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A further serious problem here is the violation of basic human rights, in particular the right to life as a fundamental European right, because it is specifically the lack of these innovative procedures that in very many cases, and indeed in best-case scenarios, is depriving patients of their normal way of life. What measures could the Commission propose so as to ensure equal access for citizens, regardless of the financial position of the Member State in which they live, to the latest advances in medicine?

The European Charter of Patients' Rights is a document prepared by a non-governmental organisation, in collaboration with patients' organisations, to encourage Member States to build their national strategies or legislation on patients' rights. The Commission therefore has no competence to propose measures to guarantee that citizens in Bulgaria have access to the latest developments in medicine.

According to the Electronic Commerce Directive, aimed primarily at collective shopping sites, all web vendors in Europe must provide consumers with information about themselves, consisting of the company name, telephone numbers and postal and e-mail addresses. European vendors are also obliged to send consumers confirmation of receipt for a specific order. Unfortunately, there have been reports in Bulgaria in recent months of consumers complaining of delays in delivery, and of goods that do not work, do not correspond to the order or do not arrive at all.

In online commerce, consumers find it difficult to exercise their rights, for example by returning an item they ordered to the vendor and being reimbursed for the amount they paid. Does the Commission not think that the development of online commerce will negatively affect employment? It will, e. The Commission has taken further action aimed at making online and cross-border transactions straightforward, at building consumers' confidence in e-commerce and at boosting the e-commerce as source of growth and jobs. The balance between the positive and the negative effects of e-commerce on employment is complex and can vary by industry sector, job type and other employee characteristics.

However, it is clear that the application of ICT tools and e-commerce creates jobs. Jezikovna in kulturna raznolikost je del evropske identitete.

Linguistic and cultural diversity is part and parcel of the European identity: it is a shared heritage, a source of wealth, a challenge and an asset for Europe. The Commission thereby fulfilled its political commitment to informing citizens of its work in their own language, selecting the most widely used modern medium, the Internet, for this task.

Through its working methods and technological development, the online unit has made a name for itself within and outside the Commission, enabling the Commission to set an example to other national and international organisations that also wish to give their websites a multilingual and democratic dimension. Just when mutual understanding between the European Union and the citizens of Europe is more important than ever, the Commission has embarked on a reorganisation abolishing this effective unit.

Absorbing online translators into language departments translations of legislative texts will directly threaten the quality, consistency and quantity of websites aimed at EU citizens. The Director-General has not based his proposal on a cost-benefit analysis, and the formation of new departments will, rather than simplifying matters, entail unnecessary additional procedures and costs.

We therefore ask the Commission to explain the reasons for the reorganisation of the unit in question.

Ho visto le stelle Nicola

The Commission would like to assure the Honourable Members that the reorganisation of the Directorate-General for Translation DGT will neither undermine the quality of translation for the web nor diminish the status of Slovene or any other of the official European Union languages.

On the contrary, the reorganisation will focus the Directorate-General on its core business of producing translations of the highest quality, including for the web.

The Commission agrees that the availability of high-quality, accurate translations of EU websites is of the utmost importance for citizens of all Member States, and would like to reassure the Honourable Members that the current level and quality of service will be maintained. Glycerine as a by-product of biodiesel production could be promoted for use as a source of carbon through fermentation processes using yeasts isolated from cold areas, in order to obtain lipid fractions which can be used in turn to obtain biofuels.

The Commission has no plans to introduce requirements for glycerine recovery from biodiesel producers as it is of the view that the market provides sufficient economic incentives for such producers to recover all by-products. The Commission supports the development of innovative technologies that can produce energy products and services from by-products including glycerine.

It is generally accepted in economic science that public investments, especially infrastructure projects such as building roads, airports and schools, drive economic growth and employment. Given the interdependence between public and private investment, it is clear that enhancing public investment will then stimulate private investment with the ultimate aim of increasing productivity. In the current fiscal framework, and given the strict restrictions it places on the national public deficit, public investments are being anything but encouraged.

Does the Commission intend to change the existing fiscal framework to exempt public investments from expenditure included in the measurement of the aims and conditions of the public deficit reduction plan? Does it think that the similar fiscal treatment of current expenditure and expenditure on public investments is correct, despite the fact that only the latter will a provide the economic power to have an immediate impact on the real economy and on employment, and b generate income in the medium to long term?

The reference values for government deficit and debt set by the Treaty and the Protocol on the excessive deficit procedure do not envisage an exclusion of any type of expenditure. It is not in the intention of the Commission to propose amendments to this framework in order to introduce further differentiation amid government expenditure. If the Commission strongly supports the achievement of Europe goals, thanks in particular to smart investment, this does not mean that public investment should not be financed adequately.

Indeed, in the long-run, the sustainability of public finances can only be safeguarded if the pace of increase of total government expenditure, no item excluded, does not exceed revenue developments, in turn linked to the rate of economic growth. A special treatment afforded to public investment would likely lead to analogous demands being made on behalf of other expenditure items, arguably no less important for economic growth e. This further underscores the point that, however beneficial for the economy as a whole, public expenditure cannot be indefinitely finance by deficits.

There are therefore strong reasons not to subtract a share of investment from the computation of the structural balance or of government debt. More specifically, as set out in the above agreement, the banks will have the independence to set the terms and prerequisites for the financing of SMEs and will decide whether to grant loans or not.

