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Questions posed by School Libraries in Canada magazine and students across Canada.

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And pleasure -- searing, breathtaking, exquisite pleasure was what she did find as Kane took her innocence amidst the Whispering Abducted by his men, held prisoner aboard a notorious privateering ship, she succumbed to Adam's masterful seduc Darkly h Cast into prison for stealing, she was horrified to learn that she would be transported to the American But the future that awaits her is far different, for she is informed that she is to marry Philippe St.

Cyr, a wealthy plantation owner fr We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 61 titles. Sins of the Highlander. Lord of Devil Isle. Viking Warrior. The Price of Pleasure. Highland Warrior. A Taste of Paradise. A Knight's Honor. Gypsy Lover.

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The History of Fleming H. Revell

To Love a Stranger. Delaney Brothers Trilogy - 1. Shadow Walker. Flame Set - 2. A Love to Cherish. Flame Set - 1. Pure Temptation. Taken By You. The Lion's Bride. A Christmas Miracle. Wind Rider. Related Books - 4 - 2 Trails West Trilogy - 2. A Child Is Born. Tears Like Rain. Related Books - 4 - 1 Trails West Trilogy - 1. Treasures of the Heart. The Christmas Star. A Promise of Thunder. Stryker - 2. Ice and Rapture. The Greatest Gift of All. Brave Land, Brave Love. Australian Frontier - 3. Countdown to Murder.

Episode in a Town. Quantum Fear. Lawrence Earle Johnson. Half Moon Bay. Echo Moon Ghost Gifts. By the Tracks We Leave. Extremity Volume 2 Warrior. Daniel Warren Johnson. Dark Fang Volume 1 Earth Calling. Miles Gunter Kelsey Shannon. God Complex Dogma. Money Mafia A Date with Destiny. Retain the Silence. Never Trust a Stranger. Robert T Floyd Jr. The Gripes of Roth. Vega's Sanctum Vega. The Gardener's Apprentice. The Pendant. The Undertaker A Mafia Story.

Mr Joseph Sciacca. Albatross Albatross. Griffin's Feather Modern Mythology. A Life Separate Together. Delete Doc. On Thin Ice. Revell started with five booklets by Moody. In Revell began issuing full-length volumes, including Twelve Select Sermons which sold , copies in its first year! By the end of the decade, Revell had given Moody's eager public thirteen books. During the next ten years it released eleven more.

Even after Moody's death in , Revell added six more titles, not to mention an authorized biography by his son Will. One of the British authors to whom Moody was indebted and whom he quoted was C. Mackintosh became well known for his premillennialism, which was beginning to challenge the majority view postmillennialism and which Moody himself adopted. The single most influential premillennial volume was William Blackstone's Jesus Is Coming, released by Revell in Blackstone was a Chicago businessman who would later help establish Moody's Bible Institute.

My inspiration: Sibéal Pounder on Jill Murphy's The Worst Witch

Jesus Is Coming went through several editions and sold more than , copies in its first fifty years. It was joined on Revell's list by other premillennial titles, written by William Trotter, J. Brookes, and others. One of the first British pastors to support Moody's early evangelistic efforts was F. By the time Meyer first visited America in , he was a prominent preacher whom Americans were eager to hear. Moody invited Meyer to speak at his annual Northfield Conference, and the reception was enthusiastic.

Under the name of this gifted preacher-author, Revell's catalog listed forty-two books, far more than the twenty-nine under the name of D. One of Moody's American associates, R. Torrey, was established as a leading author by Revell. Moody invited Torrey to join the Bible Institute staff as superintendent in Five years later, Torrey accepted, in addition, the pulpit of Chicago Avenue Church also founded by Moody.

During the next twenty-nine years of his life, Torrey contributed many more books to Revell's list. As conservative as Moody was in his theology, he was friends with some churchmen who were less so. He even invited several of them to speak at Northfield, most notably Henry Drummond. Moody and Drummond had been close friends since Drummond had worked with him in the early s in Scotland.

Though Drummond's theology became less conservative through the years, Moody continued to invite him to speak at Northfield. Revell did not hesitate to publish Drummond, beginning with Love, the Supreme Gift in and continuing with at least four more titles. Love under a revised title became Drummond's most successful book in America. The same breadth that characterized Moody's associations was reflected in Revell's list of authors.

The collaboration between Revell and Moody included the Colportage Library, a series of inexpensive paperbacks conceived by Moody for wide distribution. Moody drew on Revell's backlist for many of these titles, then set up the Bible Institute Colportage Association to distribute them directly to readers.

