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  2. Dreams. A Glimpse of the Father's Love. - The Unseen Story
  3. The Unseen Life That Dreams Us
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Dreams Unseen

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Warning: - Not to be sold to or used by person under the age of 18 years. How are his teachings relevant to Americans in the twenty-first century? You can live the way you want there; you can be a self-made person. But sometimes, when all our energy goes into progress, acquisition, and productivity, it leaves a huge emptiness in the heart.

I think the teachings of Meister Eckhart can address that emptiness, can show us how to be patient with it, and in fact bring us deeper into it.


At the heart of our emptiness, we can actually discover nourishment in the secret landscapes of imagination and spirit. Is that really Catholicism? On the other hand, nobody goes into a restaurant and chooses everything on the menu. One of the difficulties in Western religion in general is that we are inclined to take current manifestations of the tradition as the whole truth about the religion.

Tradition is to a community what memory is to the individual: a huge archive of knowledge that is tested over time. Sometimes the people who represent a religious tradition at a particular moment will masquerade as the absolute owners of the tradition, but they are not. They are only good or bad servants of the tradition. I can do Buddhist practice, but I cannot be a Buddhist. Nor can a Tibetan Buddhist come to Ireland and turn into a Catholic. It saddens me to see so many spiritually starved people in the West passing the great granaries of the Christian traditions on their way to some New Age or fundamentalist church, and not even looking in the doorways.

When the grain is tested, as it is in the great traditions, you get true nourishment, not fast food. I suppose the oxygen had become too scarce.

Dreams. A Glimpse of the Father's Love. - The Unseen Story

I also found myself diverging from quite a few of the teachings. The final straw was acquiring a new bishop who exhibited and exercised a strong chemical hesitancy to my theological viewpoint. Once made, the decision brought me great peace of heart. I think the seven sacraments are the most beautiful liturgical rituals. I love the theology of the Trinity, which is not often preached because it is such a complex thing, yet it remains one of the most exciting discoveries of the nature of the divine.

The Unseen Life That Dreams Us

On the other side, I do not trust the Catholic Church with Eros. I never did, even when I was a priest. The Church does have a pathological fear of the feminine. It would sooner allow priests to marry than it would allow women to become priests. This awful mistrust of the feminine goes all the way back to Genesis, where Eve is blamed for offering the apple to Adam.

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And the doctrine that a woman, after giving birth to a child — the most beautiful thing a human being can do — has to go to the Church to be cleansed: this is a demonization of women that I cannot understand. All extremes create a mirror of themselves. None of the awkward, subtle, different, or dark faces of the feminine were allowed near her image. I think the Church is in danger of losing women. You have some of the best minds in the world in the sciences and the humanities. But where are these intellects in the U. Religious fundamentalists, who claim to speak for God yet would not be able to distinguish God from a cucumber, are allowed full access to the public, and nobody comes along and questions their vacuousness.

In the absence of a strong middle ground, the political pendulum will always swing too far to either side. I mean a true balance that is autonomous and authentic. Plato said that to practice philosophy is to follow the question wherever it leads. Loyalty to the voyage of the question will create a wise middle ground and protect us from extremism.

I find that profound. It makes the real seem unreal, and the unreal appear real. Anxiety, for him, is this diffuse worry that has no object or point of reference. This is the atmosphere right now in the U. There is a huge anxiety just under the surface. Fear, as distinct from anxiety, has an object and a point of reference. Tillich says that in order to handle anxiety, you have to translate it into a fear that has a definite object.

Then you can engage with it. Your outward relationship toward your beloved, if it is not mirrored internally by a loving relationship with yourself, is reduced and limited. You end up scraping from him or her what you are not giving yourself. But if you are nourished at your own table, you do not need so desperately to be fed by someone else; consequently, you can be free and open with that person.

Unseen Dreams Project

This is true of our relationship to the world as well. When you approach even the simplest object, the depth that you see in that object will be proportionate to the depth you bring to it. One of the most interesting philosophical movements of the mid-twentieth century was hermeneutics: the science of interpretation. When you know what you are putting into it, and what you are taking from it, the text — or object, or person — has a better chance to meet you as itself. What usually happens with solitude is that people equate it with loneliness, which frightens them.

There is a way in which we treat our relationships almost like a colonial expedition: we want to colonize the space, all the territory in between, until there is no wilderness left. They have domesticated each other beyond recognition. Sometimes you see a beautiful woman who quickens your heart.

Then you meet her again years later, and she has become a domesticated relic of who she once was, and you think, Where is the dangerous vision that I saw in her? The same happens to men. Upon seeing that in the other person, you promise yourself: One thing I will never do is try to domesticate her wilderness.

Because the authenticity of her difference and the purity of her danger and the depth of her affection are all being secretly nourished by that wilderness, as all of my spirit is being nourished by my own wilderness. There is a great tradition in the U. Stillness is just being still. There is no great mystery about it. Your body is an object in space — not an inanimate object, but an object nonetheless. I will be putting my body-object into a tin machine on Tuesday and flying over the ocean.

My body will emerge all shaky on the other end, and it will take time for it to recover its native tranquillity. Spending time being still is a simple and modest requirement that we face each day, not just when traveling. If you could sit still for twenty minutes every day — just sit in your chair and look at a place on the rug — your body would love you for it.

Your body loves the simple relief of stillness. The third thing is silence. When someone is talking, try to listen to the silence between the words. This is what a good therapist does. She is listening for what your words are saying, and she is also listening between the words for the things that your unconscious wants to say, but which your conscious mind does not know about or is not yet ready to make heard.

To be a great listener is to be a listener on that level. Silence depends on stillness and solitude. If you do not have solitude and know what wilderness is, and you do not have stillness and know what tranquillity is, then you are not able to listen with that sort of refinement and subtlety. Bring a rhythm to your life that has a share of solitude, stillness, and silence in it, and you will gradually come home.