In view of this:. Similarly, what control mechanisms will it put in place to avoid mismanagement of guarantee fund resources by the Greek banks similar to what has occurred with TEMPME resources? Will it look into the creation of an independent body with a special remit to fund SMEs as a measure to ensure the immediate and unhindered supply of liquidity for entrepreneurship at SME level, this being a necessary measure to escape the chaos being caused by the crisis that is heavily affecting the Greek economy?

The new Guarantee Fund aims to provide a designated credit protection through guarantees in favour of EIB to facilitate indirect financing through financial intermediaries banks for on-lending to eligible SMEs. Financial intermediaries shall be selected and the criteria for beneficiary SMEs shall be established using standard EIB internal rules. The Commission therefore has no jurisdiction to deal with the question asked. Monitoring and control provisions are set out in the funding agreement between the EIB and the Greek authorities.

The Greek authorities are considering the merits of establishing a new Institution for Growth in close collaboration with the Commission, the EIB and other financial partners such as KfW. Feasibility and needs assessment studies will be launched shortly; the fields of activity remain to be defined but may include SME financing and micro-financing.

Betreft: Hof zet streep door Nederlandse leges voor verblijfsvergunning. Het Europese Hof van Justitie zet een streep door de leges die Nederland rekent voor het krijgen van een verblijfsvergunning. Hoe gaat de Commissie Nederland in dezen compenseren? De betrokken lidstaat is op grond van het EU-recht verplicht om onverwijld uitvoering te geven aan het arrest van het Hof.

The European Court of Justice has ruled against the charges that the Netherlands levies for granting a residence permit. Is the Commission aware that, under Dutch law, the abovementioned charges should cover costs and that, after the increase, this actually remains the case in the Netherlands. Does the Commission agree with the PVV that it is wrong to keep the charges below cost price, which means that obtaining a residence permit will have to be subsidised?

How is the Commission going to compensate the Netherlands for this? If so, what action? If not, why not? In the last few days, there has been a heated debate over the fact that the European Investment Bank EIB may have provided some sort of safety clause in its funding to Greece in order to protect itself should the country decide to return to the drachma as its national currency.

This measure, which would therefore imply the prospect of a return to national currencies, could then be extended to other European states currently in financial difficulty, such as Portugal and Ireland. In view of the above, does the Commission not consider it necessary to propose an amendment for inclusion in the Treaties to regulate also the procedures for exit from the euro by a Member State? The Commission does not intend to propose the amendment the Honourable Member suggests. The Commission is of the opinion that reinforcing the Economic and Monetary Union EMU , rather than fragmenting it, is the best way going forward in order to increase the resilience of euro area Member States to potential economic and financial crises.

In order to underpin the functioning of EMU for the future, the Commission is working closely with other stakeholders, including the Parliament, to enhance economic governance and financial stability in the euro area. Indeed, the Commission is already going further than the proposals in the joint letter. Take, for example, the Commission's proposals to better target EU Structural Funds on competitiveness and convergence or the Commission's efforts to support SME financing with initiatives such as the venture capital passport, not to mention the important work being done by the Commission on flanking policies to support growth such as the forthcoming review of key competition rules.

There are also a number of areas unmentioned in the joint letter where the Member States could do more, notably the full implementation of packages to liberalise network industries — not just gas and electricity as covered in the joint letter, but also rail, road and telecom infrastructure — as well as reform of judicial systems. It will also propose new priority measures for growth, employment and confidence in a second chapter of the Single Market Act to be presented in the autumn.

The precedent for this is the action brought by Murat Dereci, a Turk living in Austria. Irrespective of whether native Austrians or naturalised Turks are involved, any Turkish dependants are thereby de facto exempt from any duty of integration. This is to be verified by national courts. The rules on free movement of EU citizens and their family members apply regardless of the nationality of the family members. In relation to the issue of the limits of the Association Agreement with Turkey, the European Court of Justice held that the standstill obligation extends to any new obstacle that makes more stringent the conditions at any given time, so that a Member State cannot depart from the objective of the standstill clauses by reversing measures that they have adopted in favour of the free movement of Turkish workers subsequent to the entry into force of the Additional Protocol.

These complaints were recorded under the case numbers SA. The gap between market prices and the price stipulated in these contracts constitutes a de facto subsidy from a state-owned company to private partners, representing an unfair competitive advantage and illegal state aid. What are the findings of the investigations conducted following the complaints which led to the opening of the in-depth investigations? As regards the size of the potential aid, the Commission will seek to ascertain during the current investigation whether indeed incompatible aid was provided, and if yes, to what extent it was provided.

The opening of an in-depth investigation allows Romania and interested third parties to comment on the possible breach of state aid rules, so that the Commission adopts a final position in full knowledge of the facts and arguments brought forward by stakeholders.

However the opening does not prejudge the final outcome of the in-depth investigation, which is at an initial stage, pending the submissions of interested parties. Turkey has banned imports of sheepmeat from Romania since , arguing that a significant number of cases of scrapie have occurred. This means that access to Arab markets has been blocked. Can the Commission state whether, in view of the rules adopted by the World Organisation for Animal Health, it does not view this ban as excessive?

