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She hides the razor scars on her wrist. Eventually, she leaves Narutaki Sou to marry her boyfriend. Near the end of the manga, she admits to herself to have liked Shiratori for a split moment, since she couldn't "help liking a guy who chases after his dreams", before deciding to leave for France with her boyfriend. In the anime, she remains at Narutaki Sou, telling her boyfriend to ask her to join him again once he has finished his studies and fulfilled his dreams.

At the start of the series, Megumi is twenty years old claiming to be nineteen and her birthday is February It should also be noted that despite her poor skills in living, she possesses great skill in chess which Momono notes is a useless skill in life and in the arts capable of making art pieces out of almost anything—sand, snow, wood, and even food , giving evidence that she seems to have inherited her father's skills.

At the end of the manga, she is working as a freelance sculptor, making an expensive looking wooden dragon. It is also revealed that she isn't really lazy or bad at working but rather, simply has low or no confidence and motivation. Ryushi Shiratori's children's story that is seen many times throughout the anime involves the story of a prince. The prince, who is a representation of Ryushi himself, discovers a castle with a princess living in it. The princess has a fondness for umeboshi and for various reasons concerning umeboshi, she multiplies into other princesses.

These new princesses are the representations of Kozue, Saki, Chiyuri, Nanako and Natsume and the princesses appear in the same episode as each of the new personalities are introduced. Often during the anime a vertical comic-style sketch related to the main story is shown. The art style and music are consistently used in this way as various situations are shown for comedic purposes. Each panel is displayed for several seconds until the next panel scrolls into view.

Together with King Records Starchild label. A set of 22 tarot cards with Mahoraba's characters exist. The drawings are done by the author, and in addition to original cards, others such as mass-production versions simplified background , fake tarot cards different pictures for card number , and special editions holographic exist. These are supplements for related merchandises, and cannot be collected in its entirety solely by buying the books; thus, it is hard to complete the collection.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Maburaho. In addition, the white goat phobia and the nail-bat information can be found from this CD. Gangan Comics. As Miss Beelzebub Likes B. Akame ga Kill! Works by J. Flying Witch Food Wars! Crimson Legend Kud Wafter Categories : Manga series manga anime television series Japanese television series debuts Japanese television series endings Gangan Comics manga Odex J. Hidden categories: Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cover of the first manga volume. Enix Square Enix Monthly Gangan Wing. Anime television series. Anime and Manga portal. Voiced by : Satomi Arai. She attends the same high school as Tamami. She has several different personalities that come out when she experiences different emotions, but returns to her original one after sleeping or passing out. Each of her different personalities has a different hairstyle and eye color.

Kozue's eye color is a bluish green. She is extremely nice and like all of her other personalities, she enjoys umeboshi. Near the end of the manga, it is revealed that the cause of her different personalities is her sad past where she lost everyone that she loved, starting with the death of her great grandfather and her later abandonment by her parents. Terrence tries to rip off Mrs.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Rodeheaver one last time before leaving town. Sabrina sees her go into the hypnotic state and switches the jewels with a couple of rocks. Terrence grabs Jill in a scuffle, but Kelly scares the hell out of him by pretending that she is in another trance and wants to kill him. After he releases Jill and confesses to all his crimes, she admits that she was only acting. After roller derby star Karen Jason dies in an apparent accident during a game, her sister hires the Angels to investigate. Jill poses as Barbara Jason and wins a spot on the squad. Sabrina questions Jessica Farmer, who runs an insurance company owned by Hugh Morris, the owner of the roller derby team.

Kelly looks through Karen's apartment and finds a baggage claim ticket for a bus locker. Red Loomis, the burly apartment manager, calls Jessica about Kelly's discovery. Her associate, Jeremy Carr, places a bomb on the bottom of Kelly's car. Kelly discovers that the ticket leads to a suitcase filled with money; which also contains several phony drivers' licenses for Betty King, one of Karen's teammates. Charlie tips Kelly off about the bomb, and she is able to escape with the evidence. Karen's sleazy boyfriend, Joe Esposito, is found murdered.

A stock market expert with ties to Charlie tells Sabrina that the Hugh Morris Corporation is suffering heavy losses due to questionable insurance settlements. Jessica and Betty ask Jill to take part in a scam in which they stage phony accidents and collect insurance settlements by using various aliases. Jessica and Jeremy discover Kelly and Jill's true identities. Jessica tries to cut a deal with Kelly, and reveals that Jill will suffer a fatal accident in the next game.

Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

Betty flips Jill over the railing, but help arrives before Jeremy can harm her. Jill climbs back onto the track and gets revenge on Betty. The Angels and the police arrest her attackers; as well as the team's coach, who was buying stock in the Morris corporation as part of a takeover attempt. Esposito had been attempting to blackmail Jessica, and Karen was killed because she knew too much information.

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Quotes: Kelly: "I've been on a roller coaster ride. After four members from his old Army Intelligence unit are killed by a skilled assassin, a man turns to the Angels to keep himself from becoming the next victim. The culprit is believed to be a man known only as Jericho, but no case can be made against him because he never leaves any evidence. The client, Kamden, agrees to continue his daily routine in the hopes that Jericho can be caught making an attempt on his life. Sabrina poses as Kamden's girlfriend and takes him to a nearly vacant park for lunch, with Kelly, Jill, Bosley and the police providing back-up around the park's perimeters.

Jericho observes Kamden, but refuses to make a move. Jill arranges a "chance meeting" with Jericho, and begins seeing him to try to get a read into when he will attempt the hit. Jericho gets a tip that someone has been asking questions about him; he suspects Jill, but does not take any action. Jill falls for Jericho's charms, and feels extremely guilty when he is wounded and placed under arrest after aiming at Kamden. Jericho had been hired by a prominent French politician, who wanted to protect his career by eliminating anyone who could reveal that he acted as an assassin for the Allies during World War II.

