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  1. Matthew 20:1-16: Justice Comes In The Evening
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Strategically set priorities and monitor accomplishment of business objectives. Manage thee vineyard from plantation to harvest. Understand the science based fundamentals of Terroir, choice of plant material, and canopy management through practical experience. Acquire and develop knowledge of enology and winery technology Conduct winery evaluations focused on aligning wine production with the commercial objectives Enhance tasting ability and sensory evaluation.

Commercialization Establish a product price according with economical and technical criteria. Conduct commercial analyses. Hold a cost accounting. Calculate and analyze costs. Career prospects Numerous career prospects.


Matthew 20:1-16: Justice Comes In The Evening

Wine estate manager; Cellar manager; Vineyard manager; Consultants in viticulture and enology, in management, marketing, wine trading and distributions companies, research and development departments in wine industry, education, etc. Programme Structure The study program focuses on three main thematic areas. Detailed Programme Facts Starting in You can apply until: General The deadline applies to everyone.

Languages English. Check your academic fit with this programme.

Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

English Language Requirements This programme may require students to demonstrate proficiency in English. To be eligible to apply for the Master program candidates are required to have: An undergraduate degree of at least 3 years i. Applicants expecting their Bachelor Degree can obtain a conditional admission. Check your budget fit with this programme. We've labeled the tuition fee that applies to you because we think you are from Netherlands and prefer EUR over other currencies.

Funding Scholarships - Bordeaux Sciences Agro, offers to talented and motivated candidates. Detailed Explanation. Send Feedback A big thumbs up for your feedback!

I want to participate. Apply with Studyportals Did you know that you can directly apply to available Masters from our selected Application Partners? Select a Master's and apply. Back to wishlist. Maybe you remember this old line: A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged, and a liberal is a conservative who has been arrested.

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Our notions of justice usually cannot help but be influenced by our own circumstances and by our opinions about what we and others deserve. We insist justice has to do with equality, but a lot of the time it's a word we toss around to keep people and things we don't like at bay.

Olive Tree Vineyard

And then along comes Jesus, eager to mess even more with our regular attitudes about what's right or fair. Maybe no other words attributed to Jesus cause as much offense to ethical calculations as his Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard Matthew He likens "the kingdom of heaven," or the way things are when God sets the standards, to a situation in which hardworking, reliable people get shafted. Or do they? The story goes like this: Early in the morning, a landowner who seems to represent God in this parable hires people to work in his vineyard for the standard daily wage.

He hires additional people at 9 a. When the members of that full-day crew get to the front of the line, they receive the same amount, exactly what they were promised. The full-day workers are understandably resentful. We aren't told how the one-hour shift responds. Maybe they had hustled back to their homes thinking the landowner might have a change of heart. Meanwhile, dismayed accountants back in the vineyard probably start updating their resumes. The actions of the landowner are all kinds of crazy.

They make no sense, at least from an economic perspective. Yet that's the point. Jesus' parables often include absurd behavior to deliver their message, which in this case is a characterization of what it means to call God "righteous" or "just. So excessive is God's propensity to give and care, it violates our instincts about fairness. Such justice looks rash.

Master of the Vineyard by Myrtle Reed

It almost makes God out as inattentive to the kinds of people who, just by going about their usual business, easily exceed humanity's lowest common denominators for effort, morality and piety. We learn more about God when we travel deeper into the world the parable imagines and consider its other characters. We have to ask about who receives extravagance from the landowner. Some readers spiritualize the parable by saying that working in the fields is an allegory for serving God or toiling away in the ministries of the church.

But those who are hired at 5 p. After all, this parable draws all its force and illustrative potential from the dynamics of economic life. Whom, then, should we think the landowner encounters when he's looking for workers late in the afternoon? What kind of people are the last to find jobs, added to the rolls only when there's no more labor available?

Nothing suggests that those characters in the parable are irresponsible or lazy. More likely, they are unwanted. Who spends the whole day waiting to be hired but doesn't find success until the end of the day? In Jesus' time, these would be the weak, infirm, and disabled. Maybe the elderly, too.

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And other targets of discrimination, such as criminals or anyone with a bad reputation. A God who is "just," then, is inclined to show special generosity to the poor and outcast.

No wonder the respectable people get anxious. Don't stop there. If we're composing a list of "people who have to wait all day long to get hired" in our current setting, we need to expand it. Add the unemployed and underemployed to the list. At a time when the total unemployment rate in America exceeds 16 percent , suddenly those who cannot get hired until 5 p.

Many are college graduates, highly skilled manufacturers, loyal, capable. Undocumented immigrants also belong on the list, for who hires them these days?

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The parable's landowner might be at risk of prosecution in Alabama, depending on the outcome of a battle over that state's new immigration law.