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He was one of Robert's closest lieutenants and paid dearly for his fight for Scotland's freedom. He sent three armies north to kill Robert and from his sick bed personally prosecuted the war against the small Scottish army. Sir Angus Og Macdonald, Lord of the Isles, trades in everything from foods and wares to mercenaries and slaves, and as far away as the Mediterranean. His fleet of galleys makes the core for King Robert's navy. The Scots are quick to discover that the earl is far from the chivalrous noble they had thought him to be.

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Lady Christina of Carrick, kinswoman and past lover of Robert's, comes back into his life to help him fight the English invaders. About this Item p trade paperback. Lightest shelfwear to edges of wraps no more than you would see on a brand-new book in the store.


Signed by both authors on half-title. Clean and bright inside. Sound binding. Year: About this title Synopsis: Robert de Brus, scion of one of the most noble houses in Scotland, is propelled into rebellion by the "Hammer of the Scots. We have over 30, books listed for sale online. Our physical store includes a rare book room where we have the unusual, the fragile, and the collectible. Books in the rare book room cover a wide range of subjects with a focus on science fiction, fantasy and horror, literature and poetry, metaphysics, and children's books.

Thomas put himself between Robert and the attackers and waited. Robert turned to his own band, leaving his back exposed to the charging men, and spoke to them in low but determined tones. Since their weapons were but small dirks and of little value in a fight with swords, he wanted the two removed from the fighting. Roger had hooded the retrieved bird and tied it safely to the perch. All the birds were jumpy with the ambient excitement and the falconer soothed them with his familiar voice as they rode away. The confident leader of the charging attackers gathered great speed in his downhill gallop.

Normally thieves of this sort would abandon the area of their dirty work as soon as finished, and would have this time had they had the opportunity to pick the pockets of their kill. They were emboldened by the wealth and scant number of the falconers, and intrigued at the possibility for additional booty. Having given orders to his knights, Robert turned again to face the charge.

As the vile band of freebooters came upon them, Robert suddenly bolted left with two of the knights while Thomas went to the right with the others. The villains could not stop for the power of their momentum and swished past their prey, now behind them and at their flanks. The four thieves on foot saw what happened and fell over one another to stop their descent. Now, without a stroke of a blade, Robert had achieved the upper hand. The desperate fellow glanced around, saw Elizabeth and the falconer atop the hill at his back and six knights coming at him from the hill he had just descended so rashly.

The two behind did not seem an immediate threat and so he railed at his followers to charge back up the hill toward the oncoming knights. The clash of swords rang crisp in the cold morning air.

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Robert and Thomas each gave war whoops and came into the midst of the bandits with a fury and precision only such professional soldiers possessed. There is no substitute for training in the art of war, and against renegades with self-interests and lazy habits, master knights can easily find targets.

Five thieves were slain within seconds. Their blood splashed across horses and saddles as they slid to the heather, eyes bulging in disbelief that this was the last moment of their miserable lives. Within seconds more, their chief cast his sword to the ground and threw his hands as high above his head as was possible. His six followers who were yet alive did likewise.

Rebel King: Bk. 1: Hammer of the Scots: Charles Randolph Bruce, Carolyn Hale Bruce:

I swear! The unarmed brigand jumped and quivered in fear. Uncontrollable tears streamed down his rough and unkempt face. Robert prodded him once again with the sword point. All quickly obeyed as Elizabeth and Roger came to the knot. Bind them and search for hid weapons," ordered Robert.

Edward Longshanks: The Braveheart Bad Guy

One, a big man with little in the way of wit, became fearful of his hands being tied and panicked. He swiftly drew the dirk of the knight who was about to bind his arms, felling the knight with a sudden shove. The great oaf raised the blade to strike a deadly blow upon the startled man when his fellow knight relieved the wretched man of his life with a single sword stroke. Elizabeth wanted to turn her head and not look at the awful vision, but she dared not show any sign of sympathy when her sympathies were all with the victims, stone dead in the glen.

There were but five thieves left, including the leader, who all put their pressed together palms as far out in front of them as they could so that there would be no misinterpretation on their intentions of surrender.

Hammer of the Scots

As Elizabeth searched the landscape to avert her eyes from the kill she saw the dog sniffing and barking where the thieves had previously sought cover. Perhaps the men afoot had returned there for some reason. He labored up the hill toward the bush alone thinking that, if there were others, they would be little more than men with sticks or the like.

Robert came to the hiding place and swung his claymore over his head accompanied by a loud outcry and demanded, "Come forth ye varlets ere I come in for ye and cleave yer ears from yer heads! Robert slowly lowered his claymore to his side.

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He felt silly threatening such calamity upon frightened female children. They were scared and anxious as they held their oversized and tattered skirts in a wad, pulling them tight to their malnourished bodies as they emerged from the briars and underbrush. Tears of mixed emotions trickled down their faces. Were they saved, they wondered, or were they simply recaptured?

She dismounted and went to the two children, and immediately admonished Robert. There was hesitation as the filthy girls glanced from the glaring leader of the thieves to Elizabeth, to Robert, and back again.

They recounted a tale of woe that went back more than two years: The girls were friends, their two families were traveling together through the rolling hills of Galloway on their way to a fair. Feigning hunger and begging scraps of food, several of the thieves including the leader, whom the girls called "Redback," had come upon the small caravan while it lay camped for the night.

The girls were spared from death only to be used as slaves. This cruelty was a specialty of their host, who garnered his well-feared name from the torture.

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Standing, she said coldly, "Robert, ye must hang those villains Though the two said nothing, much meaning passed between them with that look. Robert caught it, too. Also within earshot, Redback smiled and sneered in private jubilation, to know that they would not be hanged straightaway. The taller girl nodded agreement. Robert dismounted and took Elizabeth aside from the others.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes toward heaven, then closed them before she began to speak. Near a hundred years back, in the time of my grandfather, there was caught a thief, much like these we have here.