Roy David is caught running out of a building after a robbery, but cannot be arrested because he has shoved the money into a mail slot. He is a career criminal and gambler known for pulling off robberies whenever he hits a bad streak. The Angels set him up to lose the proceeds from his last job, knowing that this will force him to attempt another heist. Bosley poses as a bookmaker at a bar frequented by David, and Sabrina shows up to collect on winning bets for several successive days. Bosley tells David that Sabrina and Kelly are wealthy heiresses to a computer fortune; and David is led to believe that Sabrina is cheating by predicting the outcome of horse races via computer.

He blackmails her into picking a winner for him. The Angels rig the outcome of a race by tricking owners into withdrawing two of the three favorites. David loses the rest of the money in a rigged blackjack game, as Charlie has planted the dealer. After observing Jill's suspicious behavior at the table, David follows her and sees her buy some sort of plans. She is apparently hit by a car, and the layout to the gambling club falls into David's hands. He pulls off the heist, but Kelly waits on a street and slams into the back of his car.

He tries to get away without making an accident report, but the police and a tow truck quickly arrive. As a crowd gathers, the trunk finally pops open, revealing his stash to everyone. The Angels go away for a three-day paid vacation. Sabrina is thrilled because Prof. Peter Wycinski, a highly respected Polish political writer, is making a speech at their hotel. Sabrina has a chance encounter with the professor, who comes to her room for a drink and asks to meet with her again.

When she waves to him a few moments later, he ignores her. Kelly and Jill find her story highly dubious, but Sabrina insists that something is wrong. Wycinski's advisors try to convince her that he simply doesn't want to acknowledge her in public because it would be bad for his reputation. Sabrina realizes something is amiss when a man trying to pick her up claims never to have heard of the professor, even though she had seen him keeping surveillance on his room.

Sabrina disguises herself as a waitress and sneaks into the banquet hall in the hopes of finding out what is going on. Jill and Kelly discover that someone is being held hostage in a chalet. When one of the captors tries to sneak him out in the back of a trunk, Kelly and Jill follow him and force him off the road. They find that Prof. Wycinski is the prisoner. An impostor has been sent to the banquet hall in his place; he is to make a speech supporting communist rule in his nation.

The impostor attempts to drug the Assistant Secretary of State, who will then become confused and go along with a resolution in favor of the communists. Sabrina causes a commotion and removes the poisoned wine. The Angels and an FBI agent grab the culprits and send the real professor out to make his speech. Quotes: Kelly expressing disbelief about Sabrina's story : "Yeah, just last week, Rosalynn Carter leaped through my window with a quart of chili!

A woman hires the Angels after two men try to set fire to the film vault at her son's business, Goldman Laboratories. Assistant D. Paul Baylor--known for his exemplary conviction rate--overhears Jill asking questions about the case and approaches her, claiming to have information. Bosley and Sabrina question two of Goldman's investors, and are confused when the pair angrily denies knowing the man. The Angels discover that Goldman is a pornographer. Goldman admits that he blackmailed his investors into backing him, using film he had taken of their tryst at a local motel.

A man tries to shoot Jill in the garage at Sabrina's apartment building. While looking over more footage, the Angels notice a man hurriedly coming out of a building in the background of one scene. Jill suspects that it is the same guy who attacked her, and goes to the location where the film was shot to investigate. She discovers that the building includes an apartment that was the home of a murder suspect that Baylor is prosecuting. She calls a number given to her by Baylor and talks with an officer named Sgt.

He and his partner come to speak with Jill, who recalls that the murder suspect claimed that someone planted evidence. She suddenly realizes that the two officers were responsible, and notices Baylor watching from a distance. He had pretended to work with her on the Goldman case so that he could monitor her progress and do away with her if she got too close.

Jill appears to be in serious trouble, but Kelly and Sabrina arrive and help her bring the situation under control. Ask questions and I'll try to explain. Gloria's prayers have already been answered by now. A man hires the Angels after his wife is caught stealing money from his safe. Sabrina trails Mrs. Mallin to the Poker Palace, and discovers that she has been purposely losing on a regular basis. Mallin and the other players each have a connection to the Versailles Hotel, a Las Vegas casino.

She finally admits that she sought work as a chorus line dancer at the facility years ago, but a job never opened up. She became so desperate that she let Cass Harper talk her into spending the night with one of the high rollers for money. Someone took pictures of the encounter and has been blackmailing her for years.

Kelly auditions for a spot as a dancer, and learns that Harper routinely uses young women as part of a plot to blackmail wealthy patrons. Mallin was targeted because she happened to end up marrying a rich man. Jill must fend off an attack from one of Harper's accomplices, who recognizes her from the Poker Palace. The Angels seek the help of Elsbeth, an aspiring dancer who is trying to turn her life around. Bosley takes a liking to her. He poses as a Texas millionaire and sets himself up as a mark so that Sabrina can find out who else is in on the scam. Sabrina assumes the role of a tax investigator and convinces the casino owner that Harper is stealing from him.

He tries to flee, but is caught by two of the owner's henchmen and forced to "go for a walk" in the desert. While he is being beaten, the Angels seize the blackmail evidence. They destroy it and tell the victims that they are in the clear. Quotes: Bosley: "No advice.

I cook alone. The Angels investigate the misdoings at a hospital, where someone in doctor's scrubs has attempted several rapes on the nursing staff. Kelly and Jill go undercover as nurses, while Sabrina poses as a reporter. Jill accepts a date with one of the suspects, a nervous intern known for repeatedly making advances toward nurses, and discovers that he is basically harmless. Sabrina learns that chief surgeon Ted Danworth has been taking a form of methamphetamines to cope with his grueling schedule.

Several pills are found at the scene of one of the attacks, and Kelly finds a number of empty bottles in Danworth's office. Bosley checks into the hospital under the pretense of having a bone spur in his toe treated. His cantankerous roommate sneaks back into the room in the middle of the night, not long after one of the rape attempts.

