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  1. Miss Firecracker (Wild West Boys, #2) by Lorelei James
  2. A full length play by Beth Henley
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But she has never quite forgotten the glorious day in when her cousin Elain Mary Steenburgen was named Miss Firecracker and stepped forward in all her glory and a shocking red gown. This is the summer, Carnelle has vowed, when she will finally succeed her cousin as the Fourth of July queen. Carnelle's boy cousin, Delmount Tim Robbins , has just arrived in town via freight train and has a drunken plan to sell the crumbling Williams mansion to developers.


Miss Firecracker (Wild West Boys, #2) by Lorelei James

Elain has come home for a visit from Atlanta, where she lives with her husband; she is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at this year's pageant, "My Life as a Beauty. Carnelle is on her best behavior, turning a cold shoulder to the local boys in heat.

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She has determined to live down her image as a hot tamale and finally amount to something. But then the carnival arrives in town for the Fourth of July, and she has a reunion with Mac Sam Scott Glenn , the smooth-talking roustabout who has developed a taste for tamales over the years. Will she be able to preserve - or at least restore - her virtue? Will Elain lend her the red dress? Will Delmount succeed in his scheme to sell the homestead out from under them?

Will Popeye design a winning dress that does not make anyone think of bullfrogs? Every story like this has problems with the last act, in which all of the threads of plot have to be pulled together, but "Miss Firecracker" wisely spends most of its energy on character development, instead.

Apart from Hunter and Steenburgen, who create a tight little ballet of cousinly "love" and jealousy, the most interesting characters in the movie are Delmount and Popeye - who behave in the most peculiar ways, and seem serenely unaware of it. They are both congenital outsiders, who sensibly cannot quite understand why anyone would want to be Miss Firecracker.

The difference is Popeye wants to help Carnelle all she can, and Delmount affects a careless indifference. The performances by Robbins the young pitcher in " Bull Durham " and Woodard nominated for an Oscar for " Cross Creek " are the hidden treasures of the movie. The director and the cinematographer, Thomas Schlamme and Arthur Albert , surround the plot with a lot of local atmosphere - the movie was shot on location with the cooperation of everyone in Yazoo City, and I think we see most of them on the screen - and also with a sort of moony, romantic glow.

Both charming and irreverent, The Miss Firecracker Contest is a wistful take on Southern beauty culture and the real-life facades it so eloquently symbolizes. Drama Teachers: Time to Lesson Plan! The Tony Awards Are Here! Rediscovering the classics: Arthur Wing Pinero. I Wish I Knew: 7 things to know as a director! Interview with Jeffrey Lo. Messing Around with the Bard, Yay or Nay? Guide written by Shae Fitzgerald. Sign up today to unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities.

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A full length play by Beth Henley

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Little Miss Firecracker Shirt

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