The Commission is fully aware of the difficulties encountered by EU exporters and discussions with Turkey are ongoing on this issue. The Commission considers that some current Turkish import conditions are not justified and aims to obtain harmonised conditions for all EU Member States wishing to export to Turkey. Can the Commission state what measures it plans to take, within the framework of its dialogue with Switzerland, to ensure respect for that Agreement and the rights of European citizens? The Commission has the intention to raise this issue at the next meeting of the Joint Committee, the mechanism established by the Agreement for the settlement of disputes.

Europe is increasingly present in our primary schools and secondary-level schools of all types. There is still some way to go, particularly in terms of curricula, but the result is palpable: the European Union has become part of everyday vocabulary. What types of material can schools request from the Commission for no charge or for a nominal fee? The Commission has undertaken activities aiming to boost research and to elaborate new educational content with a view to raising the knowledge and understanding of EU matters in primary and secondary education.

It has co-financed some 65 projects organised by Higher Education institutions. Projects have the aim of producing content and tools for the education of pupils and students and to develop specific teacher training activities on European Union issues. The Council was established to examine and move forward with the proposed draft of a new River Management Plan for the Ebro District.

The Ebro District Water Council has determined that, at the mouth of the river, a constant flow of This figure is half that requested by the Catalonian authorities. According to experts, this proposed flow will not be sufficient to halt erosion of the Delta or the advance of the salt wedge, nor will it meet the environmental objectives of the water bodies.

The Commission is aware of the ongoing public consultation of the Ebro draft river basin management plan. The Commission will assess the contents of the Spanish river basin management plans as soon as they are adopted and reported. In case instances of bad implementation are identified the Commission will consider using the legal mechanisms in the Treaty to ensure that the WFD is properly implemented. Is the Commission aware of the following issue, which is preventing the coherent functioning of mutual recognition of pharmacist qualifications between EU Member States on the island of Ireland?

In , two directives were put in place which established the system for mutual recognition of pharmacist qualifications between EU Member States. The derogation which allowed for the recognition of 4-year pharmacist qualifications was not carried forward into the directive.

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The difficulty that arises in relation to the recognition of UK 4-year pharmacist qualifications is not unique to Ireland, but applies to the recognition of those qualifications in all other Member States under the framework of the directive. Nevertheless, the recognition of the qualifications in question is still possible. In both cases, the host Member State shall continue to recognise the qualifications in questions and imposing, if necessary under exceptional circumstances, compensation measures.

The most common measure for assessing poverty was the lack of financial resources to pay basic bills, e. This means that conditions in this section of the community differed from generally accepted living standards. In financial terms, income was also below the established poverty line. The main cause of exclusion is identified as long-term unemployment without any prospects for change. The Annual Growth Survey has also highlighted the importance of tackling unemployment and the social consequences of the crisis.

The proposal for country specific recommendations has raised the attention on social challenges in specific Member States, like high levels of poverty and social exclusion in Bulgaria and Latvia among others. It identifies a number of measures that can support job creation, for example in areas such as the green economy, health services and ICT, The Structural Funds can provide financial support to implement projects which support job friendly growth.

The Commission launched in the European Progress Microfinance Facility for setting up or developing a small business. The Commission is carefully following the social development in Member States. Achieving jointly the Europe targets including the poverty target would mean a significant step forward in improving the living conditions of many poorer Europeans. Luftverkehrs KG on 2. In respect of this case, the Commission took the view that the airline had used a double-tracked approach towards the customer.

The LBA examined the case and came to the conclusion that the air carrier was entitled to deny boarding to the passenger on the basis of health and safety reasons since she was not able to produce the medical certificate required by the General Terms and Conditions of the air carrier to prove that the health and safety of the passenger was not at risk. The Commission agrees that the response from the LBA to the passenger regarding the conclusion of the complaint should have been more comprehensive.

The Commission has drawn the attention of the LBA to this issue, and the LBA promised to adopt the right tonality in sensitive cases such as this one in the future and where possible to provide more information on the reasons for closing the case. The European Union aims to be a major international player in the combating of climate change. The implementation of measures to combat climate change, and the application of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive mean that a body of national and European experts specialising in the relevant fields is needed to carry out the appropriate assessments and draw up guidelines.

How does the Commission intend to bolster the capacities of Member States to recruit and train the experts they need in order to effectively implement the measures contemplated in those two areas? The SEA Directive provides the basis for transboundary consultations. For the practical application of the requirements of the SEA Directive as regards climate change, the Commission is preparing a specific guidance due in the next few months.

It includes specialist courses for particular aspects of missions e. An exchange system for civil protection experts allows for the secondment of national experts including risk assessment experts to administrations of other participating states on all aspects of emergency intervention. Regulamentele CE nr. Articolul 4 din Regulamentul CE nr.

The free movement of people, which is a fundamental right of European citizens, also permits considerable mobility for workers. This means that European citizens can work anywhere in the European Union, which is a vital instrument for developing the labour market across Europe. Furthermore, cross-border worker mobility is becoming more and more pronounced. According to estimates, there are now approximately 1. However, there have been cases of Member States differentiating between their own citizens and occasional workers from other Member States in terms of claims for expenses, variable tax rates, child allowances, health insurance and unemployment benefits.