After learning that Bosley is a detective, Halvorsen slips him his sleeping pill and switches their charts. He punches out an orderly and makes a break for it. Charlie later discovers that Halvorsen actually feared that Bosley was investigating him for overdue alimony payments. Bosley accidentally undergoes an unnecessary appendectomy. Sabrina discovers that Danworth was accused of malpractice after a man died during surgery several years earlier; the orderly, Ted Blain, is the deceased's son. She does not realize that Blain has overheard her talking with Bosley.

Kelly returns to Danworth's office to find that he has overdosed, leaving a confession in an apparent suicide note. However, someone has actually forced him to take the pills at gunpoint. Kelly overpowers the attacker and discovers that it is one of the nurses. Blain tells Sabrina that he and the nurse--his mother--plotted to avenge his father's death by discrediting and murdering Danworth.

He tries to attack Sabrina with a lead pipe, but Jill and Kelly disarm him. Danworth recovers from the overdose. Quotes: Bosley: "Now if he was cleverly and deftly interrogated The only trouble is, you're the one that's closest to him, so you'll have to do it. After a woman rejects the advances of her dance instructor beau, he suddenly attacks her.

Someone bursts in and photographs her in a compromising position, and also snaps photos of some drugs that have been planted in her purse. Now on the verge of bankruptcy, she asks the Angels to help her retrieve the money. Jill gets a job as a dance instructor at Alexander Cruz's studio, while Sabrina poses as a nerdy heiress and puts herself in line as instructor Tony Bordinay's next target. Bosley pays Schaffer Goodhew, the private detective working with Cruz, to leave town.

Kelly passes herself off as Goodhew's assistant and wins Cruz's trust. Sabrina pretends to get drunk and pass out during a date with Bordinay, and Kelly snaps incriminating photographs. Sabrina tells Cruz that Bosley is a scam artist who intends to sell the pictures to her father for a huge profit. Goodhew returns to town and exposes Kelly as an impostor. She does her best to convince Cruz that she is just an opportunist with no ulterior motives, but they have Goodhew hold her at an abandoned bowling alley that is one of Cruz's properties.

Cruz and Bordinay pay a visit to Sabrina's "real" father actually Charlie , who emphatically states that the woman in the pictures is not his daughter. They return to the alley before Kelly can escape, but she and Jill use their bowling skills to incapacitate Bordinay and Goodhew. Sabrina catches Cruz trying to make a getaway. Quotes: Sabrina: "She's your girlfriend , isn't she? Jill is just an employee here. I don't like her! She wouldn't have lasted three minutes with Bordinay. Today is today, Bosley. Esteemed veteran actress Gloria Gibson seeks the help of her old friend Charlie after she experiences a string of frightening mishaps, including seeing a man hanging from a tree in her front yard.

Because all of the events are recreations of scenes from her films, there is some speculation that she might be hallucinating. Gloria insists that someone is trying to drive her crazy--or perhaps even kill her. Sabrina stays in Gloria's house as her secretary, while Kelly lands a job as an extra in her next film. Jill hangs around the set as a reporter. Gloria nearly dies when she is trapped inside her trailer after it is set on fire. Kelly finds it suspicious that one of the stage hands, Galbraith, just happens to have a crowbar handy to pry open the trailer door. Galbraith and his friend Barkley become nervous as Jill investigates the "accident.

Sabrina and Jill see Galbraith and Barkley with Gloria and her husband in an old photograph. She reveals that they once helped her husband obtain a reproduction of a famous painting, which now adorns a wall in her den. Kelly is bewildered to see Gloria's agent, Frank Ross, meeting secretly with Galbraith on the set. She is caught calling her friends, and Frank chases her onto the catwalk with a gun. Sabrina and Jill arrive to help her. They reveal that the painting was actually an original, worth millions; Galbraith and Barkley decided to re-acquire it after the death of Gloria's husband.

Frank hoped to keep Gloria from working so that she would become destitute and sell the house, putting the painting into the trio's hands. Quotes: Kelly: "I did plays in high school and college, and I never get speeding tickets. What does that have to do with anything? The owner of a cruise line hires the Angels to determine who is responsible for a series of accidents during the voyages, including the death of a honeymooning couple. The Angels receive a threatening note before they have even boarded the ship.

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A crew member is murdered during the cruise, and Bosley is knocked out and stripped naked after a phony "man overboard" warning. The killer locks Kelly into a passageway and turns on the steam valve; but she is able escape through a panel in the ceiling. Bosley, Jill and Sabrina announce that Kelly is dead, and ask the passengers to submit to fingerprinting so that their prints may be compared to those supposedly left on the steam valve. The killer takes the bait; and Kelly catches Harry Dana, the ship's comedian, wiping the valve clean. The Angels capture him, only to learn that he has planted three sophisticated bombs somewhere on the ship.

The deranged Dana explains that he developed psychic abilities after a car accident a few years ago, and blames his boss for his inability to obtain funding to begin a research center. He finally reveals the location of the bombs. A member of the bomb squad communicates with the Angels via radio and helps them work on the devices, which they are ultimately able to throw overboard.

Quotes: Jill: "My guess is, he's the murderer. How else would he know that Charlie called us angels? He was trying to come on to all three of us and needed a collective noun. Howard Fine enters a massage parlor, where the owner has shot and killed a customer for assaulting an employee. Fine kills him for threatening to expose his involvement with the establishment, which is a front for prostitution.

The chief of police hires the Angels to investigate corruption within the vice squad, as someone has been tipping off the massage parlors before raids. Bosley and Jill re-open one of the parlors, while Sabrina goes to the police department as a special investigator from Phoenix. Fine instructs two men to run over Sabrina in an alley.

