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  1. The Book That Launched a Series
  2. Too Much Blood: A Toni Day Mystery by Jane Bennett Munro (Paperback / softback, 2012)
  3. Jane Bennett Munro, author of the Toni Day mystery series
  4. Too Much Blood: A Toni Day Mystery
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This is the fifth in the Toni Day Mystery series, and different from the other four in that pathologist Toni Day is not in Twin Falls, but out of the country completely, in the middle of the ocean, obliged to solve a murder without any of her usual support system. Exceptional realism that only comes from personal, hands-on experience.

The Book That Launched a Series

Munro writes with captivating flair, and her story line is believable and realistic. Jane Bennett Munro, MD, is a semiretired hospital-based pathologist, with nearly four decades of experience. She resides in Twin Falls, Idaho. Author of medical mystery and mayhem. About the Author Jane Bennett Munro has been a hospital-based pathologist for 39 years.

Too Much Blood: A Toni Day Mystery by Jane Bennett Munro (Paperback / softback, 2012)

It appears Burke has two wills; the first one leaves money to women he had affairs with. But he claimed to be broke, didn't he? And then a mysterious bleeding illness attacks those people involved with the disgraced attorney. Police cry, "Murder! Author Munro, a semi-retired pathologist, has written a can't-put-down tale of murder and poisoning seen through the eyes of a pathologist bent on solving crimes.

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Munro's writing is entertaining, believable, and fast-paced. She takes you into the autopsy room, shows the fragility of the characters, and makes the reader feel they are inside the story. Readers will definitely be looking forward to solving more cases with this character.

Too Much Blood by Jane Bennett Munro - 60 sec

An autopsy needs to be performed on a low life attorney, Jay Braithwaite Burke. In the investigation to find out what killed the lawyer, Day discovers quite a few people who had a reason to take him out. Burke was involved in some not so kosher deals which drew the attention of FBI agents. Looks like the pathologist has a full plate. Munro herself is a 34 year pathologist, so writing the medical parts of the book are second nature to her. The author wrote a good thriller with lots of webs to untangle.

Jane Bennett Munro, author of the Toni Day mystery series

I only have one complaint with the book. Most of my reviews have been 5 stars so far, so getting one for 3. No matter. I spent lots of time developing them.

Too Much Blood: A Toni Day Mystery

But wait. I did that in Murder Under the Microscope.

Besides which, there are an awful lot of characters in Too Much Blood. Many of them are children, who are peripheral.

Why did I make the Maynards and the Burkes so prolific in the first place? So I gave the kids to her best friend and next door neighbor, Jodi Maynard. I did so to make him look like more of a sleaze, leaving not only his wife but four children besides. But I took the criticism to heart. Thanks Goodreads, for setting me straight. Author Jane Bennett Munro MD is a semi-retired pathologist with over thirty years in the field, which gives her writing the exceptional realism that only comes from personal, hands on, experience. Toni Day, the main character in "Too Much Blood" receives a call in the wee hours of the morning because Jay Braithwaite Burke, the local and sleazy attorney has been found deceased.

Toni is required to perform an autopsy and the question of the day? A man died in his car in the middle of the night during a snow storm?

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Apparently Mr. Burke was promoting a pretty impressive hedge fund and almost every single doctor who worked at Perrine Memorial Hospital invested in it. Unfortunately, when the economy tanked, so did his hedge fund and it was revealed shortly afterward to be a massive Ponzi scheme. Dick's wife, Doris, is convinced that the historic house she shares with Dick is haunted.

To make things even more complicated, Doris is also suffering from a mysterious illness. When Toni and Hal arrive, Doris takes a sudden turn for the worse and ends up in a coma. While doctors struggle to diagnose and treat, Toni explores the historic house looking for clues.