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Read: The mystery of the Hardy Boys and the invisible authors. That world-building is crucial. These days, I like to imagine that detail as a winking inside joke with the observant queer reader. Consider Volume 12, Footprints Under the Window one of the books revised in , in which the Hardys and Chet travel to a cluster of fictional islands off the coast of South America to investigate a spy ring.


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Who are these criminals? More than merely revealing Mr. Most are never referred to by name in the story, since they serve as scene-setting props to help capture the dangers of the jungle. Even these revised books are improvements on the originals in terms of how they portray marginalized groups.

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I remember thinking, when I first learned about these changes as a young adult, that it would have been better to simply give the black characters more dimension than attempt to blot them out. Notably, the three aforementioned books have such brazen racist stereotyping compared with the other volumes that some critics question whether McFarlane actually wrote them, or whether they were the work of other ghostwriters.

This powerful river flowing south from northern Minnesota some 2, plus miles to the Gulf of Mexico is the setting for the adventures of this famous boy. The fictitious town of St.

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Petersburg, Missouri is where Huck Finn resides at the beginning of the novel. It was seemingly inspired by the very place Twain knew well — his own stomping grounds as a boy: Hannibal, Missouri. This is the real setting to visit and there is a great deal of interest in their local writer who penned such an iconic book.

The Boyhood Adventures

How about standing on the very bridge named after the writer which crosses the very river he evoked in his adventure stories? The island Huck later moves to Described in the novel as being too close for comfort but also far enough from civilisation. However, I really don't read books with children main characters very often any more. Post a Comment.

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Pages HOME. Younger readers delight in the sheer pleasure of following the rollicking, mischievous adventures of Tom, a consummate prankster with a quick wit.

Yet older readers recognize the somber undercurrents lurking dangerously beneath the secure and wondrous world of boyhood. A present from Mr T. Read for discussion at the A rkansas B ook C lub of which I am an honorary member.

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Who'd have thought it, a classic that I actually rather enjoyed. A book I didn't read in its entirety until I was in my