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Rest. Renew. Rinse. Repeat.

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  2. I Tried Flotation Therapy to Calm My Mind. Here’s What Happened
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I was feeling pretty sleepy and sore from a morning workout. After all the first-timer admin and curiosity of feeling my way around the dark pod I drifted off to sleep - I think.

Float Therapy | True REST Float Spa

I was in some sort of dream state, but I can't remember what was in my brain. I had heard about the benefits of floatation therapy for creativity Yoko Ono is a fan so pushed really hard to recall the images - maybe there were some mastermind visions I'd missed. No such luck. Afterwards, I felt more relaxed than I can ever remember. I believe it was what you would call a 'natural high'.

I Tried Flotation Therapy to Calm My Mind. Here’s What Happened

I was cruising around on a cloud that night and slept like a baby. With second and third sessions, the experience improved as I understood it better. My most recent float was on Monday morning, ahead of the action-packed working week. This time I knew the ropes.

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I hopped in the tank and chilled out, coming in to work feeling pretty zen. My first time floating. I'm still getting to know the practice, enjoying the benefits, but don't think I'm a fully fledged floater just yet.

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I spoke to regular floater, Angela Palmer, for more insight, she tells me that calm buzz remains with her for days. All of the problems I'm trying to solve, lists I've made, jobs I have to do kind of rush through my mind, really quickly, over and over again, all at once. I can't stop them. Because of the stillness and the tranquility there is nothing to do except think.

I just take one thought at a time and work through it. I don't know whether I fall asleep or not but I'm usually surprised when the music softly begins to play signalling that my time is almost up and the lights are going to come back on. The feeling stays with me for quite some time afterwards, sometimes a few days. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium. Sign In Register. On the go and no time to finish that story right now?

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Floating is the ideal opportunity to practice meditation and mindfulness. Buoyancy created by the Epsom salts allow you to float effortlessly, allowing the spine to decompress, while your body benefits from the healing properties of magnesium from within the calming salts. Read more…. Modern life is very busy, and the stresses can seem overwhelming! Between the pressure of long working hours, work overload, demanding schedules and a constant connection to the world outside yourself — sometimes we just need a moment to PAUSE ourselves.

Imagine if you could get your mind, body and nervous system entirely in sync. What would that feel like? Total relaxation is possible with SALT floatation therapy.


This revolutionary treatment is the remedy you never knew you needed, AND you get to experience it right here in Perth! Floatation therapy has actually been practiced for over 50 years, yet it is still widely un-recognized. Our floatation tanks are designed to create positive isolation, helping you unplug from the bustling world around you. All visual, audio and physical stimuli are blocked out to limit sensory input during your float session. Your spine de-compresses and through the process of osmosis your skin absorbs magnesium which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and calmative.

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Numerous academic studies have shown that floating in magnesium-rich water improves the flow of blood throughout the body, decreasing muscular pain. People suffering from muscle pain as a result of physical activity or rooted in stress stand to benefit greatly from spending time in a floatation pods due to the simple effects of magnesium being absorbed through the skin.


And we all know that manageable physical pain makes for an improved quality of life!