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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 17, Pulkit Garg rated it really liked it. An autobiography by a bureaucrat who has given us the amazing "Bureaucrazy". He starts by apolozing that he may have painted a partial picture of the bureaucracy with his earlier book whith its intense gaze on the negative aspects. Now he would like to correct that with his present book to some extent.

It is a no-holds-barred book about his personal as well as his professional life guiding us through his various appointments as DC till Secretary level posts. Being an Engineer, what really caught An autobiography by a bureaucrat who has given us the amazing "Bureaucrazy". Being an Engineer, what really caught my eye was this is the guy who started the system of AIEEE exam to ease the burden on students of giving multiple engineering entrance exams. Other striking aspect is the brutal frankness with which he exposes the political pulls and pressures in every appointment,contract and decision.

It really pains me to know that merit is compromised at will to fulfill partisan interests. One striking example which I was unaware of was the unfair means and anti-competitve practices that Jet Airways has followed with political connivance to maintain its hegemony in the civil aviation sector, which has almost brought this sector to ruins.

Another interesting thing was his interest,faith and belief in spirituality. He has devoted a complete chapter to his spiritual Guru and reveals over the course of his book about his intense knowledge in spirituality including Reiki. Overall, a nice little read to know the corridors of bureaucracy and an insider's view on the way in which the country is run.

Jun 15, Teghbir Sandhu rated it really liked it. This book picks up pace after the initial few chapters and make for an interesting read. The author is straightforward, critical, but not on himself. Feb 24, Sandip Madan rated it it was amazing. This book surprised me in multiple ways. From my interaction with M. Kaw decades ago as well as his general reputation I knew him to be brilliant and effective in whatever role he was cast in as a senior government official.

But I had expected his autobiography to be a Of interest mainly to those who knew him or were curious about him, b To be somewhat reserved and restrained in keeping with his public demeanor and Scorpio ways, and c To be something of a heavy read as it covered the int This book surprised me in multiple ways. But I had expected his autobiography to be a Of interest mainly to those who knew him or were curious about him, b To be somewhat reserved and restrained in keeping with his public demeanor and Scorpio ways, and c To be something of a heavy read as it covered the intricacies of the many problems and life situation he faced.

But I was wrong on all these counts. The book will be of interest to virtually anyone because of its honest and perky story telling, sardonic humor improbably paired with candidness and poetic excerpts, and hilarious tidbits of his intimate read including sex life. It contains life lessons and insights into national events and famous personalities and yet made for light and entertaining reading, so I finished it in record time.

I knew Kaw to be a poet, author and playwright in addition to being one of the most talented and deep thinking public officials. But I hadn't realized he is also a gifted sketch artist and his book contains many of his creations of the people in his life in addition to a bunch of photographs. And don't omit to read his astute and sharp-witted "takeaways" at the very end. Mar 02, Deepak Jacob rated it it was amazing.

Beautiful well written autobiography by a bureaucrat who has served under different posts and held many top government posts. The narration is lucid and filled with satirical comedies which is the trade mark of M. There are detailed accounts of what exactly happens on the corridors of powers sprinkled with pearls of wisdom by a seasoned bureaucrat.

Kaw has recollected and described vividly the many experiences he had faced during his tenure. One particular incident involving the then P Beautiful well written autobiography by a bureaucrat who has served under different posts and held many top government posts. One particular incident involving the then President K R Narayanan is worth reading. Highly recommended for those interested in civil service and governance to get an insider's perspective about what actually transpires inside the closed doors.

Those part describing author's family history and lineage are a bit unamusing but those are unavoidable in an autobiography. Oct 17, Vikas Agarwal rated it liked it.

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An interesting insider's perspective on what goes on in our country's corridors of power. This book was inspiring in the sense that it shows what a hardworking bureaucrat can achieve even under not so perfect Indian conditions but I would have personally liked it even more if instead of just factual accounts and instances, the author would have written about the dilemmas and challenges in the job and his thought process while overcoming them.

Apr 15, Pankaj Sharma rated it it was amazing. A good book for wwanne be civil sevants. Smriti rated it it was amazing Aug 22, Siddharth Singh rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Simon Johnson rated it liked it May 18, Abhi rated it really liked it Nov 18, Vikram Jeet Singh rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Sankalp Sharma rated it really liked it Jan 04, Pavan rated it really liked it Oct 15, Deepak Singh rated it really liked it Apr 25, Manjusha Appari rated it really liked it Sep 04, Jul 05, Abhishek Ravi rated it liked it.

