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The History, Organization and Operations of Two Unknown Mafia Groups

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Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies Conference

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The gang's leader, Renato Vallanzasca , repeatedly escaped from police custody and continued to commit robberies and kidnappings of wealthy and powerful people even while living as fugitive. In , the group committed approximately 70 robberies and multiple kidnappings many of which were never reported to police , including the kidnapping of a prominent Bergamo businessman, and several of the robberies resulted in the murder of the robbery victims, including four policemen, a doctor and a bank employee.

That same year, Vallanzasca still a fugitive at this point and the gang kidnapped year-old Emanuela Trapani, the daughter of a Milanese businessman, and held her captive for over a month and a half, from December to January , only releasing the girl upon the payment of a ransom of one billion in Italian currency.

Two other members of the Banda della Comasina, Carlo Carluccio and Antonio Furiato, were killed in separate gun battles with policemen, in Piazza Vetra in Milan and on the Autostrada A4 motorway respectively. Vallanzasca was eventually captured, and, while in prison, he developed an alliance and friendship with his former rival, Francis Turatello , another recently incarcerated and powerful crime boss in Milan with strong connections to the Sicilian Mafia , Camorra , and Italian-American Gambino crime family as well as possible ties to the Banda della Magliana and Italian political terrorist groups.

The Turatello Crew controlled various illegal rackets in the Milan underworld with the backing of the Sicilian Mafia and Camorra, controlling prostitution in Milan and, like the Banda della Comasina, participating in robbery and kidnapping. The Turatello Crew and Banda della Comasina had in fact been in the middle of a gang war with each other when both of their leaders, Vallanzasca and Turatello, were incarcerated in the same prison, at which point the two crime figures reconciled and bonded.

The newly forged alliance between the Banda della Comasina and the Mafia- and Camorra-backed Turatello Crew only increased the Banda della Comasina's influence and power in the Milan underworld, and the two groups cooperated in controlling much of Milanese organized crime while their leaders remained incarcerated and controlling the illegals operations from within prison. However, while in prison in , Turatello was assassinated by orders of Camorra boss Raffaele Cutolo , and the Turatello Crew collapsed while the Banda della Comasina lost an important new ally.

Soon after Turatello's assassination, Vallanzasca, still imprisoned, organized and participated in a prison revolt in which two pentiti , or former gangsters that had collaborated with the Italian government, were brutally killed. Despite repeated escape attempts, Vallanzasca remains in prison serving four consecutive life sentences and an additional years, and the Banda della Comisina soon collapsed and disbanded in the early s in Vallanzasca's absence. These Italian crime groups frequently collaborate with the Italian-American Mafia , which is itself an offshoot of the Sicilian Mafia and, to a lesser extent, the Camorra.

Though many of the first Italian criminal groups in the US combined to create the Italian-American Mafia, more recent members of the Sicilian Mafia, Camorra, and 'Ndrangheta continue to semi-independently operate in the US or collaborate with the Italian-American Mafia. The FBI estimates the size of the four IOC groups to be approximately 25, members and , affiliates worldwide.

There are more than 3, members and affiliates in the United States scattered mostly throughout the major cities in the Northeast, the Midwest, California , and the South. Their criminal activities are international with members and affiliates in Canada, South America, Australia, and parts of Europe. These organizations are also known to collaborate with other international organized crime groups from all over the world.

The Italian gangs especially the Sicilian Mafia have also connections with the Corsican gangs. This collaboration were mostly important during the French Connection era. During the s the links between the Corsican Mafia and the Sicilian Mafia permitted an establishment of some Sicilian gangsters in the Lavezzi Islands. The major threat to American society posed by IOC groups centers around drug trafficking and money laundering. IOC groups have been involved in heroin trafficking for decades.

IOC groups are also involved in illegal gambling, political corruption, extortion, kidnapping, frauds, counterfeiting, infiltration of legitimate businesses, murders, bombings, and weapons trafficking. Italian organized crime groups also operate to varying extents throughout Western Europe , including the United Kingdom. In the UK in particular, historically influential but now defunct Italian organized crime gangs operating in Great Britain included the Sabini gang and Cortesi brothers.

Italian organized crime groups have also carved out turf or formed close ties with local organized crime group in Latin American countries such as Colombia and Venezuela where the Cuntrera-Caruana Mafia clan in particular has a significant presence.

Waste Crisis in Campania, Italy | CEECEC

There is a small number of similar criminal organizations operating in Italy but based outside of Italy or composed of non-Italians living in Italy, such as the Chinese Triads , Russian , Georgian and Israeli networks, African notably Nigerian gangs, and Balkan crime groups including the Greek , Serbian , Romanian , Bulgarian , Montenegrin who ran cigarette smuggling operations with the Sacra Corona Unita and the Albanian mafia. The Albanian gangs mainly operate in not only Albania but also notably in Italy, especially the more affluent northern parts of Italy.

All these organizations operate mostly in prostitution under the permission and the control of the Italian organized crime groups. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Main article: Stidda. Main article: Camorra. Main article: 'Ndrangheta. Main article: Basilischi. Main article: Sacra Corona Unita. Main article: Mala del Brenta. Main article: Banda della Magliana. Main article: Mafia Capitale. Main article: Banda della Comasina. Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana. Retrieved 17 June Retrieved 23 December The Economist.

Retrieved January 31, Organized crime groups in Europe. British firms Irish Mob. Italy is a unitary parliamentary republic in South-Central Europe , located primarily upon the Italian Peninsula. It is where Ancient Rome originated as a small agricultural community about the 8th century BC, which spread over the course of centuries into the colossal Roman empire , encompassing the whole Mediterranean Sea and merging the Ancient Greek and Roman cultures into one civilization.

This civilization was so influential that parts of it survive in modern law , administration , philosophy and arts , providing the groundwork that the Western world is based upon. Foreign relations of Italy.

The Italian Republic is a member of: [3]. Military of Italy. Timeline of Italian history. Wikimedia Atlas of Italy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.