel something new Stirring within me: I'd swear That we're not far from the altar. Fiordiligi Give me your hand: I want to read it. Well, there's a clear M; and here's a P! That's it? Marriage Prospects! Dorabella That suits me splendidly! Fiordiligi And I'll have no objections. Dorabella But why on earth do our lovers Delay in coming? It's six o'clock already.

Fiordiligi There they are! Dorabella Ben venga Il signor Don Alfonso! Don Alfonso Riverisco. Voi piangete? Dorabella L'idol mio Don Alfonso Barbaro fato! Che farete? Recitativo Fiordiligi Stelle! Don Alfonso Convien armarvi, Figlie mie, di costanza. Dorabella Oh Dei! Fiordiligi E morto il mio? Don Alfonso Morti Dorabella Feriti? Don Alfonso No. Fiordiligi Ammalati? Don Alfonso Neppur. Fiordiligi Che cosa, dunque? Don Alfonso Al marzial campo Ordin regio li chiama. Fiordiligi E partiran?

Don Alfonso Sul fatto. Don Alfonso Gl'infelici non hanno Coraggio di vedervi. Ma se voi lo bramate, Son pronti Dorabella Dove son? Don Alfonso Amici, entrate. Fiordiligi No, it's not them: It's their friend Don Alfonso. Dorabella Welcome, Don Alfonso! Don Alfonso Your servant! Fiordiligi What is it? Why are you alone? You shed a tear? Speak, for pity's sake: What has happened? My lover Dorabella My dearest Don Alfonso O cruel fate! I cannot say the words, Which stay locked inside me. What will you do? What shall I? O dire misfortune!

It could not be worse. I grieve for you and for them! Recitative Fiordiligi Mercy! For pity's sake, Don Alfonso, do not torment us so. Don Alfonso You will need to summon All your courage, my dears. Dorabella O heaven! What harm has befallen them? What disaster? Is my beloved killed? Fiordiligi Is mine dead?

Don Alfonso No, not dead, but nearly as bad. Dorabella Wounded? Fiordiligi Sick? Don Alfonso Not that either. Fiordiligi Well, what then? Don Alfonso The royal command has called them To the battlefield. Fiordiligi and Dorabella Alas, what do I hear? Fiordiligi And they are going? Don Alfonso At once. Dorabella Is there no way of stopping them?

Don Alfonso None. Fiordiligi Not a single farewell? Dorabella Where are they? Don Alfonso Come in, my friends! Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Don Alfonso. Ferrando e Guglielmo in abito da viaggio. Ferrando e Guglielmo. Ferrando and Guglielmo in travelling clothes. Fiordiligi e Dorabella Or che abbiam la nuova intesa, A voi resta a fare il meno; Fate core: a entrambe in seno Immergeteci l'acciar.

Ferrando e Guglielmo Idol mio, la sorte incolpa Se ti deggio abbandonar.

Dorabella a Ferrando Ah, no, no, non partirai! Fiordiligi a Guglielmo No, crudel, non te n'andrai! Dorabella Voglio pria cavarmi il core! Fiordiligi Pria ti vo' morire ai piedi! Ferrando sottovoce a Don Alfonso Cosa dici? Guglielmo sottovoce a Don Alfonso Te n'avvedi?

Don Alfonso sottovoce ai due amanti Saldo, amico: Finem lauda. Recitativo Guglielmo Non piangere, idol mio! Ferrando Non disperarti, Adorata mia sposa! Don Alfonso Lasciate lor tal sfogo. Fiordiligi Lasciami questo ferro: ei mi dia morte, Se mai barbara sorte In quel seno a me caro Dorabella Morrei di duol; D'uopo non ho d'acciaro. Ferrando e Guglielmo Non farmi, anima mia, Quest'infausti presagi! Proteggeran gli Dei La pace del tuo cor ne' giorni miei. Il ciglio sereno, Mio bene, a me gira: Felice al tuo seno Io spero tornar. Si sente un tamburo in distanza Ferrando Oh cielo!

Don Alfonso Ecco, amici, la barca. Fiordiligi Io manco. Dorabella Io moro. Ferrando My trembling lips Cannot utter the words. Don Alfonso In moments of the greatest stress A hero calls up all his strength. Fiordiligi and Dorabella Now that we have heard the news, One detail remains for you to do; Be brave, and plunge your blade Into this heart.

