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What a steal! This spot came highly recommended by a few travel magazines which made me a bit wary but our delicious meal there completely blew me away. A bag of crisps to munch on while we perused the menu which luckily was also written in English on the back. A whole sweet juicy tomato was peeled and marinated in tomato juice, sugar and salt. Topped with crispy fried basil and some flakes of salt and finished with a drizzle olive oil, this was a simple dish that really lets the fresh ingredient shine through.

The blow torch melted the fatty cured pork over the golden yolk like a silk wrap, a delicious salty savory wrap that is…. The piquillos cured in honey and Hawaiian salt was a refreshing break from the last few rich bites.

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But then we moved onto the meatier courses. The first one up was sirloin tartar, served up in a petri dishes with sauces in pill shaped droplets.


A little delicious DIY science experiment disguised as a meal. We followed up the beef with these exquisitely charred baby squid with a homemade aioli, tender and tasting of sweet yet salty ocean with a smokey finish. We moved back onto another beef dish with the carpaccio with more truffles. The waiter showed us how to make these thinly sliced beef into a tiny bite packed with flavors before we were left to our own devices. Another yummy fun DIY dish.

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And finally, just because we were still a bit hungry, an order of octopus to wrap up the night. The generous meaty portion of octopus was braised to tender perfection and was topped with chimchurri. A wonderful end to a night of delectable innovative tapas with a modern twist.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. The flavor combination is simply magical - I always ended up wanting more! Another one of my favorites is the lomo de vaca , or beef sirloin. The presentation is super fun! Basically the raw sirlone is in a heavy stone vessel, topped with a coating of solid fat. The server then melts the fat and cooks the sirloin with a blowtorch, eventually adding in the egg yolk and pickled garnishes.

There's kimchi hiding in there somewhere, too. When the process is done, you then eat the beef mixture with the little lettuce rounds, like Korean barbecue! One of Sala de Despiece's signature tapas is the Rolex. Basically a plate comes out with a thin slice of bacon, on top of which sits a slice of foie gras, that tartufada, and an egg yolk. The blow torch comes out again to partially cook the ingredients, turning the bacon translucent. Needless to say, this is basically four of the most unctuously rich ingredients folded into one!

Speaking of eggs, they also at one time had a version of the Rolex but basically with a fried egg, and the truffles and foie on top.

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Lest you think that there is only meat and eggs on offer, I'm happy to report that they also always have several seafood options on the menu, too. This was okay, but I liked a variation of this dish on another evening: first the waiter shakes a tin of nori powder and a tin of puffed rice together. That left the puffed rice coated in nori powder, and then you dredge the fish first through some sauce, and then the puffed rice, finally eating it all together like a deconstructed maki.

That was truly a surprising find, because as many variations on sushi as there are out there, I hadn't come across something that I liked even more than regular sushi like this tapa! The nori in powder form seemed to be more deeply marine than the normal sheets of nori, and the crunchy rice was a wonderful textural contrast. The following are the navajas , or razor clams, prepared with a sauce of pineapple and chipotle.

This was one of the few misses I've had at Sala de Despiece: the sauce was far too sweet, and the spiciness didn't have any dimension to it. It simply stung the mouth. Once I had octopus here, but instead of delicate rounds of tentacle sections, the octopus was served as a whole honkin' tentacle.

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It became a bit monotonous after a while For vegetables, they have a bunch of tapas, too. Here are their artichokes, grilled, and served with smoked eel and a cream with pomegranate seeds. On another evening, the artichokes were presented similarly, but in a slightly different arrangement! And these potatoes were amazing. So simple yet satisfying.