Negotiations between the publisher and the evangelist became tense as Revell saw in the BICA a potential rival it eventually became Moody Press and Moody pushed for the best possible terms for this new, nonprofit ministry. Trade sales of the Colportage Library were handled by Revell. Revell's list of publications was by no means limited to expository and theological works. Well before the end of the century the list included books for Sunday school workers, musicians, and others active in church work. Books for women, youth, and children broadened the list's appeal. Religious fiction, missionary biography, and many other genres insured that Revell offered something for everyone.

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Hannah Whitall Smith had established herself with her husband Pearsall as a popular speaker on holiness, and Revell published The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life in During its first ten years it sold over 35, copies. Revell stuck with Smith despite scandals surrounding her husband and children, and she became a prototype of successful women authors of inspirational books. Like The Christian's Secret, its sale of , copies by put it on Hackett's list of best-sellers.

Gordon followed with several other religious novels, including Black Rock, published in and even more successful than The Sky Pilot. With the solid foundation of works by Moody and Meyer, as well as best-selling inspirational titles by authors like Smith and Connor, Revell established itself as the largest American publisher of religious books. By the early s, it was releasing over books a year.

When the American Publishers' Association was formed in , twenty-seven companies were invited to join. Revell was one of them. Fleming Revell had married Josephine Barbour in They set up housekeeping in Chicago and were active in Chicago Avenue Church, which had been founded by Moody. In the late s they moved to Evanston, where Fleming's mother lived. Here the family attended First Presbyterian Church. Wheaton College prevailed on Revell to serve on its board of trustees, a position he held from to Then the Moody Bible Institute secured his services from to Fleming and Josephine had two children, Elizabeth and Fleming Jr.

Elizabeth married Max Shoop and moved to France.

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Fleming Jr. Revell had weathered the depression of well, as conditions forced people to consider ultimate questions. The prosperity of the late s lured all enterprises into an expansionist mode, one that Revell could accomplish only by publishing more general works like Roswell Field's fictional The Bondage of Ballinger.

Doran, "we did a greatly increased volume of business but at a much higher cost of operation.

These Books are the Same: Finishing School #1 and Gallagher Girls #1

The company had long operated a branch office in New York. This office, managed by S. Edgar Briggs formerly of Willard Tract Depository , maintained its own editorial, production, and business departments. Convinced that Revell was "operating most uneconomically," Doran "drew up a plan for consolidation of our publishing business at New York.

Fleming Revell initially resisted the idea. Because he wanted the business to operate economically and he wished to live in New York, he eventually acquiesced. Doran Company. During the years that ensued, Revell published numerous titles appealing to a broad readership, though without abandoning its evangelical clientele. Hillis was the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Evanston when George Doran, a member of this congregation, encouraged the eloquent preacher to begin writing for publication. In all, Hillis, who pastored Plymouth Church in Brooklyn for twenty-five years, contributed twenty books to Revell's list.

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Fleming Revell's willingness to publish books that pushed for a reluctant America to join forces with Great Britain against Germany is understandable. His parents had immigrated from England shortly before his birth, his brother-in-law Moody was an Anglophile, and he had innumerable business contacts with the British he visited England annually for decades. Even more prolific than Hillis was S. Gordon, first a YMCA executive, then a widely traveled speaker in high demand.

His first book, Quiet Talks on Power, was released by Revell in selling , copies in its first forty years. Between and Revell published fourteen of his books, most of the titles beginning with the phrase Quiet Talks or A Quiet Talk. Gordon died in with more than thirty books to his credit. While Moody's death in had marked a milestone in the history of Revell, the benefits of the Dwight Moody-Fleming Revell association lasted for many more years.

One such benefit was the books written by Britisher G. Campbell Morgan and published in America by Revell. Morgan met Moody during his first visit to America in , speaking at both the Northfield Conference and the Bible Institute.

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  5. The following year Morgan returned to Northfield and Revell published Discipleship. Thus began an association between Morgan and Revell that endured for nearly fifty years.

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    From to Revell published twenty-three books by Morgan, including The Analyzed Bible a ten-volume set and Living Messages of the Books of the Bible a four-volume set. During these fruitful years Morgan served as pastor of Westminster Chapel in London and had an itinerant ministry in the United States In all, Revell published more than fifty titles by Morgan, who died in During the s Morgan became a spokesman for the fundamentalist movement that protested the dominance of modernism in Protestant denominations. During the period the dates favored by historians for the fundamentalist-modernist controversy , Revell provided a national platform to fundamentalist leaders.

    The vast majority of Revell's publications during this period, however, had nothing to do with the fundamentalist-modernist debate. And Revell continued to publish R. Torrey six titles and James M.

    finishing school the mackay series book 1 Manual

    Gray five titles , Torrey's successor as academic head of Moody Bible Institute. In all, Revell published twenty-nine titles by leading fundamentalists during the years of the controversy, a number exceeding that of any other publisher. Doran ranked third with fourteen titles by Torrey and John Roach Straton.