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  1. The Sherwood Wolves
  2. Series: Briar Creek Vampires
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  4. Time Will Tell (The Briar Creek Vampires, #7) by Jayme Morse
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A random encounter at the swamps outside Saint Denis, sees a dead body hanging from the trees. What comes next is extremely creeeeepy. Annoying the camp over and over will trigger a secret cutscene. A nod to the Jungle book can be found in the form of a giant snake resembling Kaa. This strange shack is built in a remote location, it contains a strange liquid that we dare you to try! A mutant experiment can be found in an abandoned house.

A tiny church can be found in the swamps. You will need to crouch to take a look inside. A reference to Red Dead Redemption 1 can be spotted in the form of a crashed airship. Watch out! The remains of a giant mammoth can be found in the snowy regions. To trigger this easter egg you must have discovered 30 different animals and follow the flock of birds all the way to the location.

Follow the video for more information.

The Sherwood Wolves

Close by to the meteor house you can find the impact that meteor has has on the land with a massive gaping hole. A random night encounter can result in the KKK inducting a new member. Heading to the Swamps at 2am will help in triggering a random encounter with a ghost. When you get too close, she will disappear. A man claiming to be the devil can spotted in a random cave. There will be different dialogue if you come back every few days. Another nod to the Hobbit can be found next to the river west of the Hobbit House. A store in Saint Denis stores a secret mask that Undead Nightmare fans will recognize.

If you visit this farm, in the left shack you will find a dead man and a black sheep that seem to be married? There is a terrifying encounter with a Vampire triggered by interacting with the 5 markings around Saint Denis. Follow the video to trigger him for yourself. North of Annesburg, at the very northern end of the map, you can find a hermit sitting in a tree. He believes himself to be the king of the forest, which is a funny little encounter.

There is a mutant man sitting on a porch and playing on his guitar. If you stare for too long he will start shooting at you. A ghost train can be seen in the below video. Complete the side quests and follow the video to see what really happens in the end. South of Van Horn Trading Post, is a secret mass grave with a tombstone.

All the bears in Red Dead Redemption 2 randomly show up in the wilderness, right? Not quite! There is a bear hidden inside a small hut that also contains items requested by your gang members. As soon as you enter the door, you get mauled by a bear instantly! A deadly jumpscare. Visit the burned-out manor from Chapter 4 onward and you will find the body of Catherine Braithwaite in the ruins along with some other secret items.

Also i full on cried when her Mum and Justin died!!!!!!!!! SO SAD! I get very emotional during books! Anyway loved it and after 1 minute of finishing this book I already hast brought and started the 2nd. This book was strange. It had really strange conversations that went from sensual to concerned to, well When you read it you will understand what I mean.

Then there were points that didn't make sense. Dramatic events that didn't seem to phase the character nearly as much as being forced to date a guy she wasn't into, at the moment. Despite the random conversations and general weirdness of Lexi, the main character, I couldn't put the book down. Lexi seems like a typical drama qu This book was strange.

Lexi seems like a typical drama queen teenager, who apparently has raging hormones. There is a big secret in the town that everyone seems to know except for her. The really great thing about this book is I laughed at things I probably shouldn't have but I could not stop reading and the ending made me go, "WHAT!

Oh my gosh, I have to buy the next book. Kiss of Death was a pretty good book The suspense factor and cliff hangers were really good.

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I suspected everyone! This is a great book for young adults, my 15 year old daughter read both books that are out in the series in four days. The one thing that bothered me was that Lexi seemed to get over the death of her mother fairly easily, and then someone else close to her dies, and she gets over that somewhat fast too. Shelves: young-adult-books. I really enjoyed the plot of the first book of the Briar Creek Vampires series.

It didn't take long at all to get in to and goodness knows I had a hard time putting it down. I didn't understand why the fight from yesterday was in the book but no other details. Despite my complaint, the characters were I really enjoyed the plot of the first book of the Briar Creek Vampires series. Despite my complaint, the characters were appealing and the authors do a great job at keeping you guessing. Ready for the next one in the series. I was surprised by this book. I thought it was going to be boring and cheesy, it wasn't! I was hooked through the hole book with Lexi's quest to find out why her cousin was murdered.

Little does she know what is actually going on in a town where there are vampires. The authors really keep you on the edge of your seat wondering who you can and can't trust. Can't wait to see what happe I was surprised by this book. Can't wait to see what happens next to Lexi! Well worth 99 cents!

