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  1. 7 Easy Hairstyles for College when You're in a Hurry ...
  2. Hairdos in a Hurry : Debbie Phillips :
  3. 10 Hairstyles You Can Do in Literally 10 Seconds
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This updo hairstyle for long hair really needs no instructions.

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You just need to fold the middle bottom section of your hair before making the twists from the sections around your temples. And then secure the updo with pins and also a strong holding spray. You should end up with a loop on the top. Now twist the elastic-free section of your hair and then taking the twist wrap it around the loop you already created. Use pins to keep it in place. This side bun is casual enough to wear regularly. This is also great to wear on a night out. It is advisable to make this bun with your second day hair and also blow-dry them for a smoother texture.


7 Easy Hairstyles for College when You're in a Hurry ...

This is the key to get this sculptural effect. This easy up do for long hair is named after a celebrity Ted Gibson. You can say it is the simplest to do like a ponytail. You can even create it without a mirror. The Grown-Up Half-Up. Repurpose last night's mussed-up texture with an easy out-of-your-face style. Step 1: Scoop It Up.

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  4. Step 2: Invert It. The Reversed French-Twist Pony. This hybrid of a low ponytail and a modern chignon is actually way easier than it looks. Step 1: Make a Pony. The Knotted Low Bun.

    Hairdos in a Hurry : Debbie Phillips :

    Show off an unexpected style with this no-nonsense braided bun. Step 1: Braid It.

    8 EASY HAIRSTYLES For Running Late!! (semi-Heatless)

    Step 2: Make the Bun. The Cool-Girl Twist. Keep crazy layers or out-of-control bangs in place with this easy twist. Step 1: Get Twirling. The Headband Tuck. This low-key style adds a modernized edge to your hair, no matter your natural texture. Step 1: Amp It Up. Gather the entire back section of your hair at the root and tease with a comb for volume. Step 2: Add a Tie. Step 3: Tug It.

    10 Hairstyles You Can Do in Literally 10 Seconds

    Gently tug the top of the ponytail up from the ribbon to create an overhanging loop. The Hair Headband. Don't worry about bedhead frizz with this simple slicked-back style. Stephanie Stanley. By the time I've decided what to wear for the day and put on what little makeup I can manage, I really just don't have time to fuss much with my hair.

    Short Wavy Hairdo

    They say, "You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce," and I do, but I don't have her hair stylist. Until it's acceptable to leave the house looking like a wild animal, I will forever be on the search for lazy girl hair hacks. I have done some research on doing as little as possible when it comes to doing your hair and it seems like it can be done with a few tools and some good preparation. I have also discovered that there are definitely some hairstyles that are super cute and with practice, can be achieved in less than five minutes or while multitasking and accomplishing other things which is exactly what a busy twenty-something holding down two jobs and a blog needs.

    It's not that I am lazy in all aspects of life; however, if I am going to choose to be lazy about something, my hair seems like a good choice, particularly if I can make it look fabulous in a hurry. This is a really quick and easy way to make sure that you are looking polished, even if you do absolutely nothing else to your head before leaving the house.

    A ponytail is a pretty boring, standard way of telling the world, "Hey, I really just didn't care that much today," but I never thought of this little trick. Using bobby pins to keep your pony from sagging is a great way to maintain polish without really trying at all.

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    If it were up to my real life mother, I would wash my hair every day, but that's not real life, mom! Dry shampoo is the next best thing. Yes, I swear this is apparently a thing.

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    8. In a jam, when I have run out of dry shampoo because, yes, I use it a lot , Google has told me that it is OK to use cornstarch.