It gives insight into his life. So I am using another one with another ID. I have traced and linked all ancient royal families of Europe and the Middle East still present to this day. I can even identify the very person who is the potential Anti-Christ he has all the correct makings — a. The Black. A: The Dark Nobility is a faction which operates on their own, they have different roots which have been described in texts written by my ancestors.

They are the ones which you all confuse with my kind and therefor direct the hate towards the wrong ones as shown in this thread too by the lesser intelligent.

An Outsider Everywhere : Revelations By An Insider by M.K. Kaw

About the Anti-Christ…. I am not one. I have to make clear that The Christ has nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth, that part was later fabricated. Q: Gnostic number 13,do you subcribe to the view,that our dualistic reality provides excellent opportunities for souls to develop unconditional love,so they may transcend our dialectic universe,rather than escaping from it? Do you also believe in the law of balance and karma,allowing a soul to be king in one lifetime,a beggar in the next?

Is the historian Laurence Gardner a powerful member of the elite as Icke claims,or is he just an average guy with access to hidden information? Thanks for your communication,Insider. A: It is the task of every soul to accomplish that while in this human shape. There is a part that can be called escaping which will be followed by transcending…. That is the corrupt version of the real one. Example: someone who gets cancer and dies a slow painful death deserves it, that person is being corrected, it is for his own good.

Just because it comes across as negative in this realm does not mean it is negative in the big picture. What you are talking about reincarnating into the opposite of your former life , there is no universal law which states that will definitely happen. Reincarnation is a fact though, but if you achieve your task there is no reincarnation, no need to experience all levels of life on Earth for they are mainly pointless to experience. Gardner is one of those persons who wants to be praised and recognised by the people, so he gets it in return for some favors spreading misinfo which here and there contain the facts, which hooks people.

He was initiated in certain levels but it is not as in depth as one would think including himself , he is clever though. People like Icke are giving them more power unknowingly. Q: Is this because Christians teach that individuals should be under the control of a God who is holy? Or should I say, one who judges right and wrong? A: Christianity is about idolising a human called Jesus of Nazareth first, which is an abomination. Christians teach what they have been told to teach by the ones they oppose.

I can tell you who the 4 individuals were who wrote the Hebrew old testament and the exact date, if it suited me. Same about your new testament which was gathered by 6 people from 2 different areas. A: English is not my native language, not even my second nor third, maybe fourth and I type fast without checking so I can answer as many questions as possible in a limited amount of time. On top of this I just realized I have to type even faster because the proxies I use disappear. A: Some of us have the task to do it within certain boundaries.

How do you suppose certain knowledge in past times was suddenly there? Luck, chance, coincidence? I know it and i can feel it. There is a purpose for my life.. The Divine Law is the manifestation of the Will of the Superior One which not only creates everything that exists within this universe but also maintains, nourishes, balances, energises and renews it.

It also reigns in other realms, including the realm you originally belong to. Rituals have a purpose. If you are doing something which was not allowed or doing a task which was not given to you, you will suffer during these rituals. In your daily life you will notice it too. Emanations have many forms and one who knows about these matters will have no trouble recognising with whom he is dealing with and what the message is. Temperance will lead you to the rightful place from where it all starts.

Before this you must know yourself and what this place is where most people go wrong , otherwise your thoughts will be filled with error which will lead to erroneous ways. These matters are not passed on to you in detail by someone, that actually will lead to the opposite of what needs to be achieved hence my way of answering, understand this. You can be guided up to a certain point and then it is up to you. Looking at the way you summon his name I assume you are a Muslim.

You by adding those letters in brackets have just done that, elevating his name up to that of higher beings. A human is corrupt while on this planet….. Praise and prayers may only be offered to perfect beings. It is very easy to make humans believe they are enlightened and know the truth…and then thinking it is their task to wake up others.

After his death it was made sure by these 3 that his followers would be divided which was the main thing Muhammed was told to be against. The ones who claim the opposite are. A: No. In fact someone who has no connections to these families whatsoever can have this ability too. This ability is there for everyone to receive….. It is being provided by the Divine Law to everything that searches for it. I tried to make this clear earlier….. The physical realm is weak and it cannot affect the Divine. Someone with no connections to the families can be affected by Divinity in such a way that he could surpass anything the bloodlines ever could achieve combined.