The principle of equal treatment applies to indirect discrimination as well as direct discrimination on the basis of nationality. The principles of non-discrimination and equal treatment are key components of the coordination rules in so far as they prevent people from being put at a disadvantage when exercising their right of free movement, and must be observed by the national authorities, courts and tribunals when applying national law. The Commission has initiated a number of infringement procedures against Member States when equal treatment principle was not applied.

However, the Member States are free to decide who is to be insured under their own legislation, what benefits are to be granted and on what conditions, how those benefits are to be calculated and what contributions are to be paid. The EU legislation provides solely for the coordination of the national social security systems. The regulations on social security coordination therefore lay down general rules and principles, such as on the aggregation of insurance periods for the accrual of pension rights.

Det danske dagblad Jyllands-Posten fremlagde d. Kommissionen vil foretage en grundig gennemgang af den nye lov. The Danish press further reports that, in his reply to the Commissioner, the Danish Minister for Justice stated that the Danish Government was seeking to change the law. He is reported to have included the following:. The right to free movement is a fundamental right guaranteed to all EU citizens. Under the directive, it is only possible to remove an EU citizen who no longer meets the conditions attached to the right of residence or on grounds of public policy, public security or public health.

However, in all cases, a decision to remove an EU citizen must respect the safeguards provided for by the directive. Expulsion of EU citizens is only possible on a case by case basis, respecting the principle of proportionality and based exclusively on the personal conduct and circumstances of the person concerned. The Danish authorities committed to swiftly amend their law to bring it in line with the relevant EU rules. The Commission will analyse the new law in detail. Will the Commission outline the auditing and accountability measures which aim to ensure proper and appropriate use of monies made available as pre-accession funding for Croatia?

In Croatia, implementation of pre-accession assistance is decentralised to national authorities, as the Commission has conferred management powers after the management and control systems have been thoroughly assessed. Primary and secondary controls ensuring the legality and regularity of individual tenders, contracts and payments are carried out by accredited Croatian authorities.

Each year the national authorising officer makes a management declaration concerning a confirmation of the effective functioning of the management and control systems, a confirmation regarding legality and regularity of underlying transactions and information concerning any changes in systems and controls. Furthermore, an audit authority in Croatia compliant with internationally accepted audit standards verifies the effective and sound functioning of the management and control systems.

The Commission carries out audits of the national sub systems. Findings detected by the auditors are followed up by the national authorities under the supervision of the Commission. What future legislation might the Commission initiate in order to strengthen the rights of air passengers denied access to their flight due to overbooking by the airline?

Is there any legislation forthcoming which would ban overbooking, or at least limit the amount of overbooking airlines can undertake on each flight? In addition, such passengers are also entitled to specified mandatory compensation if agreement cannot be reached voluntarily. Whilst the Commission appreciates the inconvenience caused to individual passengers who have been denied boarding as a consequence of an air carrier overbooking a flight, there are occasions when overbooking can be in the collective of interests of consumers.

Such situations can occur on flights where a majority of the tickets sold are of a flexible nature, allowing a passenger the convenience of being able to select their flight at a late stage, but which can result in seats being left empty. On balance the Commission therefore considers that the existing legislation provides adequate protection to affected passengers and has no current plans to extend its scope.

Costly and protracted audits and disallowances result in funds being diverted from their intended purpose and it is vital that they are minimised, particularly as the CAP is currently undergoing reform. The Commission is regularly issuing recommendations to Member States' paying agencies on the improvement of their management and control systems in the context of more than audit missions which it is carrying out every year.

Moreover, it participates in the three conferences with the directors of paying agencies and coordinating bodies which are taking place every year, two organised by the sitting Presidency of the Council and one by the Commission itself. In these conferences, the most common audit findings are presented, best practices identified and exchanged and guidance and advice given. Attracting and retaining young people is key to the long-term sustainability of any industry and the fisheries industry is no exception. Ensuring that the industry attracts and retains people for work off shore is not only key to the future of our fleets but also for securing many jobs throughout the processing supply chain on shore.

To encourage younger people to enter the sector, working conditions need to improve but also the fisheries sector more generally needs to become more profitable. Indeed, the overall objective of the reform is to ensure that fishing and aquaculture activities contribute to increased productivity, a fair standard of living for the fisheries sector, stable markets, ensure the availability of resources, and that supplies reach consumers at reasonable prices.

To this end, the proposed European Maritime and Fisheries Fund contains a number of provisions designed to foster growth in the sector by creating jobs and promoting sustainable fish stocks. The Commission's view is that sustainable fishing will lead to higher profits and employment in the sector, including for younger entrants in all stages of the production chain. The Commission proposal does not include specific provisions on succession planning. This is addressed by investing in growth-enhancing measures to make the fisheries sector a more vibrant, dynamic and profitable activity and will attract more professionals to the sector.

Furthermore, the proposal for the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund foresees a number of measures designed to facilitate diversification and job creation outside fishing to help support the wider fishing community and the transition towards a more sustainable sector. Can it also provide a breakdown of the number of applications for FP7 funding made by each Member State and region as well as the number of successful applications per Member State and region? This capacity varies across countries. There is a high correlation between the IUS index, as a proxy to measure innovation performance, and success rate in FP7, which measures success in drawing down funds from FP7.

