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And make no mistake, "Paper Clips" is inspiring, but also, as a film, a little tedious, without enough narrative or exploration to justify its feature length. Smith is one of the few people interviewed who resists speaking in platitudes, and the segments in which he connects the paper clip curriculum with his own sense of identity and history as a white Southern male -- both the agent and the object of prejudice -- are the most interesting and thought-provoking.

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By the end, though, I found myself bothered by the sense of self-congratulation that radiated through the film, and that seemed to tug against the gravity of the historical cataclysm that the students were meant to be studying. The dedication ceremony at the Whitwell memorial, which includes a German railway car once used to transport people to the death camps, is touching, but also a little strange.

It testifies not only to the hard work and high-mindedness of the people of Whitwell, but also to the stubbornly affirmative character of American educational culture, which can turn even the most unfathomable horrors of history into a reason for people to feel good about themselves.

Fab, Robert M. At the U. You just win. In that sense, the game transcends even its own narrative.

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Singularity cassandras have never been great at perspective-switching, making people understand what a world-conquering robot would be thinking while it world-conquered. How could they? In many versions, the mind of the AI is unknowable to our pathetic human intellects, transhuman, multidimensional.

You make paperclips. You destroy the world.

What was Operation Mincemeat?

When Google's AI beat the world's Go champion , it stirred a certain sadness in many people. But the reality is the technologies at the heart of AlphaGo are the future. So it's a time to be excited not scared. Getty Images. Decision Problem.

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More AI Threats. Kevin Kelly. Cade Metz.

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