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The spicy aroma filliped my appetite.

Fillip (song)

Webster Dictionary 0. Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 0. How to pronounce fillip? Alex US English. Daniel British.

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Karen Australian. Veena Indian. How to say fillip in sign language? Nick Economou : If Labor was to lose that, it'd be a huge fillip for Turnbull, on the other hand, if Labor was to win with an increased majority, that would be a sign that there's a problem for the government.

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A natural fillip followed, the beetle went floundering into the aisle and lit on its back, and the hurt finger went into the boy's mouth. View in context.

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A fillip was given to the conversation when Adam told of his seeing Lady Arabella, on her way to Castra Regis. Pierre, the Slaughterer, if you look at me like that again, I'll fillip the dust off your nose for you.

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They could tell the people who had come down from London for the day; the keen air gave a fillip to their weariness. Voltaire might have canted if he'd stood in my shoes; but the brains' - with a rattling fillip on his bald head - 'the brains were clear and active, and I saw and made no deductions. Giving the lambda a fillip with my finger, I turned it upside down.


Whether the Irrepressible felt slighted by Bella's declaration that she would not quarrel, or whether her spitefulness was evoked by Bella's return to the sphere of Mr George Sampson's courtship, or whether it was a necessary fillip to her spirits that she should come into collision with somebody on the present occasion,--anyhow she made a dash at her stately parent now, with the greatest impetuosity.

I suspect that he had been roughly handled by Captain Anthony up there, and the resentment gave a tremendous fillip to the slow play of his wits. But even if they are filled with toss silk, I can tell you, senor, I am not going to fight; let our masters fight, that's their lookout, and let us drink and live; for time will take care to ease us of our lives, without our going to look for fillips so that they may be finished off before their proper time comes and they drop from ripeness.