It is important to note that the proposal made by the Commission for Horizon places stronger emphasis on innovation and demonstration projects, an evolution which should strengthen this correlation. The agri-environment schemes funded through the Rural Development Programme allow Member States and regions to tailor schemes to address local issues. This provision establishes a common monitoring and evaluation framework with a view to measuring the performance of the CAP. The same provision sets the obligation that the impacts of the common agricultural policy shall be measured, amongst other, against the objective of sustainable management of natural resources to which the greening measures are related.

In this context appropriate indicators will be developed that should facilitate the assessment and allow for measuring the effect of specific instruments against their objectives, including the greening obligations. As for the Honourable Member's second question, the precise indicators will be defined in implementing acts. One may however already assume that for a measure related to biodiversity such as Ecological Focus Area the indicator will tackle the question of biodiversity. But also other environmental issues related to the greening obligations, such as water quality or carbon sequestration, should be assessed.

Quais os seus resultados? What assessment has been made of the socioeconomic impact of the proposed changes? What conclusions were drawn? What species of shark are affected by this type of fishing and what is their conservation status?


Drawing from the information collected, notably that submitted by the sector, both in writing and during numerous meetings over a two-year period, the Commission concluded that its proposal would not have a significant socioeconomic impact, as stated in the impact assessment Report. According to the information submitted by the sector and by national authorities Spain and Portugal in particular , the practice of removing fins from sharks on board is only carried out by freezer vessels, and not by vessels which land fresh sharks. The two shark species mainly caught by EU surface longliners are blue shark and shortfin mako.

Their conservation status varies according to location, as described in the impact assessment Report. Other species are also caught, many of which are strictly protected under various national, EU and RFMO rules, due to their poor conservation status. These reports suggest that finning is occurring to a certain extent. More information is available in the annexes of the impact assessment Report. Nearly two years on, poverty and social exclusion have increased, as have social inequalities. This profoundly harmful development is even more pronounced in Portugal and the other countries being subjected to IMF-EU programmes, and it is an inevitable consequence of the antisocial nature of those programmes.

What specific measures have been taken to date as part of the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion? What resources, and in particular funds, have been allocated to this initiative? The timeframe for most measures ranges from to but there are also actions that should deliver around and beyond.

In other words the Commission cannot give a full evaluation on the success of the Platform as of yet. No specific funds have been allocated especially for the Platform against Poverty. However, the Commission proposal for the regulation laying down the Common Strategic Framework Funds for the years proposes that all these funds shall support promoting social inclusion and combating poverty. The current ESF is already helping the Member States to implement a variety of actions that fall well within the remit of the Platform.

At present, the Commission does not intend to review the Platform actions. However these actions are regularly reviewed within the Commission and with stakeholders. According to the United Nations, a child dies from malaria somewhere in the world every minute. These are modest sums, which could be reduced further still if research provides new and better solutions.

What support has the European Union allocated for the prevention and treatment of malaria in developing countries in addition to funds for the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria? The EU contributes to the fight against specific diseases including malaria mainly through comprehensive support to health systems strengthening at country level. Such support is complemented through thematic support addressing core health issues.

According to articles in the Greek press, the Troika, in cooperation with Greek banks, is in the process of drawing up a plan to provide assistance for thousands of over-indebted households unable to service their mortgages hence to protect the property market from a possible crash as a result of mass auctions. According to these articles, the plan provides for the three-year rental of seized property or property placed under seizure and expects that it will be ready to be launched following the completion of the recapitalisation of Greek banks towards the end of the fourth quarter of The application of this measure will only concern unserviced loans and will lead to the partial write-off of the loan and the exceptional suspension of auctions for the period of time in question.

Given the explosion in the number of over-indebted households now in the thousands which, for objective reasons, are unable to pay off their mortgages, will the Commission as a member of the Troika answer the following:. Does it confirm that the above plan is being drawn up in cooperation with Greek banks with the aim of finding a solution for the thousands of over-indebted Greek households?

If so, is the Greek Government participating in the dialogue? What criteria have led it to conclude that the rental of homes which have been seized or are under seizure is the most effective solution? Are any further measures being planned with the aim of protecting vulnerable groups of borrowers such as writing off debts or extending repayment dates? The Commission is aware that a draft law was under preparation by the Greek Government before the election, but that such a text was not put to a vote in Parliament.

Onlangs sprak de Europese Commissie zich krachtig uit tegen internetcensuur, en in het bijzonder tegen landen en bedrijven die dat organiseren. Zal dit meegenomen worden in de evaluatie van de goede besteding van de ontvangen subsidies door ENAR? Door wie en wanneer wordt deze evaluatie uitgevoerd? Bij welke dienst werden daarvoor door ENAR een aanvraag, een verantwoording en eventuele bewijsstukken binnengebracht?

Welke is de maximumwedde die jaarlijks aan een personeelslid van ENAR betaald wordt? De vrijheid van meningsuiting en van informatie is vastgelegd in het EU-Handvest van de grondrechten. De gebruikte technologische middelen of landsgrenzen spelen hierbij geen rol. Deze twee grondrechten moeten derhalve met elkaar worden verzoend. Het is aan de nationale rechtbanken om op grond van de context te bepalen of in een concrete situatie sprake is van aansporing tot vreemdelingenhaat, rassenhaat of geweld. Dit kader doet niets af aan de vrijheid van meningsuiting en van informatie, die niet absoluut is.