Ferrando and Guglielmo My love, blame fate If I must abandon you. Dorabella to Ferrando No, no, do not go! Fiordiligi to Guglielmo Cruel one, do not leave me! Dorabella I would sooner tear my heart out! Fiordiligi I would sooner die at your feet! Ferrando aside to Don Alfonso What did I say?

Guglielmo aside to Don Alfonso Do you see now? Don Alfonso saside Patience, friend; We've not reached the end yet! All Thus destiny confounds Our mortal hopes. Ah who, amid such sorrow, Can ever more delight in life? Recitative Guglielmo Do not weep, my darling! Ferrando Do not despair, My dearest love! Don Alfonso Leave them that comfort. They have only too good Cause to grieve. They embrace tenderly.

Fiordiligi Who knows if we shall ever meet again! Dorabella Who knows if you will ever return! Fiordiligi Leave me this dagger: may it Bring me death if ever cruel fate In that bosom dear to me Dorabella I should die of grief, Even without a dagger. Ferrando and Guglielmo My love, do not make Such gloomy predictions! Heaven will assure your peace of mind So long as I live. A drum is heard Ferrando O heavens! That is the fatal drum that comes To tear me from my treasure!

Don Alfonso Friends, here is the boat. Fiordiligi I'm fainting!


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Dorabella I'm dying! Marcia militare in qualche distanza. Arriva una barca alla sponda; poi entra nella scena una truppa di soldati, accompagnata da uomini e donne. A boat arrives at the shore. During the following march, a troop of soldiers enters accompanied by townsmen and women. Il fragor di trombe e pifferi, Lo sparar di schioppi e bombe, Forza accresce al braccio e all'anima Vaga sol di trionfar. Bella vita militar! Fiordiligi Mio cor Dorabella Idolo mio Ferrando Mio ben Guglielmo Mia vita Fiordiligi Ah, per un sol momento Ferrando e Guglielmo Abbracciami, idol mio.

Fiordiligi e Dorabella Muoio d'affanno. Dorabella piangendo Due volte ancora Tu scrivimi, se puoi. Ferrando Sii certa, o cara. Guglielmo Non dubitar, mio bene. Fiordiligi Sii costante a me sol Dorabella Serbati fido. Ferrando Addio. Guglielmo Addio. Fiordiligi e Dorabella Addio.

Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Ferrando e Guglielmo Mi si divide il cor, bell'idol mio! Soldati e Popolani Bella vita militar! I soldati partono seguiti dagli uomini e dalle donne. Le amanti restano immobili sulla sponda del mare. Every day a change of scene; Plenty today, little tomorrow, Now on land and now on sea.

The sound of trumpets and fifes, The din of guns and shells Lend strength to our arms and our spirits, Longing only for victory. A soldier's life for me! Fiordiligi My love Dorabella My idol Ferrando My dearest Guglielmo My life Fiordiligi Ah, for just a moment Don Alfonso Your regiment's ship Has already left; You'll have to join it With a few friends who await you On a smaller boat.

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Ferrando and Guglielmo Embrace me, my love! Fiordiligi and Dorabella My heart is breaking! Dorabella weeping Write me twice as often If you can. Ferrando Never doubt me, my dear! Guglielmo Rest assured, my love! Don Alfonso to himself I'll burst if I don't laugh! Fiordiligi Be true to me alone Dorabella Remain faithful! Ferrando Farewell! Guglielmo Farewell! Fiordiligi and Dorabella Farewell! Fiordiligi, Dorabella, Ferrando and Guglielmo My heart is rent in twain, my love. Soldiers and People A soldier's life for me!

During the repetition of the chorus, Ferrando and Guglielmo board the boat which then sails away. The soldiers march off, followed by the people. Recitativo Dorabella in atto di chi rinviene da un letargo Dove son? Don Alfonso Son partiti. Fiordiligi Oh dipartenza Crudelissima, amara! Don Alfonso Fate core, Carissime figliuole. Facendo moto col fazzoletto Guardate: da lontano Vi fan cenno con mano i cari sposi. Fiordiligi salutando Buon viaggio, mia vita! Dorabella salutando Buon viaggio! Fiordiligi Oh Dei! Come veloce Se ne va quella barca! Deh, faccia il cielo Ch'abbia prospero corso.

