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Ringston rringston bizavadvisor. Shapiro gshapiro bizavadvisor. Murphy mmurphy bizavadvisor. Publisher assumes no responsibility for safety of artwork, photographs, or manuscripts. Permissions: Material in this publication may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher.

The reward? Our content, written and spoken, is designed to help you make the safest and best use of your investments in business aviation, whether through whole aircraft or fractional share ownership, or charter and jet cards. The aviation industry continues to evolve as well. Innovations like the electric aircraft, likely to enter the market first as Vertical Take-off and Landing VTOL craft, are on the near horizon. That evolution is nothing new.

That drives yet another innovation: Sustainable Aviation Jet Fuel SAJF , blending petroleum-based jet fuel with renewable feedstock to create cleaner burning bio fuel. Aircraft, their power plants, and power sources will continue to evolve, with one overarching constant — a complete commitment to operational safety. New business turbine aircraft models undergo rigorous testing from nose to tail, in all flight regimes from takeoff to landing, before going into production.

Business jets require more complex testing, due in large measure to their high speeds and cruising altitudes above the troposphere, often requiring unusual, if not unique, testing equipment. This compressed-air cannon fires an anesthetized chicken at the windshield to simulate a highspeed bird strike, something of particular concern during takeoff and landing. The views and opinions expressed in Business Aviation Advisor are those of the authors and advertisers, and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of Business Aviation Media, Inc. Articles presented in this publication are for general information and educational purposes and do not constitute legal or financial advice.

All rights reserved. There simply are not enough pilots in queue to fly your aircraft. How did this happen, why is it so, and what can you do? In , the mandatory retirement age was raised from 60 to 65, squelching upward income mobility for more junior pilots. So, many students must wait — sometimes months — for exams and check rides before they can graduate. As a career path, being a pilot has not demonstrated a positive ROI for years.

So how can you attract and retain the best pilots? Equally important is time off. Most other employees can count on two days off a week. This time off is especially important for younger pilots. Pilots choose to work in business aviation for a variety of reasons: a performance-based culture and environment, the ability to have broad and meaningful responsibilities, working in a close-knit team, a variety of trips and experiences, and truly seeing up close the positive impact their work has on their appreciative client and the bottom line of the company.

But even the most loyal and dedicated pilot will sacrifice these benefits for the sake of their family life. Retaining your pilots — and creating the ability to attract new ones — is a value that comes from the most senior person in the organization. Some large Fortune companies have been able to make the compensation shift through the conventional HR and compensation channels, but often the mandate must come directly from your office.

What steps can you take now to ensure that your NextGen pilots are satisfied and want to stay with you, and that new pilots will be in the pipeline when your current pilots retire? Create An Appealing Company Culture — Offer your pilots a team-centered workplace in which they feel respected and valued, and where they can learn and thrive. Track Data — Tracking data with respect to the schedule is key to understanding and helping you find a healthy solution.

There often is a disconnect between stated requirements and actual, true needs. Do you really need your pilots on a three-hour call out? Nearly every other aspect of your business today is data-driven.

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Without clear and compelling data, you cannot make good decisions about whether and when to add to your head count. Match Airline Benefits — Your biggest competition for pilots is the airlines. Airline pilots are given a clear picture of their compensation package over time throughout their contracts. These funds immediately belong to the pilot, and cannot be lost in a company downturn. Work schedules are concrete and predictable, allowing for predefined time off, including vacation and holidays.

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Relocating a family typically is not an issue, since pilots can commute to any base. Many airlines offer their pilots compensation for the rest of their contracted career often to age 65 should they lose their medical certificate. Update Your Technology — Pilots need tools and technology to enable their success and ensure your safety. Younger pilots prefer to fly in aircraft with the latest avionics, and may not be experienced in — or comfortable with — older aircraft.

Be Flexible — Consider adopting a paradigm change with respect to your requirements for pilots. Offering additional compensation, usually stock that vests over time, makes it harder to leave. Retention bonuses create a short term presence, while vesting programs help create long term loyalty and commitment. Attracting new pilots and retaining those who currently are younger than 40 will continue to be a challenge.

Take these steps now to make sure that you and your aircraft will be able to keep flying. Your aircraft may be unavailable or unsuitable for a particular trip.

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It may be down for maintenance, or on a wait list for ADS-B upgrades and compliance. It may be too large to access smaller runways, or too costly for short hops. You need supplemental lift. Using a jet card requires a commitment of pre-paid funds: you purchase a specific number of hours, at a specific cost per hour, and pay in advance.

However, any unused hours may be forfeited at contract termination, and you could be subject to surcharges or strict cancellation policies during peak-demand times. When you use on-demand charter, you pay per trip. With a one-time entry fee, and annual dues that may not start until, or may be reduced in, year two, these programs offer the option to pay for flight hours only as you use them.

You pay fixed rates only for occupied hours flown, based on the aircraft type, with no repositioning fees or minimum-hour commitments. It offers access to shorter airfields unavailable to many jets. Landing at a smaller airport closer to your destination can save you considerable ground travel time. In case of any maintenance issues, backup recovery aircraft are guaranteed at no additional charge. When the time and dollars make sense for you, a membership program can supplement — or replace — your current BizAv travel option. Sales at Wheels Up.