The European Commission recently took a strong stand against Internet censorship and, in particular, against countries and companies which organise this. It sounded like a duet - a guy and girl singing harmonies together. I can't really remember to much about it. I might be wrong but I think it had a lot of acoustic guitar If you know popular duet songs during July that played in most of the stations please let me know.

Can anybody help please? I'm looking for a song but I haven't got that much connections musicwise or lyricswise. It was a bit of a jazzy song - very relaxing and the clip exsisted of postcards which went back to the singers childhood.. The colours used in the clip are loads of green and brown. It is sung by a man. I thought first it was Cesare, but can't find anything It must have been last year or the year before , i'm not sure, that I saw it.

I looked it up on youtiube when i got home but didn't favorite the song Please, if anyone could remember Thanks Mike. Ugij Maybe this: "Figlio di un re" by Cesare Cremonini. Mike Goodson I don't know.. Ciao sono Italiano, posso aiutarvi a navigare tra il mondo della musica Italiano! Hi I was in Cecina Mare this summer and the minidisco had some funny songs in Italian.

I can't remember much as my Italian is dreadful , but there were lyrics that sounded like 'dansa dansa I know this isn't much, but can someone help me out? I'd love to let my friends hear those songs! Hi everyone.. I've just been in Sicily, and at the hotel there was as allways a animation team. And there was this one song that they played i promised my mom i would find for her, but it has been alot harder then i thought. Maybe someone here can help?? The song seemed to be a popular song in Sicily. Maybe even a kids song?? Its had a military sound to it, or the beat was military-ish.


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The artist was male and I remember in the music video was popular, played like every hour the guy had a giant ball, cant remember the lyrics I think it was between Rap, Hip-Hop, or Pop Any ideas, I know its vague? Could it be this? Italian pop song by female duet. Very popular in Italy in the summer when I was there. I can't find in charts. Alina: as ask-that wrote you, it could possibly be something by Finley pop-punk rock.

But it isn't that song. I think the song I' m trying to find was signed by another female duet. It was played regularly in radio stations and in music festivals in Another female duet from I can recall was between Alice and Skye Edwards from Morcheeba , "Open your eyes" partly in Italian and partly in English. Names of Italian song and singer needed,Thanks in advance. It's an old song sang by Domenico Modugno. This version is sang by Albano Carrisi. The name is Piove Ciao ciao bambina. I couldn't really make out any of the lyrics, but the music video had a girl dancing who was dressed like Leeloo from the Fifth Element Anyone have any idea?

Aleja - thanks for trying, but that wasn't it. It was an english song, that had a jazz band playing and a women singing it. I know the word "stuck" was used. It went something like "and now im stuck. I'm sorry but I dont have anything else to add it. Help would be greatly appreciated. The page is in spanish, but it let you know unforgettable songs that are not known abroad. Ciao, i hope that u can help me to find one song i have heard in roma nel I just remember that the singer repeated the words "ciao bella, ciao bella several times. It was a nice romantic and lyrical song.

Do u know it? Grazie se potete mi aiutare di trovare. Hi there, I have been looking for an Italian pop song for many years now - it must be from the 90s, sung by a woman, I thought it was Laura Pausini, but I doubt it now, because I just cant find that song. It has a refrain, that sounds like something in English like "I love you babe, I love you babe Does anybody know or can anybody help? Grazie Stefan. It was sung by a woman. It's still stuck in my ears and I would love to know what it was Thanks Vinny, but unfortunately it wasn't Matia Bazar.

The song was more up-tempo, more girl-band pop sound. Im in need of help im looking for a song from the music channel RTL I heard this italian song. But in the chorus its in english and goes like 'its a long long day, its a long long time' I cant get it out of my head. Anybody know the name of this song? I was in italy summer of '09 and on RTL If anyone can help id be very grateful. The children start to sing at around It sounded to me like the anglo-italian style of Love the way you lie heheh Thanks for the help in advance!

Many years ago I heard a Greek popular song sung by a woman, I myself can't speak Greek but she repeats something like Ides or eides in the refrain, the song is pretty catchy and fast. Many years ago I heard a Greek popular song sung by a woman, I myself can't speak Greek but she repeats something like Ides or eides in the refrain, the song is pretty catchy and fast, oh and by the way, I know that this site is for Italian music only but i do hope someone will give me the name of the perfomer, since I can see that a lot of Greeks are online, maybe they can help me.

Kiss you all. Hi, I'm looking for a song by a young italian singer from the 90s. I think he has curly hair, and in video he was walking on a path near seaside. Maybe someone could help I was just recently in Italy and saw a popular video clip on RTL In the video clip a young woman comes home and lays on the couch listening to the song on her iPod. She imagines herself on stage with the singer singing the song. Male singer. Sorry for the poor info. Yesss Crasho91, that's the one! Thanks a lot!! It starts off with a very upbeat cute female voice in a non-english voice and then goes "boom boom boom boom ; boom boom boom boom boom boom" 4 booms then short break and then 6 booms thanks!

