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The assertion of Photius that he was a disciple of St Irenaeus is doubtful. During the first decades of the 3rd cent. Soon afterwards Hippolytus took an active part in attacking the doctrines of Sabellius.

The Anti-Pope Who Became Saint

He refused to accept the teaching of Pope Zephyrinus — , and under his successor, Callistus —22 , whom he rejected as a heretic, he seems to have allowed himself to be elected as a rival Bp. In the persecution of the Emp. Maximin —8 , however, he and Pontianus were exiled together to Sardinia, and it is very probable that before his death he was reconciled to the other party at Rome; for under Pope Fabian —50 his body with that of Pontianus was brought to Rome The Liberian Catalogue q.

When these facts had been forgotten in Rome, many legends grew up round his person.

Writings of Hippolytus

In the Roman Passionals of the 7th and 8th cents. He also has been confused with a martyr of the same name who was buried at Portus, of which city he was believed to have been a bishop.

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Feast day in the East, 30 Jan. Many other works are listed by Eusebius of Caesarea and St Jerome.

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Miller, who attributed it to Origin; but J. Books 2—3 are lost.

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Its main aim is to show that the philosophical systems and mystery religions described in Books 1—4 are responsible for the heresies dealt with in the later Books. The other writings usually attributed to Hippolytus are: commentaries on Daniel and the Song of Songs as well as various other exegetical works, some of which survive only in translations or in fragments; a discourse against the followers of Noetus; a historical work entitled the Chronicon ; a treatise on the nature of the universe directed against Plato, which survives only in fragments; and the Syntagma , an anti-heretical work, of which nothing remains.


Nautin to attribute some of the works to a Hippolytus whom he identified as an E. Loi ascribed some to Hippolytus of Rome and others to a second Hippolytus whom he believed to have been an E.

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He was a noted liturgical scholar whose work had particular influence on the reform of Anglican liturgy in the mid-twentieth century. Logos 8.

CHURCH FATHERS (25) – Saint Hippolytus of Rome – O Clarim

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