Now fly commercial and still enjoy the luxury experience of private jet travel. Check into your departing flight from one of our comfortable lounges. Dedicated, private screening and a chauffeured car ride speeds you directly to your aircraft. We meet arrivals at their aircraft and chauffeur them back to dedicated customs and immigration clearance. For more information, please visit www. In the air, those tasks become virtually impossible with high latency. All these data — along with sensitive information from your passengers in the cabin — need to be transmitted securely. How secure is your system?

Modern IFC does more than just offer internet to the cabin. It gets real-time data to and from the aircraft to ensure smooth and safe operations: for example, weather and routing information to pilots to save fuel, or data that enable ground crewmembers to efficiently plan and execute maintenance. Ask questions about the security of the signal itself. Will your data be sent on a single, aircraft-focused beam?

Or are you sharing the same bandwidth as hundreds of other aircraft, much like at a public coffeehouse? The era of subpar IFC is over. Officer, has more than 30 years of business development, engineering, and program management experience in advanced radio communications systems, both military and commercial, for use in aviation and spaceborne environments. Yet some business aircraft operators have been settling for dramatically reduced capabilities for their inflight connectivity IFC.

You use your aircraft to stay more connected geographically, but how much time is lost by being out of touch in a meaningful way while underway? While a connectivity provider s used to be selected solely on connectivity coverage, cost, and capacity, that choice now should include affordability, security, and overall performance.

Bloody Roads South: The Wilderness to Cold Harbor, May-June by Noah Andre Trudeau

Your primary connectivity options are satellite and air-toground ATG systems. Traditionally, satellite connectivity has been the only option for aircraft flying over the water since ATG systems obviously struggle where there is no ground. For larger aircraft, the best answer may be a hybrid of complementary systems — both satellite and ATG.

Using both offers reduced costs and an improved experience with ATG on land routes, while maintaining connectivity when the aircraft is over water. That time is measured in milliseconds, but even a small lag due to latency can have a big impact on performance. ATG systems naturally have a lower latency due to the much greater distance between satellite orbits and the aircraft. That distance can create a difference of up to ten times the latency compared with ATG. Why does that matter?

Join us each month as we choose a book, discuss it here and take your questions for the author.

Nearly anything online you take for granted at home — loading websites and pages, videoconferencing with co-workers or family, or even playing an online game. These fuels produce carbon pollutants in the form of CO2 — widely thought to have an impact on climate change. More than 26 billion gallons of jet fuel are consumed in the U. When combusted in the sky, they emit approximately million tons of CO2. Carbon-neutral growth from onwards, and 3. We can do more right now to reduce GHG emissions, such as developing more fuel-efficient engines and airframes, spending less time idling on the tarmac, and using Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel SAJF.

Produced from renewable resources, such as feedstocks like corn starch, sugarcane juice, crop residues, purpose-grown grass crops, and woody plants, SAJF is a direct substitute for fossil-derived jet fuel. It meets the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM and has been tested by engine and aircraft manufacturers to ensure safety and reliability. Tearing down statues and burnng tyres is all very well, but doing something to transform conditions is more meaningful.

Deputy judge president Aubrey Ledwaba, ruled that the act was in line with the constitution, which does not allow for the incitement of violence. Sign In Register. Markets Data. Rand struggles for direction as markets absorb dire economic reports. Columnists Editorials Letters. Most Read Perverse opulence amid squalor likely to sink Zimbabwe. Lack of communication led to Gupta landing, says Air Force chief No checks and balances were in place to verify where information came from, general tells inquiry.

NUM cries foul after millions allegedly diverted from retirement fund. ANC Conference EFF could paralyse Joburg and Tshwane. EU opts for 5G to connect cars Push for a wifi-based standard rejected. Property funds urged to slash dividend payout ratios. Naspers invests further in electric scooters start-up. Business confidence edges higher in June Sacci says confidence is not at an ideal level, but it could gain momentum if the implementation of policies is made a priority.

Most Read Business confidence edges higher in June. SA construction industry to grow 2. Salary payment still best option for business owners. Domain registration tool to help small firms.

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Sharp fall in Sub-Saharan external debt issuance Governments might be heeding calls for caution. Most Read Zimbabweans trapped as government stops issuing passports. Cricket Other Sport Rugby Soccer.

Bloody Roads South: The Wilderness to Cold Harbor, May-June 1864

Chiefs acquire second signing with arrival of Ghanaian star. Wanted Online: A Vondel side table so striking that it deserves to be a centrepiece Instead of an afterthought, the aesthetic of this functional furniture piece calls for undivided attention. Bentley anniversary gift unwrapped. I do not want to influence the Reserve Bank, says Masondo. Draft Public Procurement Bill before cabinet The bill looks to streamline public procurement, which is currently governed by fragmented and multi-layered legislation National.

Lack of communication led to Gupta landing, says Air Force chief No checks and balances were in place to verify where information came from, general tells inquiry National. Sars establishes dedicated revenue recovery capacity The new Sars commissioner also plans to address the low morale and levels of distrust within the tax agency National.

Julius Malema fails to challenge law after land grab remarks The EFF leader wanted the Riotous Assemblies Act declared unconstitutional, but the judge was having none of it National.

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Carol Paton Writer at Large. Load more. Most read.