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At the end of their rulership in Outremer, their power waned. The families continued to survive in Europe, however, as they do to this very day. This book is the new, expanded second installment of the God-Kings trilogy, which traces the descendants of Jesus down through the ages. Other books purport to do this with great fanfare, however this trilogy quietly goes about its business in an academic style, often based on rare supporting documents that in many cases no other researchers have had access to.

Jesus bloodline

This includes the results of important DNA studies. In this second volume Montgomery picks up the trail of direct descendants from Jesus with Maria of the Elchasaites. She married the King of the Visigoths, Ataulf, which proved to be the beginning of the great Viking Ulvungar dynasty. A detailed history of these families follows, showing how they conducted themselves throughout the centuries between the years to C. Many important historical events are covered in relation to this bloodline, including the conquest of England herself.

Includes accurate, carefully researched genealogies and DNA related evidence supportive to the thesis of this work. You will not find much direct reference to Jesus in this particular book, but there is a bigger picture at work that, once grasped, may reveal a new understanding of world events. If you thought the idea of of a "bloodline from Jesus" was improbable, found only in novels like "The Da Vinci Code," then you need to look again, very closely, at the entire God-Kings trilogy. Occult expert and historian Tracy R. Now at last she has fully disclosed the shocking conclusions of her exhaustive research.

Twyman has discovered that the bloodline of the Merovingians stems not only from Christ and Mary Magdalene, but in fact, goes back to the god-kings and queens of the antediluvian world. She has also determined the nature of the physical object called "the Holy Grail" - a magnificent structure hidden beneath Rennes-le-Chateau, France. And within this structure is perhaps the greatest treasure of human history: the grave of a sacred king named Cain, who brought kingship and the wisdom of the gods down from Heaven.

Throughout history, the secret of the Grail, the tradition of the Grail, and the bloodline of the Grail have inspired the activities of secret societies, and guided the destiny of humanity. It has been at the center of a struggle both cosmic and terrestrial that has lasted for thousands of years. In the pages of this volume, Twyman reveals the answers to dozens of questions that have remained unanswered for decades, centuries, and even millennia.

She deciphers nearly all of the many clues pertaining to this mystery that have been left by the Priory of Sion, Berenger Sauniere, the Knights Templar, and the Freemasons. But more than that, she has decoded a tangled web of clues found in history, world mythology, Judeo-Christian scriptures, and the traditions of the occult, resulting in a bold reinterpretation of the story of human civilization. And the outcome is not what you would expect. The villains and protagonists are not who you might presume them to be. For the Holy Grail is a treasure both cursed and sacred, bestowing knowledge both of Good and of Evil.

After reading this book, you will never think of history, mythology, or the Bible the same way again.

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You will say to yourself, "Now I know that I am illuminated. Barber, Richard The Knight and Chivalry. Bogin, Meg The Women Troubadours Briffault Robert The Troubadours Fiedler, David R. Makin, Peter Provence and Pound Moore, R. The Formation of a Persecuting Society Pound, Ezra The Spirit of Romance Jonathen The Albigensian Crusade Weston, Jessie L. From Ritual to Romance Elise learns of them through the psychic bridge of the ancient necklace, and learns their secrets!

Moloney; Darrell L. Bock, Daniel B. Broderick, Darren W. Therefore, he has planted hexagrams on the Merovingians of old knowing that they would eventually be linked to the Antichrist. Bloodline of the Holy Grail p May 28, 6. This is a picture of King Pepin. Notice the Hexagram symbol on his shirt. King Pepin supposedly responsible for removing the Merovingian dynasty from power. His descendents would later marry Merovingian princesses.

Satan has made sure to plant Hexagram symbols in many places to help form the belief that the Hexagram is the Mark of the Beast. If the Hexagram was really the Mark of the Beast , Satan would make sure that it was never associated with evil or occult imagery. Even more relevant is the association of the Hexagram with Rennes-le-Chateau itself. Notice the coat of arms of the Rennes-le-Chateau. This magazine was supposedly published by the Priory of Sion. Window of cathedral near Rennes le Chateau Look at all of the planted evidence to make the world think that the Hexagram is the Mark of the Beast.

The Vatican is the counterfeit Mystery Babylon the Great. So we have the head of the counterfeit Mystery Babylon the Great wearing a counterfeit Mark of the Beast in an attempt to give credence to his deception. Satan planting evidence to make it look like the hexagram is the Mark of the Beast Ratzinger alludes to the Mary Magdalene deception in other ways as well.

For the divine sonship that faith speaks of is not a biological, but an ontological fact.

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They claim that he was a normal human who had become enlightened in the esoteric Mystery Schools. They claim that Jesus did not come to redeem humanity but to teach esoteric knowledge.