She gets their license plate number, and is stunned to discover that the car is registered to police cadet John Barton. Kelly returns to the police academy and enrolls in the same class as Barton. He and his friend Miller admit that they are involved in a rather lucrative venture. Fine plans to kill Natalie Sands, the girl who was beaten at the massage parlor; but Sabrina interrupts. Natalie reveals that her boss received inside information from "Doc," a man with ties to the police department.

Fine spares her life because she cannot identify Doc or his associates. Bosley records a conversation between Barton and Fine that proves their involvement in the scandal. Fine calls Bosley and explains that he will "look out" for his establishment in exchange for weekly payments. Sabrina's ex-husband, who had been transferred to Santa Barbara, notices her name plate during a brief stopover at the police station. He ends up blowing the Angels' covers. Jill goes to the restaurant where Kelly is dining with Barton and advises her to watch him. Jill and Kelly ride to a junkyard with Barton and Miller, but realize that something is amiss and disarm them.

Beautiful Sleep Music, Falling Asleep in an Angel's Embrace, Inner Calm, Dream Relaxing Music

Fine takes Sabrina to the junkyard and plans to kill her, but walks right into an ambush. He shoots himself in the stomach. Quotes: Bosley on phone : "We take reservations, but she's booked up through next week. No, she wouldn't do that. I don't think she even knows what it is! I know I don't know what it is! Sabrina and Kelly are upset over Charlie's decision to hire a replacement for Jill, who has taken a leave of absence to pursue a career as a race-car driver. Their fears quickly fade after they discover that their new partner is Jill's younger sister Kris, who attended the police academy in San Francisco.

They must fly to Hawaii after Charlie calls and reveals that he has been kidnapped from his boat. The Angels meet Charlie's captor, a cunning young smuggler named Leilani Sako. She threatens to kill Charlie unless the Angels help her husband Billy escape from prison. Sabrina determines that they will break Billy out, and then return him after Charlie is safe. Billy's lawyer arranges for a court hearing, and the Angels and Bosley set up an elaborate scheme to stage an accident and spring him from a police car. The Angels grow concerned over the interference from one of Leilani's rivals; who attempts a hit on Leilani, shoots Billy's sister, and threatens Kelly.

Leilani loses Charlie to the competitor, Alfred Blue, but still hopes to force the Angels to return her husband. Sabrina emphatically states that she will not see Billy again unless she helps them find Charlie. Blue tries to cut his own deal for Billy. A man's body washes up on the beach--with Charlie's identification in his back pocket. Quotes: Bosley: "I always thought the world of Jill. She tell you anything else? Bos made him up. Charlie's been kidnapped, and I haven't even seen him yet.

Could get rich. I think. The Angels cannot identify the body, but one of Leilani's men says that it is not Charlie. Billy describes to Bosley the way he fell in love with Leilani, and laments her reluctance to give up their shady lifestyle. Billy suggests that they simply trade him for Charlie, but the Angels refuse to even consider sacrificing him. Kelly and Kris search for Sammy Telford, an eccentric man who might have information about Blue. One of Leilani's men tries to kidnap them to set up an exchange for Billy, but Blue's men drive the attackers away.

Leilani assures Kris and Kelly that she had nothing to do with the kidnap attempt, and promises that there will be no further interference. Kris finds Sammy at a nude beach, where he is preaching about the dangers of too much sun. She must discard her clothes to get onto the beach and talk to him, prompting much teasing from Kelly and Sabrina.

Sammy tells Kris that Blue is most likely holding Charlie on his yacht. The Angels cannot call the police because they would get into hot water for springing Billy. Sabrina contacts Blue and pretends that she wants to turn over Billy in exchange for cash and future employment opportunities. She goes to his yacht to discuss business, with Kelly, Kris and Billy hiding under a cover in her speedboat.

The trio sneaks on board the boat, where Kris barricades herself in the engine room and Kelly takes over the bridge. Sabrina tries to free Charlie, but he breaks loose of his shackles and jumps out a window while she is fighting with Blue and his men. Kelly steers the boat toward shore; and the Coast Guard comes aboard and accuses Blue of harboring a fugitive. Billy comes out of hiding and surrenders, claiming that Blue broke him out of prison.

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The Angels follow Charlie's lead by jumping overboard and swimming to shore. Quotes: Kelly and Sabrina laugh hysterically. Kris: "Well, fine. What would you have done in my place? A temperamental ice show owner hires the Angels to investigate after someone breaks into his office. Billy, a slow-witted locker room attendant, accepts a bribe to leave a door unlocked so that some masked men can kidnap the male skating star.

They also take his partner, much to Billy's dismay. Kelly and Kris audition for the show. They are able to sweet-talk the artistic director into accepting them, although Kris is reassigned to clown duty after she repeatedly falls down. Two fabulous skaters suddenly show up out of nowhere to take over for the missing leads.

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Kelly finds their appearance rather suspicious, but is unaware that they are actually highly skilled assassins. Their employer also nabs a security guard and sends in one of his goons as a substitute. While checking out the missing female skater's apartment, Sabrina has a run-in with one of the kidnappers. She tries to chase him, but gets arrested for commandeering a truck and accidentally slamming into a police car. Sabrina talks with a wino who has been hanging around outside the arena all week. She learns that a limousine with diplomatic license plates has been involved in several mysterious happenings.

The skaters practice a routine in which they will fire muskets that contain American flags. The masked men knock out the ice show's machinist, and the new skaters' "cousin" offers to fill in for him. He tampers with the muskets, putting real artillery into two of them. Quotes: Kris: "It's Canoe, isn't it? I knew it was Canoe. You know, with your body chemistry, it's like gardenias in the fall. You see, I left it in the room when I took my gun out of my purse to shoot at the gorilla who was driving the limousine. A gorilla can't drive even if he does have his license. It was a person in a gorilla mask.

