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In certain places—in certain mirrors or bodies of water—it is said that one could find the gateways to that other world. It is said that the new world had an otherworldly ambience. A black, starless sky as a backdrop, and the city painted in all shades of purple. In the first couple of months since the rumour's birth, there was a trend among the young and adventurous to seek out this new world. Mirrors of all shapes and sizes were hung up everywhere. Some of them magnified his reflection, some minimised it, some inverted it, and so on and so forth. They came in eccentric frames too.

There were gothic-style frames, modernistic stylish ones, bizarre ones that didn't seem to be made of any known metal or wood, and more. The most peculiar thing was, however, that they were all in blue. In the centre of the room sat an old man in a black suit, his long nose reminding Izaya of a tengu's beak and his large grin reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat's. He sat in a plush blue sofa, and in front of him was a modern, glass-covered coffee table with a comfortable looking chair facing him. Right behind the old man was a large, elaborately-crafted, floor-to-ceiling frame.

Izaya assumed it was another mirror, but he couldn't tell for certain since swathes of blue curtains covered it. I'm kind of excited to write this, but at the same time, the idea just came to me today and I haven't fully fleshed it out yet.

Creativity – Empowerment – Transformation

Moreover, I am nowhere near done with First Impressions, and I want to update that fic twice a week. As it is, I'm not quite sure if I'll continue this yet, or simply let it be like this, but well, we'll see, I guess…. The poem you see in the very beginning of this story is something I made up to mimic what Igor says every time you get a game over. As I'm writing this story, I'm imagining playing a new instalment in the Persona series with the Durarara cast as the characters and Ikebukuro as the setting.

So I wanted to make some kind of game over quote that Igor may say if the game was real. The Velvet Room changes its appearance according to its guest. In Persona 3, it's the inside of an elevator that is endlessly ascending, at least until the protagonist creates the Universe Arcana. In Persona 4, it's a limousine while in the Persona 5 trailers it seems to take the appearance of a prison. In here, it is a room filled with mirrors, representing Izaya's many facades and masks which he wears every day.

On the subject of butterflies and dreams, a Chinese philosopher by the name of Zhuangzi said: "Once, I dreamt I was a butterfly. I forgot myself and knew only my happiness as a butterfly. Soon, I awoke, and I was myself again. Did I dream that I was a butterfly? Or do I now dream that I am a man? Yet there is a distinction between myself and the butterfly. This is a transformation of the physical. The voice Izaya heard in his dream was Philemon, who is also Igor's—and by default the rest of the Velvet Room denizens—master.

Philemon is the anthropomorphic personification of all of humanity's good points, such as their creativity and will to live, and he is the one who grants Personas and make contracts with the protagonists of the Persona games, giving them the Wild Card ability. He is often represented by a blue or gold butterfly. On that note, in the Persona series, the Wild Card is the ability to form a contract allowing one to access and summon multiple Personas and switch between them in battle, and the ability to change bonds into strength Social Links.

The term is also associated with the capabilities of Fusion Spells , where multiple Personas are summoned at the same time in order to execute a powerful attack. Those who possess the Wild Card are often symbolised with multiple of masks. Taken from Shin Megami Tensei wikia. During Japan's Edo period — the phrase "the Floating World" Ukiyo evoked an imagined universe of wit, stylishness, and extravagance—with overtones of naughtiness, hedonism, and transgression.


Implicit was a contrast to the humdrum of everyday obligation. The concept of the Floating World began in the Japanese heartland, migrated eastward, and came to full flower in Edo present-day Tokyo , where its main venues were popular Kabuki theaters and red-light districts. Taken from Khan Academy. When I read this I thought 'Hey, isn't that a good name for a world created by humanity's warped desires? It sounds poetic, and it's really fitting for Durarara, I believe.

The main theme of Persona 3 is death, while in Persona 4 it is truth. In contrast to that, the main theme here, as shown in the poem and dream, is change. When you really think about it, the only character that doesn't develop is Izaya. Celty grew to accept her situation, Shizuo learned how to control his strength a bit, Mikado showed his badass side, Kida stopped running away, and Anri came to believe that even though she harbours Saika, she can still be accepted by others. It is ironic that the person who said " The only way to truly escape the mundane is for you to constantly evolve," is the only one who doesn't change or develop.

The butterfly, memory

Instead, he continues on trolling and wreaking havoc for fun and a chance to start Ragnarok. This is why I posed some questions as I made this chapter:.

Can a person so set in his ways change? Gill began his acting career at age five when he pretended to be ecstatic about the birth of his third sister, Natasha. His greatest fulfillment of all, though, is not pretending to be a husband to Jayne and a father to Jeremy. The Juilliard School of Drama: Donald Brinegar is a choral director, tenor soloist, voice instructor, educator and master class clinician.

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During the summers he is Associate Director of the Cal State Los Angeles masters program in choral conducting, a program that he co-founded. Pedro da Silva is the foremost exponent of the Portuguese guitar in the United States.

He is the Music Director of the Manhattan Camerata, a New York-based ensemble that combines classical music with elements from different cultures. Pedro da Silva holds a doctorate in composition from the Manhattan School of Music.

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Ashley Faatoalia is a native of Southern California. He studied vocal performance with his teacher and mentor, Dr. Peter Atherton at Chapman University. As a member of Opera Chapman, Mr.

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He was honored by the Pasadena Opera Guild in their scholarship competition for his continued success as a young artist. Jonathan Frias is a multifaceted musician. In addition to being a singer, he plays the string bass with various jazz ensembles Trio, Phat Cat Swinger and is the choral director at Citrus Hill High School. He studied voice under Dr.

Amy Clampitt: Urn-Burial and the Butterfly Migration

Andrew Crane and classical string bass under Ana Maria Maldonado. Soprano Katherine Giaquinto began her performing career as a professional actress in Canadian film and television. In , Ms. In , he received the Robert M. John Krovoza has been busy in Los Angeles and abroad as an acoustic and electric cellist since That same year he appeared in the credits of Little Miss Sunshine for his solo cello work in the film.

From to he toured extensively with Yanni, including two U. He has also toured as principal cellist on both the Michael Crawford Tour U. On any given week, John Krovoza is on a recording project somewhere in Los Angeles, and has hundreds of album credits. Spinelloccio in Gianni Schicchi , starring Placido Domingo.