Guide Two Weeks Before Christmas

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  1. Five weeks before Christmas
  2. Seven Things You Should Do the Week Before Christmas
  3. Countdown to Christmas! Here's your week by week plan for the big day

Five weeks before Christmas

Whether that be making a bunch of lists and checking them twice or being Santa to a family in need or simply ironing everything a few days a head of time…I always love ideas especially when Santa, Jesus and lots of little eyes are watching and learning how to do this thing called Christmas! Wow, you are so organized and that is awesome! What great ideas! This year it was about giving more. We did the typical angel tree gifts but this year my church was collecting for veterans. I might have gone a little crazy because I am so grateful for their service.

Just a note about planning Christmas best outfits. This is a such a pro tip for all year round. I have designated Sunday Naps for my time to pick out a whole weeks worth of outfits for myself. I also try and get all my laundry put away at that time too. I find that this simple ack makes it so I feel put together all week long. This is a perfect list.

And I should short hand it and keep it on my office desk. This is our second Christmas with 2 little ones and the joy of the season is getting more and more exciting each year. My almost 3-year-old is bringing back the anticipation of Christmas that I lost from childhood. But first! This list! I look forward to our forced family fun. The only one who grumbles is my hubby! Great ideas! I love the planning ahead for the 3 outfits and the Christmas morning basket.

Thanks for sharing so much of your life and family with us! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! They are usually verbal enough to know how to get the message across that they are so excited! Great suggestions, I love the idea of purging before all the gifts. Btw, your mantle is beautiful I was peeking at your previous posts. We try to do this as well. Saves a lot of time in the morning when they can just grab their outfit and get dressed. Designate your FFF forced family fun Fun with your family especially extended fam is sometimes a little difficult…..

Plan out your Christmas Best The day of Christmas eve always feels a bit rushed…. Donate, Volunteer or Give The week before the holiday is the best time to donate, volunteer or give! Comments Wow, you are so organized and that is awesome! Thanks for the nudge about doing it for the whole family for Christmas! Awesome ideas!

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Seven Things You Should Do the Week Before Christmas

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Countdown to Christmas! Here's your week by week plan for the big day

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When Christmas is in two weeks