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I was quickly absorbed by her imaginative novel where angels and demons fight for control and power over the dead. Lachlan MacGregor is caught in the middle. He is a soul gatherer responsible for battling demons and preventing them from stealing the souls of the dead. Atoning for his past for 4 centuries, his newest assignment has him mystified.

He has been ordered to travel across the world to America, where he is given little aid in his mission to protect a special girl named Emily. The only problem is he has been instructed to stay close to her family. Posing as a priest Lachlan tries to keep his intense attraction to Rachel on a tight leash because he knows any relationship is futile.

Rachel deserves happiness and any life with him would be doomed from the start. I found nearly all of the characters intriguing and enjoyed the sections between the 2 main characters.

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The only part of the story which I had difficulty enjoying were the areas that involved Emily. Emily was not endearing. Although she is a teenager and expected to be rebellious and bratty, I found her reckless and spiteful behavior kept me from liking her. Unfortunately, she did not show any remorse at the difficulties she gave her mother or Lachlan.

This being said, if you love paranormal romance and are looking for new characters and a fresh world that will intrigue you, Drawn Into Darkness will attract you. This new series is definitely one to watch out for! Mar 14, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it really liked it. This wasn't quite what I expected, or maybe I just didn't quite know what to expect, but it was recommended by a friend whose books I usually like, so I gave it the ol' college try.

Coming off of reading JR Ward's "Covet" I wasn't sure I was up for another angels vs demons with a human caught in between. This was way better than I expected. I like the concept of Death being a demi-god dess and how she takes warrior souls from Purgatory to become her Soul Gatherers. Our hero Lachlan MacGregor, i This wasn't quite what I expected, or maybe I just didn't quite know what to expect, but it was recommended by a friend whose books I usually like, so I gave it the ol' college try.

Our hero Lachlan MacGregor, is great, even posing as a priest, he still exudes his intense manly sexuality. He is an immortal warrior from the early s, who ended up in Purgatory by falling under a demon's thrall and not only indirectly causing the death of his 3 children and his wife, but his brother. Well he bargained with Death, who agreed all to easily, to take his life for his brother's. So he stabbed himself. So yrs later, Death has him watching a human 14 yr old girl named Emily.

He's also watching her mom Rachel. Turns out Emily is a mythological prophesy come true. She can cross the three realms of Heaven, Earth, and Hell. So naturally she is a rebellious goth girl who falls for a smooth-talking demon. The very demon who killed Lachlan's family!

I think that the connection between Rachel and Lachlan is really well-done, and the fear Rachel had for her daughter mirrored my own as a mother that i had a really hard time in some points, not wanting to throttle Emily. But the ending was well-deserved, and the battle between Lachlan and the demon Drusus was soo well-thought out. The ace up his sleeve of asking God's favor was perfect for the storyline. And the idea of making them both mortal for the duration of the fight?

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I never saw that one coming, but almost wish other authors would use it! It's a great concept. My only complaint and this may be more of my "mom side" than my objective reader side was that Emily never really woke up and saw her mom for what she was.

It was Angry-goth-teen then bam! But I did like how Em brought Carlos back View 2 comments. Apr 28, Romancing the Book rated it liked it Shelves: romance , paranormal. Review by Jen I picked this book up at the library. I found it while scanning the shelves looking for something new to read. The fact that it was paranormal and the first book in a series Soul Gatherers were pluses. So I picked it up and started to read. It look a little while for me to really get where the book was going. It starts out introducing the reader to our hero, Lachlan, by dropping us right into the middle of one of his "assignments" as a Soul Gatherer.

However, it's not really explai Review by Jen I picked this book up at the library. However, it's not really explained what he's doing at this point and that left me quite confused. And let me tell you, it's not a good thing to have me confused within the first 10 pages of a page novel. But I stuck with it. Then we meet Rachel, our love interest, and her daughter Emily, an angst ridden teen. Their strained relationship sends Rachel to Lachlan for advice and support.

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But, of course, Rachel doesn't know about this paranormal world Lachlan lives in, but it drawn into it anyway. So, this book reminded me a lot of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters. You have a "god" Death vs Artemis who collects souls of people, which lands them working for the god pretty much unwillingly as a way of redeeming themselves. And then there is the hoard of demons daimons who are the nemesis of the "good guys". After the slow start, I really got into this book and ended up reading the second half non-stop. I enjoyed it, but found it to be lacking if you compare it to the Dark-Hunters.

However, it is the first in a series, so a lot of setting up of the world and introducing the major players is necessary and therefore all that extra narrative can be forgiven. All that said, I will likely hunt down a copy of the sequel, Bound by Darkness, to see where Annette McCleave is going to take this series. View 1 comment. Sep 28, Jane Stewart rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy-mystery-romance. Overall plot was interesting, but the romance and characters were lacking.