Certain individuals get born into the bloodlines to be able to reign over the people under certain circumstances, that is what the bloodline mainly is about. Q: To me Elite means those who place money before people or any real values at all…. Q: are you a Rothschild? A: If you read closely you would have not asked this question. The ones who are known in public are not in control, the Rothschilds are at the same level as your Knights Templar ancestors were….

But to answer your question, no I am not a Rothschild. Which family am I from? Most here talk about the bloodlines who rule, yet they do not know who they are. I am from a ruling family whose name rarely has been mentioned in history, noone will even know who we are. Second, you accepting Forbes as a reliable source for these kind of lists shows you are easily manipulated and do not grasp what is happening. Q: Worthy …. Are you expecting those of us who know about the world of polarity and try our best not to play the polarity game, to believe that we need to be worthy?

In whose eyes? It can only be our own. So the prison is an illusion, right? A: Do you know who manufactured this new age nonsense you just promoted? It is not like in the movies. You play the victim part. You do not even accept you have free will, therefore you will always be ruled over, never prevail and deserve everything you get according to universal laws.

Before I start, I have to say I cannot see all posts, some are blank so I may miss questions. If so ask again. Refrain from asking the same questions over and over again, first check the thread, check my answers, I do tell about areas which were not asked about but may have been on your mind, read carefully. Different beings have different characteristics which makes it easy to identify them during rituals.

You cannot hate them for they are doing their task, their rightful duty and it is connected to your behaviour…. They never instigate, you do. If you do hate them you are missing an important part of the reality…. This will also show you are conscious about them and that will be recognised. People are perpetrators who play the victim part. Depends what is meant by real conciousness and interface, from where I stand they could be almost the opposite of what you may mean.

Real conciousness is what is provided to you when you are in tune with the Mind of the Universe which operates according to the Divine Law they are not the same like many are lead to believe. No prison can confine this power, hence there will be an escape, you will be guided up to a certain point, yet most work is to be done by you.

But that is just the beginning, much work lies ahead concerning yourself. I have explained a few times as far as I am allowed to how to connect, at least how to start with it. It truly is up to you. Q:Care to tell us which it is? You some sorta good guy who gives up tools or do you rule over us?? DId you change your mind or what?? A: Neutral means in the terms I used, neither negative nor positive, merely providing the tools you can choose to use as you wish….

A: It is necessary to have a view of the whole spectrum, when it is partial it will be like looking through the window while it is partially covered with a curtain. You do not know what is behind that covered part therefore cannot act accordingly. What covers the whole spectrum? Understand this place, what and where it is, know what you are, how you came here, why you came here, how to return. You only need yourself and the Divine, no intervention by others in bodies…. If your father asks you for a glass of water to show if you care for him and are disciplined, do you bring it directly to him or do you take the glass of water to your neighbor and ask him to tell you what it is that your father really asked, while the neighbor did not hear it and now is drinking the glass of water himself?

Am I also a neighbor? I have not touched the glass of water, I opened the door and told you to go back to your father. No one has offended me, people offend themselves. I would be offended if what I say was against the One and if it is, I shall pay. I answer the questions from where I left and type as much as time allows me.

Their demise however always brings forth something, which means they never stop being part of the whole, playing their part. I have noticed some Christians have gotten angry and are attacking me on a personal level by damning me, it is their choice. I talked more about Christianity than other religions because the questions gave room for that. Q: What interests me is this: if someone takes the time and trouble to follow up the leads and clues left in numerous books and legends, and sorts out the wheat from the chaff, what then?

If that person puts into practice what they have learnt, do they come closer to the truth that the bloodlines evidently have access to? A: Yes. Again, the bloodline is only important for ruling over people, it is not about having a special power that makes one more aware, although the knowledge is being passed on so therefore it appears like that. But this knowledge is not hidden, the Truth cannot be hidden, It wants to be known by you, inviting you every moment of your life. That is the reason why It through the ruling powers is being provided to you accompanied with perversions, corrupt additions.

There is not 1 written book which contains the Truth and nothing but the Truth. Pick It out and live accordingly to It, incorporate It into every aspect of your life…. A: The Native Americans have preserved knowledge succesfully but nowadays and the last century orso it is being presented in an erronneous fashion. They may say certain things which are true, yet it will never be complete. Noone outside this earth sees a reason to free any of us. The divine source itself if there is such a thing is waiting for us to free our own selves, individually.