Now we've got a drunk that sounds like a bad song supplying the clues. Kris develops a friendship with Billy. After cooking her dinner, he tearfully explains his role in Helene's kidnapping. Sabrina learns that the only files in Max's office affected during the break-in were the arena lay-out and seating chart. While talking with Mason about the infamous limousine, Kelly sees the vehicle arrive. She pays a motorcyclist to follow it, and ends up at an Arabian restaurant. She poses as a belly dancer and gains access to the room where Dirgus and his associates are meeting. Unfortunately, her veil falls off during her routine, allowing Dirgus and his henchman to recognize her.

She is taken to the warehouse where the skaters, security guard and Iggy are being held prisoner. They are able to create a catapult; and launch Kelly to the top of the room, where she climbs out the window. She makes it to the arena and sends help to the warehouse. Sabrina and Bosley work as vendors and keep an eye on a group of sheiks in town for an OPEC meeting, as they seem to have some role in all the commotion.

Kris realizes that Olga and Luisi are going to shoot the sheiks, and tackles them as they try to fire their weapons. She and Kelly knock them out; while Billy helps Bosley and Sabrina take down Dirgus and his henchman. The conspirators were dissidents from various Arab nations, who hoped to assassinate their compatriots and seize control of much of the world's oil.

Quotes: Kelly with Southern accent : "I wanna thank you for bein' so kind and courteous. I'm gonna be sure and talk about you to my cousin Ermadine now. I can't stand up! Ben Pawl, the host of the Miss Chrysanthemum pageant, flies out from Iowa to seek the Angels' help after someone begins scaring away the contestants. Kelly and Kris enter the pageant, while Sabrina and Bosley pose as a news crew filming a story about the event.

Someone fires shots into Kris's room, and a sandbag is dropped on the main stage in the middle of rehearsal. Two rather stupid men try to bribe one of the judges an older woman into voting for Billie Jolene, the daughter of a wealthy Texas businessman. When she refuses and begins hitting them, they kidnap her. Sabrina stakes out the airport as the replacement judge arrives.

She overhears the men bribe and blackmail the woman until she agrees to vote for Billie. Sabrina hides in the guys' trunk in the hopes of finding the kidnapped judge, but gets caught in the act. After the wealthy Millie refuses to pay the men to release her, Sabrina suggests that they might be able to get Bosley to cough up the money. They approach Bosley with guns drawn, but Kelly and Kris jump offstage in the middle of the show and beat them up.

The goons reveal Sabrina and Millie's location, and confess their role in the bribery scam. Billie is disqualified, but a disappointed Kelly and Kris lose the pageant to a girl who recited a soliloquy from The Merchant of Venice while twirling a baton. Bosley explains that the host told the judges not to vote for them because they were not legitimate contestants.

Charlie spends all of his time watching a woman in a bikini play with a medicine ball. Quotes: Pawl: "This isn't for real, is it? I mean, this isn't really going to be on a network television news show. You see, we're private detectives. We gotta pick up a dollar here, a dollar there. Every little bit helps. Pigeons can't skulk.

They were skulking in there. They are skulking pigeons! No, we shouldn't ask for whom the bell tolls. When one man is lost or friend is injured, when the bell tolls, it tolls for all of us. Bosley: "Which one of you would have won? Sabrina's college roommate Angela, a stewardess, receives threatening phone calls from someone who keeps leaving her black roses.

Sabrina goes to stay with her, while Kelly and Kris go into training to become stewardesses. One of the other stewardesses is attacked in a parking garage and killed with a karate chop to the throat. Mai Ling, a trainee with a chip on her shoulder, becomes a suspect because she holds a black belt in karate. The killer calls Angela and orders her to follow his instructions or risk losing more of her friends. She agrees, and refuses to tell Sabrina what is going on.

Angela obeys a recording in which the killer orders her to drug the co-pilot; hijack the plane during a test flight for the student stewardesses; and kill the pilot upon arriving in Peru. However, the pilot is actually her stalker; he arranged the hijacking scenario to make himself appear innocent of any wrongdoing. Angela accidentally shoots the pilot in a struggle, and then hits her head and gets knocked out. The co-conspirator, who has assaulted the flight engineer, pulls out a gun and orders the stewardesses to get the cockpit door open.

Kelly and Kris refuse to act until he explains. He says that he and the pilot plan to sell the airline's new automated pilot technology, which can fly the plane until it lowers to an elevation of fifty feet. The co-pilot wakes up long enough to put the plane on automatic pilot. Kris and a tall woman disarm the gunman, and Mai Ling kicks in the door. Kelly must follow the tower's instructions to bring the plane to a safe landing. Quotes: Sabrina: "I wonder what Burt Reynolds is up to. A couple of weeks ago at dinner at Devereaux's restaurant. It was right after you threw your salad in my lap.

The Barzak family circus is plagued by a number of mysterious accidents. The owner's son, David, seeks the Angels' help to determine the cause. They must keep their identities a secret from his father, a gypsy who believes in handling his problems on his own--and also has a problem with women in the workplace. Sabrina seeks work as a clown's apprentice, while Kris becomes the knife thrower's assistant.

Kelly convinces Barzak to hire her as a motorcycle daredevil, but two men sabotage her equipment. Sabrina and David quickly take a liking to one another. Someone leaves a snake in her bed in the hopes of scaring her away, and Kelly and Kris narrowly escape when their tent is set on fire.

Intrigued by his strange behavior, Kris swipes a glass with the fingerprints of knife thrower Helmut. A computer check reveals that he is an East German circus star who recently defected. Anton Tarloff, the clown, is actually behind all of the misdoings. He blames Barzak for his niece's death in a circus accident years earlier, and has become obsessed with driving him out of business. Tarloff and his cohorts suspect that the Angels are cops and decide that they must do away with them. One man knocks out Helmut and takes his place in the knife-throwing act, but Kris gets away.

