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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, it still contains a bit of useful bacteria and, of course, a lot of fiber. Ingredients : 4 pounds of cabbage 7 ounces of carrot 2 bay leaves 6 black pepper 6 fragrant peppercorns 4 teaspoon of salt without iodine 4 ounces of honey. Like this post? Please share to your friends:. Sauerkraut Recipes.

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This recipe has to be the most exotic tasting fermented cabbage you have ever. Thanks for all the tips and the hard work with running this wonderful website! God Bless!!!!!!!! Enzo This post was originally published on September 26, It was last updated with new information and images on February 8, Too much garlic can turn your sauerkraut bitter. Start with small cloves and gradually increase in subsequent batches until you hit upon the desired flavor. Many swear by the stainless steel trick. Rub soapy hands on the faucet and then dry it with a towel.

Just Braise: Sweet Sauerkraut

Clean hands, shiny faucet. If you add too many carrots, the sugar content of your ferment is such that you turn it into a sweet slime. Like with the garlic, start with carrots and gradually increase in subsequent batches until you achieve the balance you want. That would mean no more than 7 ounces grams of carrots.

I maintain an ever-growing list of ways to enjoy your sauerkraut. Check out An Amazing Hamburger! The online one that follows — with numerous pictures — and a PDF version below for printing that includes Gourmet Pairing Options and information on recipe ingredients. Looking for more sauerkraut recipes?

Why I love this recipe? When I was doing one of my first sauerkraut demonstrations at a lovely local farm all they had available, outside of cabbage, were carrots and garlic. That's exactly what I used to make my batch of sauerkraut and this flavor quickly became a favorite, especially among children, who love the sweetness that the carrots added. Using a scale to make your sauerkraut will ensure that you add the correct amount of salt for a safe fermentation environment.

When making sauerkraut, you first prepare the flavoring ingredients — carrots, ginger, radish, caraway seeds or whatnot — then add sliced cabbage. Quarter, then slice cabbage crosswise into thin ribbons. I leave the core in because I find it helps to hold the layers of cabbage together making the slicing job easier. Salt pulls water out of the cabbage and vegetables to create an environment where the good bacteria mainly lactobacillus can grow and proliferate and the bad bacteria die off.

If you want the salt to do some of the work for you, you can leave your salted and well-mixed bowl of cabbage sit for minutes. Then, massage the vegetables with strong hands until moist, creating the brine.

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You should be able to tilt the bowl to the side and see a good-sized puddle of brine, about 2—3 inches in diameter. This process can take anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes. Grab handfuls of the salty, juicy cabbage mixture and pack them into your quart-sized wide-mouth canning jar, periodically pressing the mixture down tightly with your fist or a large spoon so that the brine rises above the top of the mixture and no air pockets remain.

Because we weighed out just the right amount of cabbage to fit in your jar, this should happen automatically.

Bavarian Style Sauerkraut

Lastly, wipe down the outside of your jar and posh down any loose bits stuck to the sides of the bowl or the side of your jar. Now make sure your fermenting mixture is in a safe anaerobic no air environment. This means that you need to keep the cabbage mixture submerged in the brine while it ferments. Floaties Trap. Forgot to save a cabbage leaf?

No problem. You can fold a narrow piece of parchment paper to size or even cut an old plastic lid to size. I note the flavor of sauerkraut I made and the date I started fermenting. Time now for the friendly bacteria to do their work while you watch and wait.

Can you wait 7 days to taste the tangy crunch? Place your jar of fermenting sauerkraut in a shallow bowl to catch the brine that may leak out during the first week of fermentation , out of direct sunlight.

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Should the brine level fall very unlikely and remain below the level of the sauerkraut during the first week. Put the little jar back in, screw the lid on lightly and let the fermentation continue.

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You can ferment your sauerkraut for up to 4 weeks. The longer you ferment it, the greater the number and variety of beneficial bacteria that can be produced. Rinse off the outside of the jar. You can take the little jar out. Very similar to some recipe I dimly recall from The Joy of Cooking. Up until I tried this recipe, I never enjoyed sauerkraut, but this was really good! I was very pleasantly surprised to find this little gem. This is an unusual treatment of a traditional ingredient. I liked the results.. Definately do this one again. A good dish and an interesting change from the usual sauerkraut.

Sweet, Sweet Sauerkraut

I would be careful with the sugar, checking the taste as you add it. Otherwise, delicious even though I used powdered allspice, not having whole on hand. Excellent dish even though I couldn't get the recommended whole allspice locally and went with the normal ground grocery store spice. The 30 minute cook time on the onions seemed strange at first, but I loved the carmelized texture the onions took on using the long cook time - don't try to cheat the time on this.

We host an annual Oktoberfest party with our dinner group, beginning outdoors with a variety of grilled wursts, mustards and sauerkrauts. This will go on my permanent menu to add variety to the more traditional German krauts. Very different seasonings, and it's always great to have another make-ahead item. We have been eating sauerkraut recipies all of our lives, but never tried it with tomatoes.

It was great! A new family favorite! Made this as part of the Russian Easter Menu, and even the sauerkraut haters had to admit that it was delicious! I used only 1 Tbsp oil and substituted broth for the remainder. Do make an effort to find whole allspice and crush as directed; Can't duplicate the combination of flavors without it.

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