We can stay here in this place for eternity if that is our choice, and we have created a belief system that allows us to do so. About the first sentence, there was a time when there were beings who had the power to do it but that was not their task. You are on the way, the other post showed that too, but living it is an important part of the task. Do you know who keeps the knowledge about the real Christ alive?

And do you know who keeps the knowledge about the fake christ s alive? You are referring to human bloodlines and I reckon it is pretty obvious from what I have been writing here what the answer to your question is…. I am from a minority. People do not see a difference between the factions. The struggle you should pay attention to is on a personal level. It means that subconsciously you have disattached yourself from that lineage eventhough consciously you may not, this is important to understand.

You have passed a certain level which I did too almost 11 years ago.

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You excelling in certain areas is not just genes, they have a bit different purpose. It is about what I mentioned above. Before accepting a certain knowledge, you have to investigate where it comes from. More importantly, who controlled those hands documenting it? I am saying this with the best of intentions. If you knew it, you would not have posted it in that fashion. Investigate the roots of what you said and see for yourself, it is for your own good. Knowledge does not just appear out of nothing, it is passed on, always…there are no exceptions.

Why do we despise you? Do we even know that we despise your family? Or, is it because of what you know about what we consume on a daily basis that we would despise you, if we knew what it was? Is it more the nature of your presence we despise or the position you take in life we despise? It is about the misconception about who rules. Terms are being used which do not apply to my family yet they are part of the ruling. The flawed perception of the nature of the presence and the flawed perception about the positions which lead to affecting the lives of people…again, you are in control.

Answering certain questions or elaborating on certain issues will have the opposite effect of what needs to be achieved, it will not help you. It does not matter anymore, it has been done. How close to the truth is the book The Illuminatus! Is Moroni, who is mentioned in the Book of Mormon really an extraterrestrial from the Pleiades and are such beings still interacting with humanity at present?

A: They are not here anymore, that was another era. Their knowledge was not theirs, knowledge is always passed on hence it being present now. If it is getting critical acclaim and being promoted heavily, you know what time it is. It may contain some truths, but they will be floating in a sea of perversions. No one is saying that authors are doing it knowingly by the way. In this realm a Soul which was in a physical body once can not become an Angel, the Soul cannot transform into that, again in this realm, I repeat that firmly. Yet it is claimed that Moroni was resurrected as an Angel in this realm.

Mormonism has a core of truth like the other religions , so reading the texts will not harm you as long you are cautious. Q: What are the foods etc that are used to control us? A: See above for the food part. It is 1 part of the manipulation, it is used in combination with 6 other methods of control in your daily life. These methods are used to wear you out, lower your quality of life. They are interlinked. The methods are: 1. Food and drinks 2. Electrical waves including your PC and cellphone, house electr.

Media, be it TV-radio-newspapers-magazines-internet the most obvious method, yet the most enslaving 5. Music, Sounds different method than media, used in a different way although most times through the media 6. Air pollution 7. Politics takes these methods and bombard you with this every day and make sure they are maintained. Problem is if too wary, you could miss a few gems that are deliberately passed on in between the manipulation tools by some. Temperance: conscious form of restraint based on self-knowing to achieve inner order of the Soul which is the unseen you as a whole, the Soul is not a part of you, you are one.

Simultaneously with this process you will be cleansing yourself and will be ready to be enlightened by the Universal Mind. The body forces you to experience emphaty, hate, remorse and all other emotions, together with desires and passions, to confuse you, make you forget yourself, become a dumbed-down version of yourself. The more you let them be your masters, the stronger you will chain yourself to this world, which is contrary to your duty, yet do not loath them, respect. I channel them to a place where they can be used for something substantial. HOW does one rise above this prison? A: I reckon my answers today have covered that, if not to you personally ask again, I shall answer tomorrow.

A: You partially described free will and the impression it can give you, nothing more or less. Q: Re: earth is a prison … Are you referring to Light trapped in matter? A: Trapped would be the wrong word, it would imply that the Divine had wrong intentions. Rather, contructed in a way so… or envelopped through…. Some of the things you described are directly linked to the powers of the Universal Mind. Like I said, everyone can pick that up.

If you can it means you are at a higher stage than others, however beware of how you use it, it is not yours, not in this realm. Also it could be a deceiving beginning of something else which many people experience. I reckon 2 rituals would initiate you and let you truly see what it is but when the time arrives you will be guided to them. Q: they include the sheik in the desert whom Jesus encountered during his travels and from whom he received a blessing. Would you happen to know anything about that?

