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For anyone who's bewildered by young people's obsession with Youtube or Instagram celebrities in the west, the evolution of online culture in Asia, especially in China, may shock them even more.

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There, for various social and technological reasons, youths arguably are much more dependent on - some would say addicted to - the internet, despite heavy government censorship. Live streaming was not invented in China. It has been around in the U. As with many previous new forms of social media in the west, live streaming has found eager and rapid adoption in China like nowhere else. Hundreds of live streaming apps are fighting for live streamers and viewers in this hyper-competitive market. The goal of this film, however, is not to introduce to viewers the bizarre spectacle of live streaming in China, but to provide a cautionary tale of what the future could become, for all of us, if we remain careless with our dependency on technology.

The AV Club describes it as "a microcosm of the bizarre fantasy economy and complex, parasitic interdependencies of late capitalism as a whole. Do we want to step into a future like that, especially when that future is already happening in China right now? Like a good Black Mirror episode, I hope this film will make viewers think about this question, after watching. We are running on a tight budget to get the word out for our release. Below is a rough breakdown of the distribution costs:.

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As an independent filmmaking team, we were fortunate to have secured production funding and finished the film. We were even more fortunate to have received industry recognition in the forms of festival awards. But as any independent filmmaker would tell you, finishing the film is just half of the battle.

The other half is to get the film in front of viewers. After much deliberation, we decided not to give our film away to some traditional distributor, who may or may not work as hard as we do to find an audience for the film. We firmly believe that YOU are out there, online, and YOU will appreciate what we have done, both aesthetically and thematically. Police made only one arrest that night.

By the next day, we were international news. But over the next few days and weeks, I watched as well-regarded voices in the political realm rose in condemnation, not of the violent acts of Antifa, but of us, the Berkeley College Republicans. Perhaps most distressingly of all, the UC Berkeley school paper, the Daily Californian , published five opinion pieces justifying the use of violence to shut down the event.

As a recently graduated conservative UC Berkeley student, I am here to tell you that it is even worse than you think. In fact, on several occasions, the university has locked arms with these leftists and helped to shut down our events through bureaucratic maneuvering.

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In , three of our speakers, including the one I mentioned above, were canceled in just this manner: Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, and Milo Yiannopoulos. Finally, in late , we managed to host our first successful event in months, with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. But in order for him to speak safely, UC Berkeley police determined that the campus and adjacent roads had to be closed off. Several leftist protesters attempting to disrupt the event were arrested that night. Around the same time, we took Berkeley to court.


But is there a way to fight for free speech on campus without filing lawsuits that eat up taxpayer money? State legislatures have been quick to pass free-speech legislation, but we need to find a solution to the problem that rests with ordinary citizens like you and me. That is why I am encouraging all donors to major universities such as UC Berkeley to follow the lead of Dilbert creator and UC Berkeley alumnus Scott Adams and cease giving financial support to universities that do not respect free expression.

The anti-free-speech philosophy that is roiling UCB does not come from nowhere. It lies at the very heart of the modern university and is taught every day by professors at major American universities.

The Republic of Nowhere

Nor is Berkeley alone, although it may be one of the worst offenders. American universities receive millions in donations from parents and alumni each year, and these donations are a major portion of their financial support. If donors start to speak, then universities will notice. More than half a million people some presumably with babies of their own stopped what they were doing, checked out of their lives for a couple of minutes, and gawped at someone clumsily mashing food into her mouth.

The company is already listed on NASDAQ when the film begins in , but it was smaller back then, more of a niche than a nationwide phenomenon.

The Republic of Nowhere - Foreign Correspondent

The fame and fortune that Shen Man and Big Li have acquired should be an affirmation that technology offers an unprecedented opportunity for Chinese people to climb out of their class, but Wu portrays a country where upward mobility creates a strange kind of backdraft.

Money almost seems less coveted than it is worshipped. A few of them want sex, to be sure, but others are just happy to put a price on affection. Wu, who collected footage for more than two years, underestimates our interest in these working stiffs and the psychology that drives their addiction.