Dorabella Faccia che al campo giunga Con fortunati auspici. Don Alfonso E a voi salvi gli amanti, A me gli amici. Recitative Dorabella Where are they? Don Alfonso They've gone. Fiordiligi O most cruel, Bitter parting! Fiordiligi God speed you, my love! Dorabella God speed you! Fiordiligi O heavens! How swiftly their boat Disappears! It's gone already! It's out of sight! Heaven grant it A safe voyage! Dorabella May Heaven protect them too On the field of battle! Don Alfonso Preserve your lovers And my friends. Exeunt Fiordiligi and Dorabella. Recitativo Don Alfonso Non son cattivo comico!

Al concertato loco i due campioni Di Ciprigna e di Marte Mi staranno attendendo: or senza indugio Raggiungerli conviene. Quante smorfie, quante buffonerie! Tanto meglio per me Oh, poverini! Per femmina giocar cento zecchini? Nel mare solca e nell'arena semina E il vago vento spera in rete accogliere Chi fonda sue speranze in cor di femmina. Recitative Don Alfonso I'm not a bad actor! What grimaces, what affectations! All the better for me, They'll fall more easily; People of that kind are the first To change their minds.

Poor fools, To wager a hundred sequins on a woman! Camera gentile con diverse sedie, un tavolino, ecc. Despina sola.

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A room with various chairs, a table, etc. Three doors: two at the sides, one centre. Despine alone. Per Bacco, vo' assaggiarlo: cospettaccio! Si forbe la bocca Vien gente. Oh ciel, son le padrone! Recitative Despina who is whipping the chocolate What a wretched life A lady's maid leads!

From morning till night working, Sweating and toiling, and after all One's done there's nothing for oneself! I've been beating this for half an hour, And now the chocolate's ready; yet though my tongue's Hanging out, must I just stand and smell it? Aren't my tastes just like yours? O dearest ladies, You have the substance And I only the smell! Damnit, I'm going to try it. She tastes it Delicious! She wipes her mouth Someone's coming! Goodness, it's my ladies! Fiordiligi e Dorabella ch'entrano disperatamente.

Despina, Fiordiligi and Dorabella, who enter distractedly. Recitativo Despina presentando il cioccolatte sopra una guantiera Madame, ecco la vostra colazione. Dorabella gitta tutto a terra Diamine, cosa fate? Fiordiligi Ah! Dorabella Ah! Si cavano entrambe tutti gli ornamenti donneschi ecc. Despina Padrone, dico! Dorabella Ah, scostati! Paventa il tristo effetto D'un disperato affetto: Chiudi quelle finestre Odio la luce, Odio l'aria che spiro Dorabella Oh, terribil disgrazia!

Despina Sbrigatevi in buon'ora. Fiordiligi Da Napoli partiti Sono gli amanti nostri. Dorabella Chi sa! Despina come sopra Come, chi sa? Dove son iti? Dorabella Al campo di battaglia. Despina Tanto meglio per loro: Li vedrete tornar carchi d'alloro. Fiordiligi Ma ponno anche perir.

Despina Allora, poi, Tanto meglio per voi. Fiordiligi sorge arrabbiata Sciocca, che dici? Fiordiligi Ah, perdendo Guglielmo Mi pare ch'io morrei! Dorabella Ah, Ferrando perdendo Mi par che viva a seppellirmi andrei! Per un uomo morir! Altri ve n' hanno Che compensano il danno. Despina Han gli altri ancora Tutto quello ch'hanno essi. Fiordiligi con trasporto di collera Divertirci?

Despina Sicuro! Despina Via, via! Passaro i tempi Da spacciar queste favole ai bambini. La ra la, la ra la, la ra la, la. Recitative Despina Despina offers the chocolate on a tray Here's your breakfast, ladies. Dorabella flings it all to the ground Jiminy! What are you doing? Both stripping off all their ornaments. Despina What's happened? Fiordiligi Where is a dagger?

Dorabella Where is the poison? Despina Ladies, I beg you! Dorabella Ah leave me! Flee the dread effect Of a distracted love! Close those windows; I hate the light, I hate the air I breathe, I hate myself. Who mocks at my grief? Who consoles me? Ah fly; leave me alone, for pity's sake!

