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Now polo has gone to the buckwheat belt. At 5 feet 11 inches and pounds, Smith seemed to play effortlessly. Smith's era marked the American zenith of polo, a game invested by Asiatic nomads and brought to the United States in by Englishmen riding American horses. The sport is popular in Argentina and England and has received wide attention because of such celebrity players as the Duke of Edinburgh and his son Prince Charles.

33 Major 'Marco Polo' Characters, Ranked (Photos)

In , Smith and his wife moved from San Antonio to Boerne. Smith's citation read in part:. With determination and fortitude, he developed his abilities to perfection. Over the years, he played on more fields with more players than perhaps anyone else in polo. He has always been and still is the inspirational leader of the game. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. In , he told Polo magazine: ''I can't ride very much any more, but I do ride a couple of hours every morning. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.

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Marco Polo: Did the Pope Really Send Crusaders Against Kublai Khan?

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Already a great character, the blind warrior monk upped his game in season 2 by cracking a ton of jokes and kissing a lady. And he continues to not be treacherous toward anyone -- he kinda stands alone in that regard. He's, delightfully, the first straight up magical character on "Marco Polo," and there was far too little of him in season 2. But assuming a season 3 is on the way, that should be rectified in the future.

In the awkward position of being caught between basically every different faction on the show and having no tangible reason to be loyal to any of them, Mei Lin nonetheless manages to only murder people who have it coming. You could make a convincing case that shes' the real hero of "Marco Polo," even though she operates on the fringes of it most of the time. We make the definitive determination. Photos Nayan, as a Nestorian Christian, is operating as ambassador to the Catholic Church on behalf of the Mongol Empire, and he intended to suggest an alliance between the Mongols and the Church, so his people could assist in a Crusade in the Holy Lands.

Maffeo Polo Marco's coward uncle is somehow even worse than his father, so I guess we can all be glad he didn't show up in season 2. Orus Kaidu's son thinks with his biceps, which is good, considering Jingim smashed his skull in. Bai Got cut down while trying to say something mean to Mei Lin. It was delightful. Niccolo Polo I should hate him for being a total jerk in nearly every scene he has, but that part where he very smoothly killed a bunch of Mongol soldiers forced me to very begrudgingly respect the dude. The Blue Princess I know she was just an illusion, but she shouldn't have been so mean to poor Kokachin.

Kaidu's evil mom Pretty sure she hates everybody, even her family. That's makes her a Certified Bad Person.

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Empress Dowager "Marco Polo" tends to be very reluctant to kill off major characters, especially "good" ones, so the Empress' death in season 1 was kind of a big deal. Ariq Bloke Deserves props for rebelling against Kublai before it was cool, even if all he got out of it was a mostly severed head. Kaidu If, in your quest for power, your mom suggests you do a bunch of drugs and walk naked on hot coals, maybe you should just call it a day. Gerel Had the great honor of having his group be the first to be wiped out by Prester John. Stable boy Got to secretly bang Kokachin thanks to Chabi feeling the need to arrange a clandestine surrogate father for Jingim's kids, what with Jingim apparently shooting blanks.

Ling-Ling Mei Lin's daughter, whose sole purpose in life is to be held hostage by everyone as leverage over Mei Lin. Arban Hard to respect a waffler like Arban, who spent all of season 2 changing his mind about whether he wanted to support Kublai or Kaidu at the kurultai. Jing Fei Was not extremely good at lying, but she gave it her best shot. Za Bing Notable for being the first character I've ever seen on a TV show who pees through a straw on screen. Yusuf It seemed noble at the time when he took the fall and was executed for some bad stuff Marco was accused of doing.

Tulga Kokachin's lover from back in the day before she started pretending to be a princess. Kokachin A peasant pretending to be a princess, Kokachin totally isn't prepared for life in the spotlight and cracks under pressure in season 2.

High Season

Khutulan Even as she sees him give into peer pressure, Khutulan tries to be a good daughter to Kaidu -- especially after he pulls the unprecedented move of naming her his heir. Nayan Caught between family and his faith, Nayan chose the latter -- but it didn't work out for him or anyone else. Ahmad Maybe he's not the nicest guy around, what with his whole plot to kill Kublai and his whole family and whatnot. Byamba When he finds out his girlfriend Khutulan is Kaidu's heir, he gets all patriarchal and jealous about it.

Empress Chabi Mom to everybody on "Marco Polo. Music of the Spheres. A Christmas Carol. Death Is the Only Answer. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. The Great Detective. The Snowmen. Last Christmas. The Doctor's Meditation.

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The Husbands of River Song. The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

Peppi the Polo Pony - Wicky Wacky Farm Series - Book 1 - Doreen Slinkard

Twice Upon a Time. Categories :. Cancel Save. Seasons William Hartnell. Season 1 : - Season 2 : - Season 3 : - Season 4 : Seasons Patrick Troughton. Season 4 : - Season 5 : - Season 6 : - Seasons Jon Pertwee. Season 7 : Season 8 : Season 9 : Season 10 : - Season 11 : - Contrary to common belief, season 10 kicked off in the last week of December — not in , as would be expected.

Season 10 actually began nine years after season 1 started. Seasons Tom Baker. Season 12 : - Season 13 : - Season 14 : - Season 15 : - Season 16 : - Season 17 : - Season 18 : - Seasons Peter Davison. Season 19 : Season 20 : Children in Need Season 21 : Seasons Colin Baker.

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Season 22 : Season 23 : Seasons Sylvester McCoy. Season 24 : Season 25 : - Season 26 : TV Movie: Series 1: Christopher Eccleston. Series 1 : Regular episodes. Series David Tennant. Series 2 : - Christmas special. Series 3 : - Series 4 : - For the purposes of this list, "Series 4" is considered to be the production series 4 , which ran all the way from Time Crash to The End of Time.

The years seen in this section may seem decidedly "off". Remember, however, that this list only gives the first year in which an episode from a series was broadcast. David Tennant, unusual amongst other Doctors, began and ended on special episodes, not regular ones. Thus, his series actually begin in , and — not , and as is commonly thought.

Series Specials: Matt Smith. Series 5 : Series 6 : - Regular episodes April Regular episodes August Series 7 : - Christmas special Regular episodes Specials :