Daniele: Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it was not the right track. The song I am looking for was more of a pop song with a female singer or maybe even a couple of female singers in a chorus like the infamous Las Ketchup girls I'm looking for a very very very tender italian song, it's like classical soprano voice?? It's a love song, good for crying. I'm sorry not to be able to tell something more about it, I have it in my mind, but can't remember the lyrics. Hello everyone! I wonder if I can get some help here to find a song i've been looking for almost one year it's an italian version of Pat Boone's Speedy Gonzales with Peppino di Capri's italian lyrics and english refrain but it's a BLUES version very different and probably 10 or 15 years old can't find it anywhere and I'm also desperately seeking a bossa tune female singer repeating bahia bahia bahia-ia very light and pleasant melody portuguese lyrics I think.

Appreciate any assistance! Am and Siedah Garrett.. Hope this is it! Hi everybody! I am looking for an Italian music video. It was a very funny video. I saw this video on italian music channel about 10 years ago. I hope you can help me. I'm looking for an italian song by a male guy or group that is very upbeat where a female singer is featured and she sings in English.

I think it was from summer of or I'm desperately trying to find a song I heard in the summer of when I was in Italy in July.

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The song was playing on the radio all the time, kind of Lunapop-style up-tempo song with male vocals. And when I told my italian friend that I really like the song she looked at me kinda funny and said that the lyrics are really bad and nasty I really can't remember anything else, hopefylly there's someone who could help me?? I know this is a long shot I'm looking for a song that I heard from an Italian film. I do not remember which film, but i'm guessing it's approx. The song plays at the end of the film when the credits are rolling.

It is a female singing with a deep, strong, beautiful voice. The song is slow and sounds very sad. I've watched soooo many Italian films that I can't begin to guess which one it was from. Any guesses?? Hi Im looking for a song i think its Italian song.. In the video it a man dressed in black ran to a house with cuffs on where a lil girl helped him to remove the cuffs. It was very popular I was in Italy in the summer of and there was a pop song all the time on TV that I'd like to find. I think either the song title or the group started with Q.

Any ideas what that might be? Hi everbody, I'm searching for an italien song from an italien singer. I think it's from and I also think it's just one person, no group. The singer is not so young I think years old. The song starts with a few instrumental seconds and the first words are "io che sono". Maybe it could also be "dio" instead of "io" and "solo" instead of "sono". It sounds so similar :-S It' s no lovesong, I mean no ballade, it's a kind of pop song. So difficult to discribe, sorry :- I hope you can help me Romie: Maybe Ligabue with their amazing song "il centro del mondo"!?

I've loved the italian song when I was in Italy or or , don't remember exactly. I was on south - Puglia areas in sommer time. It was played on radio many many times and I remember that in title was something with "Lucky". It was the same time as Las Ketchup girls was became hit with "Asere" and also Eiffel 65 with "Lucky in my life" but it's not their song.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the whole title or name of the band that song. Can you help me with that please? Hi,I'm looking for a song I always hear in the clubs in Florence,Italy. I heard it in summer and I went back last week and heard it again it has the words 'I can't get enough' repeated over and over it also has the words 'if you want me,if you need me' it is quite a dancey track. Hope you can help me!! Any other ideas? I am going crazy over a song I'm sure I heard in in Italy, but all I can really remember is the video, I hope you can help.

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The song is not Italian but I've only ever heard it and seen it on the Italian music channels. I'm sure it used to play often beside 'too much TV' by planet funk. Ok so the video mostly concerned an afroamerican boy riding around a city on his skateboard or bike. At one point I think he also argues with his mother and storms out of the house while she looks worried and shakes her head. The boy has a jacket on with the logo of SF 49ers or Giants. At the end he finds himself in the middle of nowhere and skates home.

The video also has two guys sitting against the skyline of the city while one sings the song. I feel like it could have been a dj with a guest vocalist. It is quite upbeat, but probably not for dancing. I think it reminds me a little of 'feels like home' by dino, but I might just be confused by the skateboards in the video. I will really really appreciate any clues anyone could give me, this has been driving me crazy for years! I also would have liked to ask this in Italian but my Italian is so terrible, sorry! Grazie Mille, Aly. Hi, I cant seem to figure out a italian love song i heard around 5 or 6 years ago a duet between a grey haired male with a full white beard shawn connery style and a young female model type with a very sexc voice.

Sono catalano e mi trovavo in vacanza in Sardegna dal 29 aprile al 1 maggio. Durante questo periodo, quando sono andato in macchina, ascoltava sempre alla stazione radio RTL Sembra abbastanza moderno e attuale, come durante il viaggio hanno messo circa 6 volte. Ho cercato tutte le canzoni nella Top 20, RTL Se qualcuno ha sentito di recente o conoscere il nome o direttamente l'autore di "single", chiedo che mi si prega di comunicare Siusi. Grazie e spero che tu mi aiuti a trovarlo. Ciao a tutti, I'm also searching one song that I think is Italian because I think she is singing in Italian the first half and then in English the second half.

I heard it on the Italian radio yesterday twice - so it's a new song and I think it's popular. Woman is singing, there are guitars also I didn't find it in google I hope u can help me. Per Kristina: could the song be "Blood for poppies" by garbage? Hey I was in Florence, Italy the summer of and have been trying desperately to find a song that I heard in the clubs. It almost sounded like a remix of a song from the 40's or 50's. I think it said something about money, but I can't remember anything else. If anybody can help me with this, it would so make my day. It may have been similar to Mr. Saxobeat but not too sure.