Dorabella O dreadful disaster! Despina Get on with it! Fiordiligi Our lovers Have left Naples. Despina laughing Is that all? They'll be back. Dorabella Who knows! Despina What do you mean, who knows? Where have they gone? Dorabella To the field of battle! Despina So much the better for them: You'll see them return crowned with laurel. Fiordiligi But they might be killed! Despina Why then, So much the better for you. Fiordiligi rises angrily Fool, what are you saying? Despina The simple truth: you lose these two But all the rest are left.

Fiordiligi Ah, without Guglielmo, I think I'd die! Dorabella Ah, without Ferrando I think I'd bury myself alive! Despina Splendid! That's what you think, but you wouldn't; No woman yet has ever died for love. Die for a man? There's lots more Where he came from. Dorabella And do you believe anyone could love Another man who once had had A Guglielmo, a Ferrando for lover?

Despina The others have everything That these have. You love this man now; So you'd love another: One's as good as the other Since neither's worth a thing. But we won't go into that; They're still alive And will come back alive; But they're far away, And rather than Waste time in idle tears, Think about enjoying yourselves. Fiordiligi Enjoying ourselves?

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Despina Certainly! And what's more, Making love furiously, as your Dear gentlemen will be doing on active service! Dorabella Don't insult those pure souls like this, Those models of fidelity and perfect love. Despina Go on with you! The times are past For spinning such tales even to babies!

All of them Are made of the same stuff; The quivering leaves, The inconstant breezes Have more stability Than men. In us they only prize Their own pleasure; Then they despise us, Deny us affection, And from such tyrants There's no mercy to be had. We woman should pay out This hurtful, Impudent breed In their own coin; Let's love them To suit our convenience and our vanity!

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All go out. Recitativo Don Alfonso Che silenzio! Che aspetto di tristezza Spirano queste stanze. Temo un po' per Despina: quella furba Potrebbe riconoscerli; potrebbe Rovesciarmi le macchine. Ma, per esser sicuro, si potria Metterla in parte a parte del segreto Despina Chi batte? Don Alfonso Oh! Despina Ih! Esce dalla sua stanza Don Alfonso Despina mia, di te Bisogno avrei.

Despina Ed io niente di lei. Don Alfonso Ti vo' fare del ben. Don Alfonso mostrandole una moneta d 'oro Parla piano, ed osserva. Despina Me la dona? Despina E che vorebbe? Son qua. Don Alfonso Prendi ed ascolta. Sai che le tue padrone Han perduti gli amanti. Despina Lo so. Don Alfonso Tutti i lor pianti, Tutti i deliri loro anco tu sai.

Despina So tutto. Don Alfonso Or ben, se mai Per consolarle un poco E trar, come diciam, Chiodo per chiodo, Tu ritrovassi il modo Da metter in lor grazia Due soggetti di garbo Che vorrieno provar Despina Non mi dispiace Questa proposizione. Ma con quelle buffone Son belli? E, sopra tutto, Hanno una buona borsa I vostri concorrenti?

Li vuoi veder? Despina E dove son? Li posso far entrar? Don Alfonso fa entrar gli amanti, che son travestiti. Recitative Don Alfonso How silent! What an air of sorrow These rooms wear! Poor dears! It's not really their fault; They need consolation; Until their two credulous lovers Appear disguised, As I instructed them, Let's see what can be done.

I'm a bit worried about Despina; That little baggage might recognise them; She could upset the apple? Let's see? But to be certain, it might be best To let her into a part of the secret. That's a splendid idea! Here's her room. Despina Who's that? She comes out Don Alfonso Despina my dear, I have need of you. Despina Well, I haven't of you. Don Alfonso I mean you well. Despina An old man like you Can do nothing for a girl.

Don Alfonso showing her a gold coin Drop your voice and look here! Despina Are you giving me it? Don Alfonso Yes, if you'll do what I ask. Despina And what do you want? Gold is my undoing. Don Alfonso And you shall have it If I can trust you. Despina Is that all? I'm ready. Don Alfonso Take it, then; now listen. You know your mistresses Have lost their lovers.

