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Rogers began surveying the ditch with a straight-edge and spirit-level.

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I could wish we had a theodolite here, and a spirit-level, and other instruments, for settling some important questions. The movement of the bulb was caused by the heat of the finger expanding the top of the spirit-level and causing it to bend. It has a slant to one side that maybe is more the fault of the floor than your spirit-level, Jib.

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  5. Near the circle may be seen a spirit-level, which serves to show when the axis is exactly on a level with the horizon. Creepy Creatures Worldwide Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. Use of high-quality input materials.

    Continuous control of production processes using computerised optical measuring devices. High measurement precision. Mechanical treatment of internal radii is computer tested.

    Spirit level | tool |

    Fluorescent liquid is sealed with ultrasonic welded plugs. Applicable in all climatic conditions.

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    The colour of liquid is resistant to UV-rays. Horizontal vial with lens effect enlarges the bubble for easier reading. Read more.

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    LLI - Aluminium die-cast level, I form. LTH Torpedo Spirit levels. MI - Spirit level for installation. EL - Spirit level for electricians.

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    LM - Alu-spirit level with a wooden folding rule. LIE I-Profile spirit level. LPN plastic Spirit levels. LL Wooden spirit level.

    Choose the right spirit level.

    LN Incline Spirit levels. LPK - Cross level. LPT - Bull's eye level.

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    LPP - Post level.