I didn't give this five stars was because certain parts of the story felt like they happened too quickly such as parts of the romance. Between her cousin Austin's death, meeting Gabe, living with her vicious Aunt and uncle, Dan is very creepy to me and her aunt makes her date him, to her mom's death Looking forward to Thicker t The story drew me in immediately and had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing which is hard to do.

Looking forward to Thicker than water! Her passiveness makes me dislike her as well as her being attracted to every guy in a mile radius. I do want to know more about all the unknown questions that I have after reading this book. This book has potential to get better as the series progresses. I can see lexi evolving as the series continue. I do enjoy the mystery and so far Gabriel is a pretty good character. This would have been a better book if the author hadn't made the main character in the book such a "Dumb Blonde"!!!

Even though she is only seventeen I think that most seventeen year girls are much smarter than you protray her. I wouldn't have bothered to read the whole series if I hadn't purchased them all at the same time. Your Howl series is so much better than this one!!!! Jan 09, Scarlett Haven rated it liked it. I'm unsure how to rate this book.

I liked the writing. It was great and entertaining. But this book was a hot mess. It had me scratching my head a few times.

Series: Briar Creek Vampires

I'm sure later books will clear that up, but I'm not sure if I want to continue. I like these authors. So I'm on the fence about reading book I really enjoyed this book! Lexi and her mother went back to Briar's Creek to attend the funeral home of Lexi's cousin, Austin. While visiting there, Lexi decided to find out what actually happened to Austin because she feels that people are hiding something about his death. Then things really start to happen! Don't miss this story if you love mysteries and vampires!

This book as just okay. The main character seemed pretty stupid at times, and she was pretty shallow. She showed zero emotion and it seemed like she didn't even remember that her mom was dead. The plot and the idea for this series is pretty imaginative and cool, but sometimes the first book can be a little shaky. This book was really really good I liked the romance until the end Y did u do that to us??? It was going soo good until the end wonder wat happens next I guess I just have to read the next book.

Heyyyyy Thats probulary y U Did wat you did in the end. I couldn't even finish the book! The writing is terrible! The character development is non-existent! I do NOT understand how this book is getting 5 stars! Unfortunately for me I have all 7 books that I'm NOT going to get my money back on, not to mention the time I wasted reading half of the first book!

I would have loved to give this book a five, but I couldn't. The whole time I was reading it I wished that Lexi would just fight back. In a way she does, but I was still finding myself not liking the protagonist. Jul 21, Rhonda rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult , kindle , read. Interesting story line, but there are sooooo many unanswered questions about what it going on in Briar Creek.

Lexi's aunt and uncle are rather creepy The book is different. I don't get how she could keep being attracted to every guy that was nice to her call it low self esteem I guess. I get how she could like or even love Gabe but everyone else just seemed forced. I will see where the series goes and I hope the story gets less wishy washy. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. About Jayme Morse. Jayme Morse. Other books in the series. Briar Creek Vampires 7 books. What is your favorite Clemson tradition? The floats during Homecoming. Prior to Clemson: Ranked as the 38 player in the nation by Golfweek for the Class of Patriot Award Role Model Teammate in , , and Carol Mann low stroke average award, I am of Cuban descent Q.

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Growing up I wanted to do everything that my brother did, so I started playing golf because he played golf. I went to weekly clinics through the JGA of Broward County and began to compete in their tournaments a few years after. What one word would you use to describe Coach Horton? Passionate Q. Who would you pick to play with you in your dream foursome? Festivities for the football games Q. Putting green at the Walker Course. In Ramsey played as an individual in five tournaments and finished the season with an A: I enjoy fishing, painting, shooting clay pigeons with friends, and I really enjoyed the riflery class I took last semester!

Q: Do you have any hidden talents? A: I can paint really well. Q: What one word would you use to describe yourself? A: Resilient Q: What made Clemson stand out to you? A: I have always loved Clemson. I knew Coach Horton would be a great person to build this program. I love the small town feel and I felt very comfortable in Clemson. A: The ampitheatre-I love going there between classes to lie in the sun and look at the reflection pond. Q: What is your favorite Clemson tradition? In Only player on Clemson team who had similar stroke average in spring as compared to fall Q: Who is the biggest influence in your life?

A: My father. He inspires me everyday to be the best that I can be. A: My coach and teammates Amateur in Charleston A: Sweet tea Q: What one word you would pick to describe yourself? A: Feisty Q: What would you tell a student-athlete considering Clemson? You will be surrounded by people who care about you. Everyone is family and you will feel right at home! Q:What one word would you pick to describe Coach Horton?