He reveals under duress that Tarloff plans to kill Sabrina by using a real sword in their comedic duel. He cannot bring himself to do this because Sabrina reminds him of his late niece. Kris tackles a sniper, thwarting his attempt to shoot Kelly during her motorcycle jump. Bosley tries to avoid the persistent advances of an amorous little person. Quotes: Barzak: "I have no problem with women, long as they wear skirt and stay in kitchen wear they belong. Why don't you stay with me? Sabrina: "What is that?! Resort owner Hildy Slater hires the Angels after her drifter nephew, Frank, is strangled in his cabin.

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Kelly and Kris join the staff, while Sabrina goes undercover as a magazine reporter. She's inexplicably obsessed with our stuffed-shirt hero , on whom she will focus her kuh-razy antics until he learns to live freely and love madly. Finally, she may be presented as a cheerful variety of Threshold Guardians , all the way from less uptight to psychopomps happily welcoming their clients into "another adventure". It's a long-standing trope around since at least , but the term was coined in by film critic Nathan Rabin , who found it grating , as he believed it to be the result of Wish Fulfillment from stir-crazy writers.

He explicitly compared it to the Magical Negro , in that a Manic Pixie Dream Girl exists to help the protagonist achieve happiness without ever seeking any independent goals herself. Unfortunately, the term ended up being misused to describe simply quirky female characters, with many who are actually well-rounded being given this label. Rabin would later disown the term , because instead of creating awareness of the "lack of independent goals in female characters", the concept instead accidentally ended up suggesting that ALL quirky and fun women automatically merited this trope, whether they actually fit in or not.

This should be remembered when adding examples below. Also note that a protagonist can rarely be a MPDG because as the main character, she is most likely to have independent story arc and depth of character. Despite all that or because of all that , there are ways of utilizing this trope without falling into that pitfall. Given enough time, Character Development can add to their personality and interests and pull them away from the MPDG foundation.

The story may even be told from their perspective , revealing that there is more to them than bringing adventure to brooding guys. Deconstructions of the idea may show that they resent being considered only useful for the benefit of the main character, idolized as something that they are not, or that once the main character reaches their "enlightened" stage, the MPDG moves on to the next person who needs their help. An alternative type of deconstruction is for a character introduced like this to turn out to be dangerously unstable, tipping over into Cute and Psycho. From the girl's perspective, this trope becomes Single Woman Seeks Good Man , though whether the hero qualifies varies.

May also overlap with Trickster Girlfriend if she enjoys playing tricks on the protagonist and deliberately misleading him just for the fun of it. Contrast Nerd Nanny and Yamato Nadeshiko for examples of calmer and more mature ladies. The Screwball Comedy is a genre driven entirely by this character type. If the latter, expect them to learn just as much from their cynical partner as they teach the cynic learns to enjoy life more while the immature one learns responsibility. Community Showcase More. Chance met a girl of his dreams.

Now he's married to her. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. She'll liven up your life I rock a lot of polka dots! I have touched glitter in the past 24 hours! I spent my entire day talking to children! And I find it fundamentally strange that you're not a dessert person; that's just weird and it freaks me out!

And I'm sorry I don't talk like Murphy Brown! And I hate your pantsuit. I wish it had ribbons on it or something to make it slightly cuter! Albeit not for lack of trying on her part. Anime and Manga. Ai from Ai-Ren has been especially brought back to life to accompany the male protagonist during his last days.

Her looks and personality follow the rules of this trope to a T, but, alas for the boy, she is of the variety that dies before he does. Menma from anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day becomes this for Jinta, former leader of a group of childhood friends that have drifted apart due to the loss of one of their friends. Subverts the usual Second Love part as Menma is the friend that died , and she came to Jinta for help accomplishing some unfinished business that's preventing her from moving on. Ashita Dorobou has an interesting variant of this trope.

Might be a Deconstructed Character Archetype of sorts. Straitlaced protagonist Kyouichi Miyasako, 30 years old, broke up with his quirky, free-spirited girlfriend Ashita Tendou way back in college, and has been haunted by regret ever since. Suddenly, with a UFO hanging in the sky over Tokyo, she returns to him, wearing the same maid costume she was wearing when he dumped her, and she hasn't aged a day.

He tentatively accepts her back into his life, even though something feels off about the whole situation. Kyon was fine with his life as it was, or at least thought so until the day he decided to strike up a conversation with Haruhi, not knowing at the time what he was getting himself into. Their meeting gave her the impetus to create the SOS Brigade. Rather than wait around for extraterrestrials, espers, and time travellers to show up, she decided they'd investigate strange happenings around their neighborhood in hopes of finding them herself, and she volunteered Kyon as her first inductee.

The series goes deeper by exploring Haruhi's psyche, revealing that her eccentricity stems from her perpetual boredom. Complicated further when Koizumi explains that Haruhi unknowingly possesses the ability to reshape reality as they know it, according to her desires. And is convinced she may be the god of their universe. Despite Kyon's initial skepticism, this revelation sheds new light on his perception of Haruhi, and he eventually accepts that Koizumi may be right.

Although she has way more depth of character than the average MPDG taking care of her sick younger brother and such , she tries to win over Yuuhi's heart with her child-like enthusiasm. However, although they end up being good friends , Yuuhi never loves her back, since he was already in love with The Heroine Aya. Their relationship ends tragically when Chidori dies in his arms shortly before the end of the story.

However, it's Rosette's life that goes completely pear-shaped upon the chance meeting. While he's actually the main character, his life revolves around drawing Yuki out of his shell to such an extent that everything else, even his singing career, takes a backseat to their relationship. Unfortunately, it is Yugo who died at the exact moment Alita dragged him out of his shell. However, after he flat out tells her that he isn't in love with her and never will be, she becomes devoted to keeping Tsukushi and Domyouji together. Daikichi starts the series contemplating suicide after a run of terrible luck, and happens to move into an apartment " haunted " by Kana, who manages to talk him out of it with her unique perspective, having successfully committed suicide years earlier with considerable dissatisfaction.