I had trouble with methods of conflict. Since then he has worked for Death as a soul gatherer. At times Lachlan must fight demons with swords and other weapons as they try to s Overall plot was interesting, but the romance and characters were lacking. At times Lachlan must fight demons with swords and other weapons as they try to steal souls destined for heaven. Death is a female demigod. In addition to his soul gathering duties, Death assigns Lachlan to watch over and protect Emily, a teenager. He is using the name Drew. Emily is a surly and rebellious teenager with a goth look who sneaks out at night to be with Drew.

Her mother Rachel is divorced, works a demanding job, loves Emily, but is having trouble being a parent and interacting with Emily. Lachlan is their neighbor and helps Rachel with Emily issues, for example following Emily when she sneaks out. The main mystery is why Death and Drusus both are interested in Emily. Several conflicts occur when Rachel sees or learns something and is angry at Lachlan or thinks he lied to her. For example, he was in a sword fight with deep cuts which she saw.

The next day they are healed with no scars. Later Drusus tells lies to Rachel which she believes and which cause more conflict with Lachlan. These conflicts were not interesting for me. I also would have liked more interesting character development. It might have been better if the personalities were more interesting.

Regarding the main mystery of why Death and Drusus wanted Emily, it was interesting. But I did not like one major plot point. Drusus is more powerful than Lachlan and could have killed him but let him live. Lachlan asks Death for help. This bothered me. My favorite parts of the book were about Carlos. In fact I loved the ending concerning him. The cover model has none. DATA: Story length pages. Swearing language; strong. Sexual language: moderate.

Number of sex scenes: 3. Total number of sex scene pages: Setting: current day and California, Antarctica and Scotland.


Drawn Into Darkness | fotocommunity Portfolio von Woman of Dark Desires

Copyright: Genre: fantasy mystery romance. Drawn Into Darkness is an interesting introduction to the Soul Gatherers. I wasn't sure how much I'd like this one, as I'm not a big reader of highlander warriors, but Lachlan's story was very intriguing. Drawn Into Darkness introduces us to Lachlan MacGregor, a former Scottish Highland knight who, after taking his own life, is now in the service of Death for years as a Soul Gatherer. He's currently living his life under the guise of a priest in order to discourage human contact, mainly tha Drawn Into Darkness is an interesting introduction to the Soul Gatherers.

He's currently living his life under the guise of a priest in order to discourage human contact, mainly that of females. Throughout his "term of service" he's become the most successful Soul Gatherer and a fierce warrior. Upon gathering the soul of a recently deceased person, he takes the soul into his heart where it's held until Heaven's "courier" claims it.

Recently though the courier has been arriving late which puts the soul at risk of being taken by couriers for Hell. Each time this happens he must fight the demons off, keeping the soul safe until delivery can be made. We are also introduced to the artistic single mom, Rachel Lewis and her year old Goth daughter, Emily. Rachel struggles to maintain her career as a print designer while taking care of her newly rebellious daughter.

Death orders Lachlan to protect Emily. So, he watches over her, not exactly sure what Death's interest is in the girl. Unfortunately a powerful demon, one Lachlans dealt with in the past, Drusus, notices his attention on the girl and is determined to take her from him.

DRAWN INTO DARKNESS The book of kerbcrawlerghost

In protecting Emily, Lachlan is forced to deal with Rachel, who he finds extremely attractive. He battles with his feelings and the reality of his life as a gatherer, but ultimately cannot deny them.

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As their relationship grows, the ensuing battle between good and evil brings them all together, fighting to save Emily, who's significance is ultimately revealed. This book surprised me with all it's sword-wielding battles, good vs. Hell, touching and hot romance and the fight to save those you love enough to die for. I will definitely check out book 2, Bound By Darkness which tells Brian's story, another Gatherer, who we met in Drawn Into Darkness being trained by and working with Lachlan.

Oct 14, Alicia rated it it was amazing. The world that she has created is sexy, enticing, passionate, and fresh. I have not read a book this intriguing in a long time. This book is an interesting tale about good vs. Drawn Into Darkness has everything, angel and demons, Death and Soul Gatherers, mages and humans and even a bratty teenager. The characters in this book are also refreshing.

Every single person in this book played a relevant part and they were all unique. Yes he is strong, sexy and a warrior, but he has so much depth to him.

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  5. He has been a soul gatherer for centuries and he still feels for every soul that he collects. His guilt over the death of his family is enough to bring you to tears. He shapes this book into one of triumph. He leads with his heart in his desperate attempt to save his soul and the souls of his family all while trying to save the life of a teenager whose mother he has fallen in love with. The Heroine Rachel Lewis is a typical single mother trying to find a way to reconnect with her 13 year old daughter Emily.

    Rachel is an artist who works long hours and sees herself as a failure as a mother. She loves her daughter which is why she goes to Lachlan, the priest that lives upstairs in her building. Emily is a teenager who gets herself into so much trouble. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved 23 July Wired UK. British Board of Film Classification. The Guardian. Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 5 July Retrieved 22 June Retrieved 22 July Flickering Myth.

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