Despina I know. Don Alfonso And you know Of all their weeping and wailing. Despina I know it all. Don Alfonso All right: If, to console them A little and, as they say, To replace like with like, You were to find a way Of bringing to their favour Two presentable fellows Who are anxious to try You take my meaning There's another, twenty scudi for you If you bring it off. Despina I've nothing against this proposition. But with those sillies Well, listen: These suitors of yours, Are they young?

Are they handsome? And, above all, Have they plenty of money? Don Alfonso They have everything Which could please ladies of taste. Do you want to see them? Despina Where are they? Don Alfonso Just here: Shall I call them in? Despina That's all right with me. Don Alfonso brings in the lovers, who are disguised. Ferrando e Guglielmo Per la man, che lieto io bacio, Per quei rai di grazia pieni, Fa' che volga a me sereni I begli occhi il mio tesor.

Che vestiti! Che figure! Che mustacchi! Io non so se son Valacchi O se Turchi son costor. Don Alfonso sottovoce a Despina Che ti par di quell'aspetto? Despina sottovoce a Don Alfonso Per parlarvi schietto schietto, Hanno un muso fuor dell'uso, Vero antidoto d'amor. Fiordiligi e Dorabella di dentro Eh, Despina! Despina Le padrone! Don Alfonso a Despina Ecco l'istante! Fa' con arte; io qui m'ascondo. Falli uscire immantinente, O ti fo pentir con lor. Despina, Ferrando e Guglielmo Tutti e tre s'inginocchiano Ah, madame, perdonate!

Fiordiligi e Dorabella Giusti Numi! Cosa sento? Dell'enorme tradimento Chi fu mai l'indegno autor? Despina, Ferrando e Guglielmo Deh, calmante quello sdegno! Tutta piena ho l'alma In petto di dispetto E di furor! Recitativo Don Alfonso dalla porta Che sussurro!

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Siete pazze, Care le mie ragazze? Volete sollevar il vicinato? Dorabella con furore Oh, ciel! Mirate: Uomini in casa nostra? Fiordiligi con fuoco Che male? In questo giorno! Dopo il caso funesto! Don Alfonso Stelle! Sogno o son desto? Amici miei, Miei dolcissimi amici! Voi qui? Quanto ne godo! Ferrando Amico Don Alfonso! Guglielmo Amico caro! Si abbracciano con trasporto Don Alfonso Oh la bella improvvisata! Despina a Don Alfonso Li conoscete voi?

Don Alfonso Se li conosco! Fiordiligi E in casa mia che fanno? Guglielmo Ai vostri piedi Due rei, due delinquenti, ecco madame! Dorabella Numi, che sento! Ferrando Amor, il Nume Vista appena la luce Di vostre fulgidissime pupille Che alle vive faville Farfallette amorose e agonizzanti Deputazione di Storia Patria per l'Emilia e la Romagna, Olimpia Morata Lettere. Edited by Giuseppe Paladino.

In Opuscoli e lettere di riformatori italiani del Cinquecento. Bari: Laterza, , pp. Edited by Giuseppe Guido Ferrero. In Lettere del Cinquecento. Turin: Unione tipiografico-editrice torinese, , pp. Opere, vol. Epistolae, vol. Orationes, Dialogi et Carmina. Studies on Olympia Morata: Archivio biografico italiano microform. Edited by Tommaso Nappo. Munich and New York: Saur, Bainton, Roland H. Minneapolis: Augsburg, , pp. Bonnet, Jules. Paris: Charles Meyruels, Caretti, Lanfranco. Firenze: La Nuova Italia, , pp. Cignoni, Mario.

Costa-Zalessow, Natalia. Ravenna: Longo editore, , pp. Dizionario biografico delle donne lombarde: Edited by Rachele Farina. Dizionario enciclopedico della letteratura italiana IV, p. Bari: LaTerza, Dizionario enciclopedico italiano VIII, p. Roma: Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato, Roma: Istituto della Enciclopedia italiana, King, Margaret L.. Women of the Renaissance. Mulazzi, Virginia.

Olimpia Morato, scene della riforma: racconto storico del secolo XVI. Milan: Tipografia di Lodovico Bortolotti E. Pirovano, Donato. Studi di letteratura italiana in onore di Emilio Bigi. Milano: Principato, , pp. Rabil, Albert Jr. Edited by Rinaldina Russell. Westport, Connecticut and London: Greenwood Press, , pp.