These Essenes were in reality just practitioners of the Satanic Mystery Religions that worshiped pagan deities. Surely this fact is most significant and suggests that in the Essenes we have at least one of the links by which the old Adonis Cult, cleansed and purified, was passed on to the Roman Colleges of Architects, and so, via the Mediaeval Comacine Masons to us. Pg We have learnt undoubtedly there were certain secret rites taking place in the days of Ezekiel, and shall learn that in the time of Josephus the Essenes were a sect with elaborate initiatory rites, penal oaths, and so forth, whose obligation was strikingly like the charge given in the first degree in masonry.

Included in their rites was a preliminary baptism with water, a special regalia, a sort of sacramental meal, and, above all, prayers to the sun which, though alien to the orthodox Jewish faith, were an integral part of the ceremonies connected with the death of Tammuz. Who is Hiram Abiff? He will offer to make them like Gods. Satan will counterfeit the return of Jesus. This counterfeit Jesus will teach people esoteric illumination. God helped confirm this to me with some abnormal experiences I had when I was a teenager when I used hallucinogenic drugs. Read about my experiences here.

May 28, 7. Last edited by a moderator: May 28, Jun 9, 8. Jun 9, Jun 9, 9. I can read the Da Vinci Code for this. Please mods, is it possible to stop these cut and paste threads? Or at the very least we have a fan of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Which Dan Brown more-or-less plagiarized. Jun 10, Jun 16, Seems many of the well known Conspiracy figures e. Infact Merovingians never seems to be mentioned among non fiction conspiracy figures regarding the Illuminati conspiracy, however only by the original author of Holy Blood Holy Grail , Micheal Baigent or Dan Brown for Davinci bollocks, in case of the latter just done for commercial gain.

Feb 21, I firmly believe that the Merovingian mythology is an important part of the end-times deception of the global masses in the time of the rise of antichrist.

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The legend of King Arthur says that he will return as king and establish global peace, I highly recommend that everyone reads the most-informative site on the web which details the reasons why Prince William is the best candidate on this planet for the antichrist, is the " Grailcode " dot net site, by Clinton Ortiz. May we all keep a very close eye on the ongoing Merovingian bloodline conspiracy-deception. The " Merovingian " French-man character within the " Matrix " film trilogy, as well as the Dan Brown stories within the " Da Vinci Code " and " Angels and Demons " films are part of the gradual conditioning of the collective masses via entertainment to accept this bloodline as " messianic " in nature.

I cannot post links yet. The problem with this idea is that it doesn't line up with what the Bible says about the antichrist.

About Royal Rosamond Press

He will be anti-Christian. Exalts himself above God and everything that is called god.

Reaper's Justice Shadow Reapers, #1 Audiobook

Think Nebuchadnezzar or any fascist dictator - a ruler who claims to be a god. He'll be a "cult of personality". Daniel And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god , and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods , and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? I got this book because the description sounded pretty good and when I read the first couple chapters I was intrigued. This is a quick, good read. Angelina Hathway may seem like you average eighteen year old, but she's not.


She was adopted and had no news about her birth parents Guillermo came from Europe to tell her about her birth parents, who left her many riches and a secret that will It's been a while since I last wrote a review so we'll see how this goes. Guillermo came from Europe to tell her about her birth parents, who left her many riches and a secret that will change everything forever. There are people out there who will do anything to stop her from succeeding. She must choose who is on her side and who is not before it's too late. When I read the description I was intrigued and just had to get his book to read Angelina is one of my favorite characters that I immediately liked.

She is really strong despite everything she's been through. Guillermo is another on that I liked too. He is somewhat mysterious we don't get a lot of info on him and I feel like it adds to his personality, which I like. The only problem that I had was that is wasn't that descriptive, I wished that it would go into more detail, at sometimes it would get really descriptive then others it wasn't that much. Overall it was amazing. The ending was really good cliff hanger and now I've got to wait for the next book to come out!

Jul 13, Emily On Emily's Bookshelf rated it it was amazing. Loved this. Review TK. Apr 09, Deborah rated it it was ok. This was a bit of a short story that is left with a ending that im guessing is leading into another book but wasn't overly impressed with this book. Torah rated it it was ok May 25, Billie Jo rated it really liked it Jan 01, Heidi Cruse lewis rated it it was amazing Jul 28, Marion rated it did not like it Dec 27, Veronica rated it it was ok Sep 08, Dezy rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Jasmine Villanova rated it really liked it Oct 08, Natasha rated it liked it Aug 08, Krista CubicleBlindness Reviews marked it as to-read Dec 31, Peggy marked it as to-read Jun 01, Lisa marked it as to-read Jul 04, Muhsketchy marked it as to-read Jul 28, Jennifer marked it as to-read Aug 05,