It was a crazy fun trip Ciao vincenzo! Grazie mille per il vostro aiuto! Anche se non ci credete, fino a ieri stavo cercando il pezzo "Only the voices Mi dispiace il mio errore nella trascrizione dei testi non ho intenzione di essere l'inglese o parlare spesso Grazie ancora ed a lungo! Only the lyrics and the singing melody remain untouched. The rest is another song altogether. The piece has been practically recomposed. In other words, another song was composed where the singing melody of the original song would perfectly fit.

An ethereal choir lays the carpet upon which the rest of the arrangements would rest. A mixture of classical scales, indian music, greek music, latin bachata, mambo and flamenco brings the song into reality. On top of an obstinate percussive tempo softened by a romantic bachata rhythm, we hear the sometimes sweet and sometimes savage expressions of the guitar telling us a story The third part of this recomposition gives the guitar the chance to break free from the melodic structure.

After a fierce battle in the oceanic winds against creatures of all sorts, we hear the guitar rest on an ingenuous final chord which, in the sunset is the herald of a peaceful starry night This Hey Jude was born to reach music lovers of all backgrounds and ages. This Hey Jude is a child of the heart and is meant to reach the hearts The owners of the copyright for the original Hey Jude Sony Music Publishers were so delighted by this recomposition that granted Joseph Ferrante a publishing agreement for it, thus allowing him to restructure the song.

It is important to notice that on very few occasions copyright owners have granted a permission to alter a song protected by them. The most thrilling part of the song, the last part, is not heard on this preview. Hey Know this is a hard one, but I heard a pop song in Italy i Think it was pretty popular back then. I think they sing something like "get up and dance, move your body Hope anyone knows the song. When I come to Italy Calabria for summer holidays, they have this dances in which all woman and men dances in line and there comes always a song in english I can't find it anywhere in internet.

Can you help? Hello, hoping someone could help me , was in Tuscany in October i think it was I dont remember the name or any of the words but the video was a group of friends.. I think they go away somewhere.. But in the end he leaves and she follows him i think they are in a field or something. Was playing around the time of Nelly Frutado " promiscuous girl", robbie willams "lovelight" and "rudebox" and the killers "when we were young".

Hope someone can help, sorry if im a bit vague. Who sings this fantastic Italian duet? I heard a great duet in what I believe was Italian. It is an easygoing, pieceful, slightly poppy acoustic duet man and then woman and at the end of the song sounds also like chorus. It was a wonderful song, and I can't figure out the name. I heard a really fun italian song in work the other day. It has four guys singing it and the vocals sound very speeded up. There are four guys in the video who are dressed up in suits, then shorts and at one point women's clothes Sorry if this is so vague X. That's all I remember but I would love if someone can help!

Hello there, please, somebody help me. I look for an Italian song, there is also a video to this. I was 8 or 9 and watched MTV and there was a nice Italian piece of music, it was probably or , men sitting above the roofs of a city singing something like "pasikla la finestra oleee" I have been searching for the song for ages. I think so A very nice male voice in it. Man says somewhere in the song "oh oh oh. They are: Con te si accendono le luci del cuore, per ritrovare il mio rifugio che ho lasciato al capolinea del mondo.

Peter Laurie had to speak English phonetically in his first English film. But yes, I agree, it's pretty amazing that anyone could do that. Unless that's exactly what the director wants for the role. Yeah, I have the same feeling, she is amazing in non-American movies. Too bad there are not that many of them in Italian. Though, I've read about another one, that seems quite interesting, I did not watch it yet, but it is in my list. It is called "Non ti muovere". Did you like "Night Train to Lisbon"? Is the book worth reading? I enjoyed the film very much, but I think, it was mainly because of the topic shame on me, but I did not know that much about history of Portugal even though my extended family is from there , the language and beautiful scenery of Lisbon.

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I've seen "Non ti muovere" and I do recommend it. It's, erm, quite raw and intense. And yes! I really enjoyed "Night Train to Lisbon" Loved the tone, the cinematography, the cast! Enchanting and gorgeous picture of "saudade. It's not one of those books that you can pick-up and read in tidbits; it's a chunker of a read that requires some extra chewing, so to speak.

Will let you know when I'm done. Mi piace il film si chiama "io non ho paura" , puoi trovare il film completo su youtube. As far as music goes. I listen to a radio station called RTL I also download music from my favorite artist or watch them on YouTube. These are by far my favorite Italian pop songs which have helped me along the way:.

It's really good, it shows the rich life in rome. Try some Sophia Loren--"Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" is three short films together that are charming and very funny. If they have the song you want, you can see the lyrics with the Italian and English side-by-side. I'll add it to the unofficial Duo wiki page with good links to help with language learning. Carlo Verdon's films are very funny and also the three comedian Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo are fun.

From the recently watched movies, I could recommend "La scoperta dell'alba" and " Buongiorno Papa" the last one is really very funny. I don't know much about Italian movies, but there are some really good Italian songs. Get started. Topic: Italian. Someone here has italian songs or movie to suggest? I think that would be usefull for everyone! March 25, I'm italian. I vitelloni — A comedy by Federico Fellini; Febbre da cavallo — A not very much known comedy about horse race and bettors; Mediterraneo — An academy award winning comedy about a group of soldiers lost in a Greek Island.

I'm sure i forgot some!