Eventually, Kana convinces Daikichi that life is precious, and Daikichi's friendship cheers Kana immensely after years of solitude. Later, Kana deliberately plays the trope towards Inagawa up to a point. K : In the anime, Shiro and Neko are both this for Kuroh. At first, Neko seems to fit this exactly for both of them, showing up in Shiro's room naked and declaring herself to be his cat, but Shiro has a lot of this himself.

And Shiro is much more of a love interest to Kuroh, with both of them seeing Neko as somewhere between a pet and a little sister. When Saruhiko meets the Blue King, and realizes he would fit into the Blue Clan better than the Red, Misaki doesn't understand him at all, and considers him a traitor, setting up for where their relationship is at the time of the series. Nodame Cantabile : Megumi Noda fits this description, but her chosen inspire-ee, Chiaki , mostly wishes she'd just go away. Too bad she lives in the next apartment over, goes to his music school, and starts calling him her husband a few chapters in.

Nodame's also such a manic pixie that she can't take proper care of herself at all , necessitating Chiaki to feed her and keep her apartment from turning into the Trash of the Titans. Subverted, because while she is instrumental in motivating Chiaki to take his musical career further, she is very much a well-rounded character of her own. Her development later on in the series shows this very clearly. Takigawa Magister from Onani Master Kurosawa is the first to get the eponymous onanist out of his shell.

The energetic Jyushimatsu plays a male example in episode 9 of Osomatsu-san. While practicing his baseball swing, he meets a depressed, unnamed country woman ready to jump off a cliff. His wacky antics and funny personality make them become quick friends. Their relationship ends tragically when the girl has to return to her city on the day Juushimatsu was planning to confess to her, no less. Paprika's job in Paprika is being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl for men: a sprightly therapist who joins them in their dreams and takes them on surrealist adventures.

In her daily life, she sees herself only as a dull, proper scientist and ignores the spontaneous part of herself too much. Misha from Pita-Ten is this toward Kotarou. In the anime she's just doing it because she believes it's what an angel should do, in the manga it's originally because Kotarou is the reincarnation of his granduncle Kotaroh, the boy she loved who committed suicide. Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei parodies this with Fuura Kafuka, the ridiculously upbeat Cloudcuckoolander , and Nozomu Itoshiki, a man who is always in despair.

However, the show is adamant about not giving anyone any Character Development whatsoever And even if they did, Kafuka's methods wouldn't develop anybody's character , save possibly making them clinically insane Shimoneta : Life was normal for Tanukichi, until his fateful encounter with Blue Snow , who saves him from the Public Decency Squad at the railway station. Later that morning, he learns she's really Ayame Kajou , the vice-president of Tokioka Academy's student council. Guess who she drafts as her first recruit? Mihoshi Akeno in Sora No Manimani , who has a touch of Unlucky Childhood Friend running through her in addition to being a hyperactive girl who wants to get broody book-reading protagonist Saku out into the world of the Astronomy Club.

He's zany, wacky, ballsy, Crazy Awesome , and encourages Simon toward the Call to Adventure , setting the series into motion. Sadly, he ends up dying in order to move the plot along , leaving Simon in a manic and depressive state. Nia, who replaces Kamina in this role after his death , she ends up being the one who helps Simon believe in himself again and serves as his strongest supporter. She dies at the end, minutes after marrying Simon post Timeskip, resulting in Simon Walking the Earth from then on to fill the world with flowers in her memory.

Video Girl Ai : this trope is explored in the manga. Ai and the other Video Girls are supposed to be sort-of Robot Girl versions this, created specifically to comfort young and kind-hearted persons in trouble, and supposed to comfort them without thinking of anything similar to their own agency It also deconstructs the role of the man in this sort of relationship, as it is heavily hinted that while a standard Video Girl would give "pure-hearted" boys like Youta the fun-loving companionship and comfort they need, said boys would never grow as independent people, nor gain the emotional maturity to enter a real relationship.

Furthermore, while "customers" know that a Video Girl's love is artificial from the get-go, they're so desperate for affection that a VG's devotion and unconditional affection would win them over regardless, and make them incapable of the real thing in the long run. On the other hand, it is explicitly shown as an experiment from Rolex with Video Girl Mai that equally lonely, brooding, but not-quite-pure-hearted boys would succumb to a severely codependent relationship and would end up broken even worse than they started.

Exploited in Welcome to the N. Flunk Punk Rumble subverts this. The girl forces him to help under the pretext of being the class president, making the life of the Delinquent loner hell with her hare-brained attitude and well-meaning schemes. She's only bugging him because she used to be a delinquent herself and can't relate to anyone else. FLCL : Haruko seems like one of these, attaching herself to soulful brooding main character Naota and being the main impetus behind his Coming-of-Age Story.

Up until it's subverted by the reveal that she had her own agenda all along and her wacky hijinks were part of a plan to manipulate Naota until he'd served his purpose and she's not really all that interested in him as a person at all — the ' Character Development ' she inspired in him was either incidental or mostly part of the plan although her last few lines suggest that she's genuinely taken a liking to Naota, even if her own personal mission took top priority.

Mamimi is a deconstruction, as her strange actions and her inappropriate advances on Naota are signs that she has serious issues of her own to work out. Rare Male Example : Kotoura-san 's Manabe, bringing Har uka out of her shell with his love of life, wacky antics, and copious amounts of perverted Imagine Spots. Nyarlathotep please, call her Nyarko from Haiyore!

Nyarko-san fits that second paragraph at the top of the page like she was poured into it. In fact, the few times Nyarko has toned herself down and acted demure, even Mahiro is surprised at how attractive he finds her. An interesting subversion, and probable deconstruction , occurs in Death Note. Unfortunately for her, Light has no intention of falling in love, and finds her antics both obnoxious and exasperating. He does, however, play along in order to use her shinigami eyes. I couldn't say it, but if I had a personality more like [Kirin], [Ryou] would have been happier now. Comic Books.

