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  2. Heinrich Himmler: The Sinister Life of the Head of the SS and Gestapo
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His speeches stressed the following themes:. From this insignificant beginning, Himmler perceived an opportunity to develop an elite corps of the Nazi Party. By the time the Nazis seized power in January , the SS numbered more than 52, Himmler also introduced two key functions to the SS that related to the Nazi party's long-term core goals for Germany: internal security and guardianship over racial purity.

The SD kept tabs on Hitler's opponents within the Nazi Party and gathered intelligence on leaders and activities of other political parties as well as on government officials, both federal and local. At a minimum, a positive determination meant a job and better rations in German-occupied territory during World War II; at a maximum, the decision on ethnicity could be a decision on life and death.

In the five years after the Nazis seized power in January , Himmler built an unassailable position for the SS by taking control of the German police forces. On March 9, , he was appointed provisional president of police in Munich. Three weeks later, he was named Commander of the Bavarian Political Police.

Heinrich Himmler | The Man in the High Castle Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

By late , Himmler sought and obtained command of each of the state political police departments in Germany, and had centralized them within a single new agency in Berlin, the Secret State Police Geheime Staatspolizei ; Gestapo. Himmler also unified and centralized the uniformed police forces Ordnungspolizei ; Orpo in Germany.

In , Himmler also secured for his SS control over a centralized concentration camp system. Although various civilian authorities and police agencies had established autonomous concentration camps during to incarcerate political enemies of the Nazi government, Hitler—who was impressed with the Dachau concentration camp established by the SS in March —authorized Himmler to create a centralized concentration camp system.

Though this SS Inspectorate of Concentration Camps reduced the number of concentration camps to four in , the system grew in wartime to include main camps and hundreds of subcamps.

Heinrich Himmler: The Sinister Life of the Head of the SS and Gestapo

SS camp authorities would kill around two million prisoners—Jews, political prisoners , Roma Gypsies , so-called asocials, recidivist convicts, homosexuals , Jehovah's Witnesses , and others—in the concentration camp system. This position placed his authority outside the legal constraints of the German state. By tying the German police forces organizationally to the SS, Himmler effectively removed police personnel, finances, actions, and operations from external judicial or administrative review.

The Nazi leaders justified this extra-legal chain of command and the policies initiated under its authorization by the national emergency legislation following the Reichstag Fire in and the intensified emergency created by the war. Himmler expanded his authority during the war. This position authorized Himmler and the SS to plan, initiate, and control the pace of German resettlement projects in occupied Poland, and, later, the Soviet Union. Organizations under Himmler's command had the final say over who was German, where ethnic Germans should live, and what populations should be moved out or annihilated in order to make room for the German settlers.

In July , Hitler extended Himmler's authority for both security and settlement operations to the occupied Soviet Union. With Hitler's agreement, the SS, within its responsibilities for security and settlement issues, assumed the leadership role in planning and implementing the " Final Solution of the Jewish Question" as well as in annihilation operations throughout the Reich against Roma Gypsies and people with disabilities living in institutions.

Among those needs were clothing and household equipment for newly resettled ethnic German communities. These items the SS supplied in part from the personal property taken from Jews murdered at the killing centers. In order to strengthen the position of the SS relative to the established German elites after a victorious war, Himmler persuaded Hitler in late to permit the establishment of an armed SS force, known as the Waffen SS.

Although initially restricted to four divisions, the Waffen SS eventually fielded more than 20 Divisions, putting half a million men under arms and establishing a command and operations structure to rival the German army.

Hitler’s Circle of Evil – a historian’s perspective

That same year Himmler established a separate SS disciplinary system, since neither civilian nor military courts had jurisdiction to investigate criminal acts perpetrated by members of the SS and police or their auxiliary units. As military defeats reduced the prestige of the generals in Hitler's view, Himmler's SS further encroached on the authority of the German armed forces.

After the failure of the military putsch of July 20, , Hitler appointed Himmler Commander of the Replacement Army a position responsible for training and overseeing military personnel and gave him command of matters relating to prisoners of war.

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In December , Himmler realized his old dream to have a command in the field, when Hitler appointed him commander-in-chief of Army Group Upper Rhine in southwestern Germany. Despite appearances to the outside, Himmler was not all-powerful in the Third Reich. His most significant and powerful rival during the last year of the war was Martin Bormann, Hitler's Secretary and chief of the Nazi Party Chancellery. The Nazi Party apparatus, anchored in the political power of the Nazi Party District Leaders Gauleiter who also held positions in the State as Regional Defense Commissars, became more significant with the invasion of the Allied armies toward the end of the war.