The 3 kings being the first right after his birth, which were actually 5 but 2 were present in the background the number 3 in the story serves a symbolic purpose like so many things, read slowly. The gifts were the symbolistic artifacts some ancient which through rituals would initiate him into his chosen task, for this he needed to travel to certain places.

I have said a few times and I will repeat for the last time, he was not the real Christ, he was made to appear like one by being guided throughout his life up to his death, and after that, the documenting of the words which started long before his death, although rewritten again at a later time to release. The 5 kings were present too during his crucifixion and Jesus of Nazareth knew, he would have responded differently if they were not there.

Jesus of Nazareth was always aware that he was being guided by them, in fact he sometimes actively searched for them and other insiders. He gave up on 2 occasions but was guided back. A: The Earth is storing it untill they get used, the ones in power just tap into it. Although there are some factions above the puppets and they are responsible for the misconception most have which you described together with the statement that the resources are disappearing.

It is the way I described in the former post. The writing has some errors. The Annunaki are rulers from a different era, they are gone and replaced by others. Those texts have been written for the major part already. If the person who wrote it does not restore it, she will achieve the opposite of what she desires and taking many Souls with her who accept this. Again accept no human intervention between you and the Divine. I will not give away what you have knowingly or inadvertently revealed… I know now that what you say is true: This cannot be told, it must be discovered, for it has no power if it is revealed to one.

Is this the reason there is so much secrecy? The last question has a yes as an answer. The journey just started, long path. A: It is connected to the operations of your physical body which rebels everytime you reach higher to that realm. Physical body has the task to let you experience this reality and whenever you search for the other, it resists. Also beings will accompany your thoughts and try to divert them, again it is their duty, show respect and that will be recognised by them.

Never see them as malicious or evil, they only react to your actions. There is not a force which does not want you to be what you really are, the opposite is true but they also have their tasks that they must fulfill. This is about a material part of you. Q: Shall we forget everything we know?

Shall we simply let go of our own Ego and accept a different paradigm altogether? A: Recollect everything you used to know, devalue the things which were taught to you since you forgot the former and return. The first thing a baby does when born is cry. The Soul makes the body cry because it is the first time it came to this physical realm although this is a very limited number or because it realises it has returned through reincarnation, after failing in the former life which is a vast majority. This crying is different to the crying that follows after the first few months, one can even hear it.

Comfort them during this crucial period of consciousness and make it known that the One has gifted them with a chance to return back to the place they belong. This will have an impact which will influence them for the rest of their lives, subconsciously. The time of birth was determined as is the time of passing on , together with the enviroment, parents, circumstances of birth, health, etc…nothing is a coincidence.

But during puberty they get cut loose from certain strings and they will be fully responsible for their actions, having the free will to lead the life they want, they determine the quality of it…. Just a few areas of their lives will be influenced by the tools that the parents have given them. Use your intuition not instinct, 2 different matters. When becoming a parent you are rewarded with qualities which concern raising children which where not available before, listen to them. Do not tell this all at once but over years and do not tell more than this.

If done the right way they will start looking for it on their own for the rest of life, which is their duty. If you present it to them in an obvious way like religious people do , you will achieve the opposite. Musical instruments were passed on in a different era for a reason and it was not just to listen to other people playing them.

Education: 1 method of manipulation I have listed the others. They will be manipulated, but after puberty they have an important opportunity to undo it. They will also get opportunities during the rest of their lives. You cannot stop the manipulation, neither instigate an awakening, that is up to the child and how it responds to the tools provided to it…..

A: There is only 1 race at the present, not another special race that is above the other, people are confusing different matters and eras. I would say do not use it, but it is your own choice with consequences. All are praised for they are the One who creates the Good and they direct theirs to the One too. A: What nature provides directly. I have some healthy animals which provide me with meat, eggs, milk.

I get my water from an underground spring. Q: Insider, what can you tell me about Nikola Tesla? Tesla made it public to the wrong people and ended the whole thing. Clever individual, not so clever human. A: No, not like that. As mentioned a few times it is on a personal level, meaning you getting selfconscious yourself through the tools available to you, I have described some as far as I am allowed to.

There may be an event which would alter the way civilisation is perceived now it happened before many times but that will have nothing to do with what you mentioned. Your duty towards the One and yourself still stays the same, no matter what happens.