A: Dedicated Q: What is your biggest accomplishment so far in golf? First of all it was the first year of varsity competition for J. Second, they reached the tournament with an all freshman lineup. It is just the second time a Clemson program qualified for NCAA Tournament competition in its first year as a varsity sport. Ramsey was one of seven freshmen from around the nation selected to one of the three teams by Golfweek.

Ramsey finished her freshman season ranked 27th nationally by Golfweek, seventh best among freshmen. The native of Milledgeville, Ga. Ramsey was the top stroke average player for the Tigers with a Her season included six top 10 finishes, including a pair of victories, a team best 13 rounds under par, 17 at par or better, and a national leading.

Ramsey is from Milledgeville, Ga and was the top player on a Clemson team that was No. She led the team in stroke average and top 10 finishes with six, including a pair of victories. The number-one ranked amateur in the world, Ramsey was first in the nation in par five scoring average 4. Only Celine Boutier of Duke had more with six. As far as top 10s were concerned, Ramsey had six, tied for fourth in the league. Ramsey had two wins, tied for second.

Boutier of Duke had three. Shanahan was second on the team in stroke average and had three top 10 finishes. The native of Suwanee, Ga was third in the nation in fairway hitting percentage. Shanahan had the best score of the day among Clemson golfers 10 times. Twelve women were selected to the All-ACC team and five were freshmen. Clemson had two of the five. Duke, Clemson and Florida State were the only schools with more than one selection on the team. Only six freshmen made the person team and Clemson had three of the six. Six golfers who made first-team All-ACC on the course also made the academic team, including Shanahan.

Shanahan ranked second on the team in stroke average this year with a Talbert was third on the Clemson team in stroke average at It was especially remarkable considering the program was in its first year and all four women were freshmen in terms of eligibility. Ramsey led the nation in fairway hitting percentage at. She was third in greens in regulation on par three holes at.

Sloan Shanahan was second in the nation in greens in regulation within 15 feet of the hole with a. She was third in hitting fairways. Top 25 Teams Clemson ranked 10th in the nation in winning percentage against top 25 teams according to the final Sagarin computer poll.

Popis Svih Knjiga u Grupi (3.2.2014) (2)

There were only 11 schools nationally that had a winning record against the final top Southern California Duke UCLA Oklahoma South Carolina Arkansas Alabama Louis Country Club. She posted a record and helped the team to the victory. Ramsey was runner-up at the U. She earned two victories during her first fall season at Clemson. She was the only ACC player named to the team. Ramsey moved into the top spot after a summer of in which she won five tournaments. She won two college tournaments in her freshman year and finished second or third in three others.

Ashlan Ramsey Milledgeville, GA 2. Lydia Ko New Zealand 3. Cindy Feng Orlando, FL 4. Georgia Hall England 5. Doris Chen Brandenton, FL 6. Emma Talley Princeton, KY 7. Brooke Henderson Kennewide, WA 9. Hally Leadbetter Bradenton, FL. State High School Princeton Arkansas. That is the only other time a Clemson program reached postseason play in its first year of competition as a team.

Golf World 15 , Golfweek 21 and Golfstat Clemson was one of just 11 schools nationally with a winning record against top 25 teams in Played strong schedule, as team played 42 of the 72 teams in the NCAA Tournament during the regular season.

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Obviously both were freshmen. Clemson was the only team in the nation to start five freshmen in Squad was also 13th in par five scoring at 4. Top Rds Best Best vs. Top Individual Tournaments vs.

Time Will Tell (The Briar Creek Vampires, #7) by Jayme Morse

Record Category A. Ramsey Team First Round Avg. Greens in Regulation. Par 72, 6, yards Fin. School 1st 2nd 3rd Tot Par 1. Florida -5 2. Clemson -4 3. College of Charleston -3 4. NC State -1 5. School 1st 2nd 3rd Tot 1. Wisconsin 2. Clemson 3. GRU Augusta 4. East Carolina 5. Furman Florida State 7. Samford 9. Kennesaw State Georgia State Coastal Carolina Wofford College UNC-Wilmington Southern Mississippi Nova Southeastern Par 72, 6, Yards Fin. Duke 2. Vanderbilt 3. Oklahoma 4. Arkansas 5. Alabama Clemson South Carolina 8.

Florida 9. Wake Forest Auburn LSU NC State Michigan State Mississippi Virginia North Carolina Notre Dame Alabama 2. Duke 3. Clemson 4. South Carolina 5. Wake Forest 6. Arizona South Carolina 2. Florida State 4.

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Virginia 5. Mississippi State 7. Furman Mercer 9. Kansas Kansas State UCLA 2. Southern California 3. Florida 4. Denver 5. Clemson Alabama 7.