A skilled organizer and a capable manager who understood how to obtain and use power, Himmler was the ideological and organizational driving force behind the rise of the SS. Moreover, he understood his SS men and knew how to secure their loyalty to his own person and to the concept of the Nazi elite to which they belonged. His ability to give his subordinates leeway to exercise initiative to implement Nazi policy was a significant factor in the murderous success of many SS operations. When he took over the SS, Himmler recognized the importance of internal security and determination of racial purity for the Nazi movement and successfully expanded the functions of the SS to meet these ideological and practical needs.

Himmler understood the importance of police power separated from legal constraint and state supervision; he persuaded Hitler—over the arguments of powerful rivals in the party and the state—that fusion of SS and police would forge the instrument for the Nazi regime to achieve its core, long-term ideological goals.

The Exception Official Trailer

It was Himmler whom Hitler entrusted with the planning and implementation of the "Final Solution. I mean here…the annihilation of the Jewish people…. Most of you will know what it means when corpses lie side by side, or or 1,…. This page of glory in our history has never been written and will never be written…. During his second year at university, Himmler redoubled his attempts to pursue a military career. Although he was not successful, he was able to extend his involvement in the paramilitary scene in Munich.

In , Himmler became more interested in the "Jewish question", with his diary entries containing an increasing number of antisemitic remarks and recording a number of discussions about Jews with his classmates. His reading lists, as recorded in his diary, were dominated by antisemitic pamphlets, German myths, and occult tracts. After the murder of Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau on 24 June, Himmler's political views veered towards the radical right, and he took part in demonstrations against the Treaty of Versailles.

Hyperinflation was raging, and his parents could no longer afford to educate all three sons. Disappointed by his failure to make a career in the military and his parents' inability to finance his doctoral studies, he was forced to take a low-paying office job after obtaining his agricultural diploma. He remained in this position until September Smith then shows him evidence of Heusmann's treason and Himmler has both Heusmann and his son Joe Blake arrested.

He then addresses the entire nation in the Volkshalle , assuming control of the Reich, and rewards Smith with a promotion to Oberstgruppenfuhrer.

Character Information

For his help in stopping Acting Chancellor Heusmann , Himmler promotes John Smith to Oberstgruppenfuhrer, making him the first American to hold the rank. He oversees Heusmann's execution and Joe Blake 's re-education, which results in Joe joining an elite group of Lebensborn agents, trained in covert operations. He sends Joe to the Pacific States to hunt down the remaining members of Heusmann's conspiracy.

Origins of the SS

These agents report directly to Himmler and get their targets from him. Edgar Hoover denies the existence of the evidence, he has Rockwell exiled and stripped of his rank before once again promoting Smith to Reichsmarschall of Nazi America , though he notes that Smith was too careless and that his wife may be a liability. Himmler and John Smith watch as the Statue of Liberty is destroyed. When Himmler learns that Joe Blake was K. When that agent is killed in his attempt and left on the street in front of the Nazi Embassy, Himmler is not only furious, but willing to crush Japan when war is threatened again.

Later, Himmler and Smith witness a test of Die Neberwelt, in which 1 of 4 test subjects is transported to another world while the other 3 are incinerated. Afterwards, he is taken to see the demonstrations in the streets of New York by passionate Hitler Youth, which reminds him of Kristallnacht. Moments later, he is shot by a sniper and critically wounded and last seen being taken to the hospital by ambulance and is mentioned to be in surgery.

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As of that, it is unknown if he will survive or die, in which case the leadership of the Reich is in question. He has noticeably gained weight into his sixties and is seen wearing an SS uniform throughout his appearances in the series. Er hat versucht selbst die Macht zu ergreifen! Das Reich dankt Ihnen! Das Reich salutiert Ihnen! But our beloved leader, Adolf Hitler, was not murdered by a foreign power, but by traitors from within our midst! The ringleader of these traitors, Martin Heusmann, has attempted to deceive you!

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He has tried to seize power for himself! The Reich thanks you! The Reich salutes you! Let this serve as a warning, for anyone who opposes us from outside or inside!