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  • An Outsider Everywhere : Revelations by an Insider.

Do not waste energy waiting for events, being generic and inanimate, your stay will only be extended. Claiming you are giving in power everyday, and they control you more…while in reality you are in full control. Visualization also works that way around. But I repeat, even if these things would happen your duty towards the One and yourself still stays the same.

  • An Outsider Everywhere : Revelations By An Insider.
  • Macbeth;
  • The Utterly Amazing Brain Of Ignatius Cramp!

Have those created to be together by the One parted ways because they reject their duties? A: Again their is confusion about Higher Beings and the Souls in bodies be it bloodline or not.

Higher Beings and Souls are different entities. Higher Beings do not enter bodies in this era which lasted longer than you think , they are incorporeal, do not experience this world like we do. Souls are dual, meaning you are also somewhere else, waiting to be united in another realm.

Some bloodlines refuse their duties just like non-bloodlines do, suffering the consequences connected to it. Many bloodlines do not know either. Q: Insider. A: -The first appearences of knowledge are closer to the Truth than the latter ones. Think of the ripple created in a pond when throwing something in it, the further the waves get from the core, the weaker they are, finally stopping.

Therefore search for the Mind of the Universe which will enable you to pick out the truths and later on directly pass it through. We do not have a Mind, we may interact with the Mind which may allow us to be become one with It. To have something is owning it, owning means mastering it or having it under your control at the least…. Most confuse using intelligence with having a Mind while using the intelligence is merely an operation granted to us by the Mind.

All essences are as important. The teachings of the real Christ are not the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth although the latter adopted many from the former I remember I would not mention it again but this context needs it. The Christ has a different name but I will use this term because that is what people are familiar with. The message was there since the real Christ revealed Itself in another era than ours. Jesus of Nazareth was part of our era. There is a difference in the way it is being spread in Christianity and it is corrupt. Without the appearence of the real Christ on Earth we would not know how to return for the Divine Law which through the Universal Mind allows us to ascend, was revealed by the real Christ.

Where we are, what, who, how, why, when, all revealed by It in accordance to the Will of the Good One and the real Christ should get all the praise, it is crucial. You need the recognition that It grants you. A: Be careful with what you say, you are harming yourself. If you fail do not blame The Divine. Divinity is blameless in Earthly matters. When you get sunburned, do you blame the Sun which maintains life on Earth and beyond or do you blame yourself for laying hours doing nothing on the beach without protection?

This will be my last post, it is done. This was according to the Divine Law which is above my family or anyone on Earth and beyond. The minority passes it on when ordered by the Higher Beings, understand this. There are 2 undesired movements which were known to happen to me. I would have stayed longer, although most areas have been covered. I answered as much as I was allowed to in the simplest manner I could. I had to write fast for a reason. If you choose to: Thank everyday the Good One where everything has its beginning for Being, for Its Divine Law providing you with a chance to return to your original state, the realm you truly belong to, for Its power of Necessity applying the justified corrections that you experience everyday.

When addressing Divinity read again be careful to articulate well, do not demand, tell, beg, order, suggest, ask….. Understand the questions I raised by answering you, I said more than you read, pass it on. Posted in articles Tags: bloodlines , bohemian-grove , consciousness , conspiracy , divine-law , elite-families , elites , end-time , money , occult , organised-crime , religions , ritual.

Would you be kind enough to tell me what forum this was? I regret not knowing about such a forum and having the opportunity to address Insider. Perhaps he will return someday. Reason I ask is out of sincerity. I had a near death experience at the age of Much of what Insider says was revealed to me before being given the choice to return after being told this is my last time around.

I wish I could have shared my experience with him. Perhaps he could have shared some light on it or expanded upon the Divine Truth that was shown to me. Dean said this on 2 August, at pm Reply. Spiritual revelation is like that at the beginning. After some years we learn to implement it into our daily lives.

I dont think the guy from the article would do such a thing, but there are many people willing to share their understanding. Some want to be teacher and you to be student. Others are just like you, or pretend to be anyway and they engage in an equal to equal relationship.

He must be laughing his guts out at all the fools. Peter said this on 13 October, at am Reply. And his answers were generally intelligent. Imho though, the world is just a huge pie that a lot of people fight over to get the biggest piece. Anonymous said this on 21 October, at pm Reply. Looks like this was written by a 20 something who thinks it is knowledgeable about the ways of the world.