A Deconstructed Character Archetype in the graphic novel Demo : A stressed-out businessman meets one of these girls. She encourages him to unwind and enjoy himself, as they meet over meals and he occasionally lends her money. Then one day he gets suspicious, breaks into her apartment The reason she can say what he needs to hear is because she spies on him. Jack was in a rut and utterly bored with his life of crime. Harley — unaware that his "job" was career criminal — told him that it sounded like he had a gift and that he ought to embrace it.

Jack takes her advice and goes to his next job which leads to his fateful encounter with Batman that turns him into The Joker. Harley doesn't quite fit the mold since she has her own issues too: she's working nightshifts as a waitress at a bar to pay her college tuition and jokingly tells Jack that if he really wanted to thank her for the advice he can give her enough money to pay her way through college.

After he becomes The Joker he does just that. In Death: The High Cost of Living , Death's incarnation on Earth fills this role towards the viewpoint character, mostly by means of inexhaustible good cheer rather than engaging in wacky antics. There's no hint of a romantic attraction from either side either, and the viewpoint character realistically finds her kind of annoying.

This tends to be Death's role in general. In all her appearances, she turns up, acts quirky and gets people to cheer up or gives them a stern talking to depending on their needs Justified in that the Endless are strongly defined by their function, so Death by her very nature finds it hard to have strong preferences, since death comes to everyone and is therefore supremely impartial. Trippy artist Eliza is adorable and sweet from head to tail. The trope is played with, as she is legitimately dangerous she has absolutely no impulse control, and so has a tendency to get into fights—this is besides the Pinkerton detectives hired to hunt her down , and that the reason why she's a MPDG is that Danny shot her in the head and the bullet is destroying the moral and judgment centers of her brain, which will kill her eventually.

Subverted in ElfQuest. Aroree is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl to Skywise, although he barely needs one, but mostly to her tribe, which otherwise consists of very serious ancient elves. She gets broken and develops into a very mature, sad figure, sticking around in the main plot for the rest of the series. Jack pointed out that, unlike the Mist, Hepburn did not kill anybody. Some depictions of Doctor Strange 's apprentice and lover, Clea, show her playing little pranks on him whenever she thinks he looks too grim and needs to smile.

Subverted in The Diary of Molly Fredrickson: Peanut Butter as Erica has this effect on the title character sexually with Molly going from "merely" catching her parents roleplaying in her uniform to being the Tagalong Kid in her sexual adventures. There's making out with each other in the bathroom despite no previous interest in girls , with the eponymous food , there's a threesome with her boyfriend; and so on until threesomes and orgies are natural to her, leading up to gangbanging the nun Erica has Foe Yay with for prom.

Squirrel Girl fits the trope, especially around Speedball whom she is determined to rescue from his self-inflicted punishment of being the brooding Anti-Hero Penance. Spider-Man : In her very first appearances, Mary Jane Watson had a lot of hallmarks of a screwball-comedy heroine a Manic Pixie Dream Girl with a dark side in that she was a free spirit, dashed attractive and clearly enjoyed throwing Peter Parker's life into disarray.

Her darker side came into evidence e. Obviously that changed after Gwen's Death. It's also worth pointing out that Peter didn't start falling for her until she dropped the act and started showing her true self. Another Stan Lee creation, Janet Van Dyne aka the Winsome Wasp, was this to Henry Pym Ant-Man, later Giant-Man, Goliath and Yellowjacket in the s, but again with a darker edge — one thing she liked to do in an attempt to make him come out of his shell was to flirt with other Avengers.

David falls in love in a girl named Meg when she appears to literally fly out of the sky on angel wings to give him hope. The event turns out to be a flash mob prank, but Meg sincerely cares for David after hearing about his problems. While Meg resembles the trope in that she is often energetic, has many random quirks, and is devoted to David's wellbeing, she avoids the trope's pitfalls through being fleshed out. Meg has made a job for herself in helping the homeless, is not flawless, suffers from depression made worse by not taking her medication , and has her own life with friends outside of David.

This is best demonstrated in a speech she gives him towards the end of the comic, where she promises David she'll help make his name great but she wants her own name great too. He also responded to the criticism in several interviews, mirroring Nathan Rabin's response that the problem isn't quirky female characters, it's female characters who are nothing but quirks.

See a Problem?

Comic Strips. Bridget is like this in My Cage. Although the other main characters are generally too cynical and depressed for her to have more than a temporary effect. Norm: You are like dating a cartoon elf sometimes. Sally: What does he know? Nymphadora Tonks of the Harry Potter series usually fills this in fanfiction.

She's a clumsy metamorphmagus meaning that she can change her appearance at will, for example she's usually seen with pink hair , who wears band t-shirts and has more humor than most of the cast. She's often paired with a character the author feels needs to loosen up Lupin, Harry, Moody, etc. Edward majorly shook up Alfons' dull life with his determination, devil-may-care attitude and refusal to believe anything without proof and helped Alfons' rocket program take off. In fact Edward shakes up Alfons' life so much that when given the choice to go to Amestris with him, Alfons jumps at the chance without a second thought.

Although the dark side of the trope is lampshaded when Alter! Hughes warns Alfons how dangerous Edward could be, so focused on his own goals that he ignores the possible fatal consequences. In the same story, Alphonse Elric to Roy Mustang. Alphonse shakes Roy out of his disillusioned funk in his self-exile and gets him to live life again.

Although Alphonse does this for selfish reasons: he wanted to learn Flame Alchemy from Roy, learn who his brother was from the man that loved him and learn how to seduce Edward for himself. Edward's presence acts as an anchoring force in Roy's life, causing him to take things more seriously, work harder, take his duties more seriously and be more honest to himself and others. When Roy falls in love with him, he reevaluates his promiscuous lifestyle and considers giving it up to be faithful to Ed.