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25 Outdoor Activities And Games For Toddlers

  1. Ridiculously Fun Outdoor Games for Kids! - How Wee Learn
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  3. Ridiculously Fun Outdoor Games for Kids!

This is a very old favourite, thought to date back to Tudor times at least! It was originally known as Blind Man's Buff. There is also a traditional Chinese version known as "Blind Man" or "Chicken". Capture The Flag has always been a huge favourite with my kids, who learned it at a school summer camp and have played on every available occasion since. It is a great game for large, mixed age groups and long summer afternoons! This traditional Chinese chase game can cause much screeching and excitement!

Fun Outdoor Playground for kids - Entertainment for Children Play Center

Play outdoors - or indoors, if you have a large room. It is also known simply as "Cat and Mouse".

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This traditional Chinese game is great fun for the playground. You will need a large group of children - at least 10, but the more the merrier! The kids can be any age. This easy circle game for children needs no equipment and tires the kids out quickly! You can play it outdoors but only on a dry day and preferably on grass, to save the children's knees!

This traditional Chinese playground game develops children's ball skills and their concentration - it really keeps them on their toes! It is probably best for children aged 6 or older and can be played indoors or outdoors. This is a simple, old-fashioned game for younger children similar to "Bow Bells".

Of course you can substitute "flowers" for animals, colours or any other category for which the children will be able to think of a number of options. Play indoors or outdoors. Forcing The City Gates is a traditional Chinese game for boys - and one which requires a fair amount of energy and some outside space to play!

Give the game an exciting look by painting the pieces different colors!

Ridiculously Fun Outdoor Games for Kids! - How Wee Learn

Get the tutorial at Lemon Thistle. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. What Stores Are Open on the 4th of July? Here Are the Restaurants Open on the 4th of July. Getty Images. H2O Bungalow. Hook and Ring Game. One More Moore. Bean Bag Bowl Toss. This blogger notes she encouraged her kids to add up their own scores as a little math lesson. The Country Chic Cottage. Ring Toss Game. Customize this classic carnival game with any bottle color of your choice.

A Home to Grow Old In. Oversized Outdoor Checkerboard.

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Our Handcrafted Life. Giant Kubb. Bean Bag Ladder Toss. This blogger notes her game requires the "easiest set up ever! Cherished Bliss. Football Toss. DIY Studio. Giant Lawn Matching Game. Twin Dragonfly Designs. Ladder Golf Game. My Crazy Good Life. Three-Hole Washers Game. Constantly Lovestruck.

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Big Bananagrams. Chicken Scratch NY. Paint rocks to resemble your favorite bugs, critters, or animals to make this super-simple game. That's My Letter. Put-Put Mini Golf Course. Shanty 2 Chic. Courtesy of One Good Thing. Lawn Twister. Courtesy of Nap Time Creations.

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Yard Yahtzee. Courtesy of Momtastic. Have a wood-burning tool on hand? Courtesy of All For the Boys.

Ridiculously Fun Outdoor Games for Kids!

Image: Flickr, Library and Archives Canada. Spud looked like a fun, innocent game on the surface, but you chucked the ball at your brother's head every time he got on your nerves. Image: Flickr, no focus. Nineties kids shot hoop after hoop in Horse until they could make baskets blindfolded, just like on Hey Arnold. Image: Flickr, stevendepolo. Simon Says practice as a kid made you a pro at following your boss's directions at work as an adult. Image: Flickr, giest. Image: Flickr, Maria Teresa Adalid. Accusations of cheating always ran rampant, but freeze dance was still one of the best games to play at birthday parties and in big groups.

Image: Flickr, David Maddison. Way back when, you played musical chairs with your friends. Now, you scramble for a seat at parties because your shoes hurt too badly to stand for the duration of the party. Image: Flickr, Fort Carson.