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The embarrassment of riches objection is that there is a plurality of consistent but pairwise inconsistent abstraction principles, thus not all consistent abstractions can be true. This paper considers and criticizes various further criteria on acceptable abstractions proposed by Wright settling on another one—stability—as the best bet for neo-Fregeans.

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However, an analogue of the embarrassment of riches objection resurfaces in the metatheory and I conclude by arguing that the neo-Fregean program, at least insofar as it includes a platonistic ontology, is fatally wounded by it. Source Notre Dame J. Formal Logic , Volume 44, Number 1 , Zentralblatt MATH identifier Keywords neologicism Frege abstraction.

Droughts that slowly erode livelihoods do not. Even similar events in different countries receive completely different levels of exposure.

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Within a few months in late and , flooding hit Venezuela, Orissa and Mozambique. Venezuela and Orissa received very little coverage, and very little aid. In most high-profile crises, most major donor governments as well as multilateral donors immediately make substantial emergency funds available, while media attention tends to mobilise a significant public response.

As a rule, the bigger the emergency, the greater the amount of funds received from both sources.

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An over-abundance of funding is not, however, the most fertile environment for responsible programming. The most visible characteristic of high-profile humanitarian emergencies is the presence of very many more aid agencies than the situation requires. Agencies without prior experience of a country or region rush to the area.

In addition to the humanitarian imperative, there may be less altruistic reasons for their presence, such as media exposure, and the domestic fundraising opportunities afforded by being there.


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Not only is their professionalism and ability to implement quality programmes often questionable, but such agencies tend to have little interest in or appreciation of the importance of participating in field coordination mechanisms, or in broader standard-setting initiatives such as Sphere and the Humanitarian Accountability Project. As a result, the impact and reputation of the overall aid operation are damaged. In high-profile crises, the conventional project cycle is often jettisoned. Whereas in standard situations, aid agencies usually try to secure donor funding in order to implement programmes that they have already assessed, in major emergencies this order can be reversed.

Treatment options in metastatic renal carcinoma: an embarrassment of riches.

A good proportion of NGOs start not with a project in search of resources, but with resources in search of a project. This is a recipe for poor programming, and partly explains some of the least savoury aspects of aid agency behaviour in major emergencies, such as competition and jostling for media profile.

In Albania, for example, as new sites were developed for refugees from Kosovo, the competition between NGOs to be allocated a camp or sector to work in often seemed every bit as frantic and cut-throat as a commercial tender competition. High-profile emergencies can also create unaccustomed dilemmas for more established and professional aid agencies. Even the largest and most experienced organisations have had well-publicised difficulties in scaling up their implementation capacity to match the increase in available funds. This glut of funding essentially makes the need to spend money within a specified period the primary driver in programme design, overshadowing a participatory or needs-based appraisal process, and therefore running contrary to efforts to improve the reputation and performance of the humanitarian sector as a whole.

But before any of this money had been disbursed, the majority of DEC member agencies already had large contracts signed with institutional donors, often covering the running costs of their emergency programmes for several months.

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As a result, it was difficult or impossible for them to spend the money quickly, a problem further exacerbated by the sudden and unexpected return of the refugees to Kosovo following the end of the conflict. Nor was this dilemma a one-off, solely attributable to the well-known excesses of that particular aid operation.

In fact, the same problems have been associated with the two major DEC appeals since then, in Mozambique and Gujarat. The beneficiaries of high-profile emergencies receive substantial humanitarian assistance, which their situation undoubtedly demands, but much of the aid effort is duplicated and wasted.

Embarrassment Of Riches | Definition of Embarrassment Of Riches by Merriam-Webster

French embarrasser. French de. French richesses. French riche nanti. More by bab.

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English an easy-going person an economic wizard an eerie feeling an elderly couple an elderly person an election special an electoral triumph an element of danger an eligible bachelor an eloquent look an embarrassment of riches an emerald necklace an emphatic no an employer's liability an employment programme an empty formula an empty gesture an empty promise an end in itself an endangered species an equinoctial tide Even more translations in the English-Vietnamese dictionary by bab.