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Why does it seem like serial killers all wear the same glasses?

  1. History's Most Sadistic Serial Killer
  2. Normalcy in Behavioral Characteristics of the Sadistic Serial Killer | SpringerLink
  3. How alleged Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur went unnoticed

Forensic psychiatrists often interview serial killers after they have been caught. There are retrospective studies and case reports of individuals who have committed sexually sadistic serial murders.

History's Most Sadistic Serial Killer

However, there exists a dearth of case reports on adolescents who have expressed serious fantasies about becoming serial killer prior to actualizing their fantasy. This article presents nine clinical cases of to year-olds who have clinically significant fantasies of becoming a serial killer. Similarities exist in these adolescent cases when compared with retrospective studies and case reports of serial killers on the role of sexually sadistic fantasies and actual killings.

During the first big wave of celebrity serial killers in the s and s, some defense lawyers tried to argue in court that serial killers are not guilty by reason of insanity, because an irresistible compulsion to kill is a form of temporary insanity. The legal definition of insanity is an inability to distinguish right from wrong and an inability to understand the consequences of an action.

One can make the argument that serial killers suffer from psychopathy, that because they are psychopaths they have no sense of remorse or empathy and their decision-making process is faulty.

The number one trait of a psychopath is a lack of empathy. Others are a tendency to lie, a need for thrills — psychopaths become bored very quickly — and narcissism. But the lack of empathy is the biggest thing. One common explanation is that psychopaths experience some kind of trauma in early childhood — perhaps as early as their infant state — and as a consequence suppress their emotional response. They never learn the appropriate responses to trauma, and never develop other emotions, which is why they find it difficult to empathize with others.

Normalcy in Behavioral Characteristics of the Sadistic Serial Killer | SpringerLink

They can compartmentalize. What do you make of Bruce McArthur, the alleged Toronto gay village killer arrested earlier this year? Bruce McArthur is interesting because he was apprehended at such a late age. If McArthur has been committing crimes since the s or s then this is going to be an extremely difficult investigation. Currently law enforcement are looking at his dating apps for evidence and to link him to more possible victims. There have been dozens of gay serial killers. So that alone is not unusual. There is obviously a lot less stigma about being gay today than there was in the s or s or even s.

Then, gay serial killers were sometimes more effective because both they and their victims were living a secret double life. They were already kind of acclimatized to surreptitious behavior — covering up what they are. Closeted people are still particularly susceptible to victimization by predators. If there are no witnesses or confidantes — family members and so on — able to link your disappearance to the killer, that gives the killer an advantage.

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Roughly one in every five to six serial killers are female. There are significant differences in their psychopathology from male killers. Research on female serial killers is difficult because they are fewer and harder to catch. Female serial killers have less tendency to leave bodies behind. They are quiet killers; they have longer killing careers. They are much better at it. There is a less sadistic tendency.

They tend not to torture their victim and they are less interested in mutilation. But the motivation is similar — the need for control over their victim. Aileen Wuornos is the classic example — a female serial killer in Florida. She worked as a prostitute and would kill her clients. A couple of documentaries have been made about her, and a feature film Monster, with Charlize Theron. Here was a serial killer motivated by pure rage.

The types of predation in which female serial killers engage are often an extension or perversion of gender roles.

For example, the expectation that women are in nurturing roles, caring roles. You have a category of female serial killers with Munchausen syndrome by proxy — mothers killing children, nurses killing patients. Is it true, as some have suggested, that serial killing is now on the decline? Or is it just less reported in the media? So yes, there seems to be a decline in American serial killing.

How alleged Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur went unnoticed

Either there are less serial killers or we have gotten better at catching them earlier. We have had huge breakthroughs in forensic technology, especially DNA science.

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Many of the serial killers who were arrested in the s and s were arrested for crimes committed earlier. Sort of. I know of an example of a guy who in several decades had only given one interview.