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Belief in Santa Claus begins to fade and Christmas is in jeopardy. Try to remember that their hearts are in the right place as the blood begins to fly. As you laugh, sigh and cringe your way through this delightfully grim tale, remember this. You are just as awful as we are for enjoying it.

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No longer! The beautiful pictures and entertainingly tamed story would horrify Poe, but will delight children and parents alike. But is it real, or just a wonderful Christmas dream? Lily Drake is your everyday hard-working single mom…until a gorgeous vampire shows up on her front door who she mistakenly assumes is her blind date for the evening. As one crazy scenario after another unfolds, Lily finds herself falling in love with two vampires, slaying the evil ones, and being prophesied as the savior of the entire undead race.

Deciding between pizza and Chinese take-out will no longer be one of the hard decisions facing Lily Drake once she is immersed into vampire society. Humanity or immortality? The Life and Death of Lily Drake is not your typical vampire love story. How will Lily manage working full-time, taking care of her young son and fighting the undead at every turn? Lily will have to figure it out, but who better to save the world than a mom? I took two strides and blasted him in the face with my fist. He was ready for it this time-unlike in church. He tried to hit me back but I ducked and smashed him again.

Are monsters born or made? Antonio and Megan have a timeless issue. They were told to stay away from each other. They try, they really do. But they are drawn to each other. Antonio is eighteen and the up and coming mob boss of Palmetto, New Jersey. Honor Among Thieves is the first in a series. What do you anticipate for the series when it comes to plotlines without giving too much away, of course and number of books you have planned? I look at my research, see what the major events are or some lesser known but still interesting incidents were in the period, and try to figure out how I can fit my characters into the action.

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I think each book will have a thread that leads to the plot of the next book, too. Little breadcrumbs for the readers. Historians might have an upper hand in this game. Tell us about your protagonist in Honor Among Thieves? Is there a bit of yourself in him?

He was a promising soldier, looking at a life as an officer, but unfortunate events threw his life into disarray. Being that he was so young and hot blooded, he may have overreacted and did himself in. He left his life as soldier and became a highwayman in the countryside, joining the menacing band known as the Falcon Highwaymen.

His old life as a soldier is pitted against his new as a highwayman. Loyalties will be tested and his actions could throw France back into civil war.

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The leading lady for the novel is Jacquelyna Brocquart. That relationship strains more when the king names Jacquelyna Mistress of the Robes for the queen. Like Darion, Jacquelyna gets roped into this plot to rekindle war in France. With any luck, sometime in Honor Among Thieves was about three years in the making. It was the first novel I completed several other attempts failed partway through.

I ended up rewriting the story all over again in the second draft. I learned a ton about the novel writing process with this book, learned a lot about how I write, and who these characters are.

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What a bummer. I want to be proactive in getting my stories out there, not a passive bystander.

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I want it to be my career, not just a hobby. I know some authors balk at that idea, and say writers should only write for the love of writing. Indie publishing allows me to chase my dream on my own terms. I give full props to the men and women who score a traditional publishing contract and make good on it. It takes a lot of patience and tenacity to go year after year after year with no deal, and wade through rejection after rejection after rejection.

It builds character for sure. You need to be your own CEO, marketing department, and product. Both avenues are challenging with their own unique set of obstacles to overcome. Every individual author needs to decide what will work best for them. What are your thoughts on the current state of the publishing industry, and where do you think it is going in the future?

J.M. Aucoin — Historical Adventure Novelist

We saw this happen with newspapers when online publishing and blogs became popular. Newspapers refused to acknowledge the obvious change in how people consumed news, and when they finally did acknowledge the change, they had no idea how to react to it. Unfortunately for this journalism degree touting author, I came out of school right as the newspaper industry began its steep nosedive into oblivion.

The music industry had similar situation, but has been able to recover for the most part thanks to lawsuits and iTunes. There are still some big name journalists who curse the Internet for killing their industry. Guess what? They got complacent and they got burned. And a lot of unfortunate reporters felt the brunt of their stubbornness. Places like Amazon and Smashwords are making it easy to publish books.

Technically speaking, all you need is an idea and Microsoft Word and you can publish a book.

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But we have publishers condemning indies because it threatens their market share, and some publishing houses are doing silly things like charging the same price or more for an eBook than a paperback to prove a point. But modern publishing technology — be it for news, music, or fiction — has made it easier and more profitable for individuals to get their work out there. See you in the next?? Stephen Hawking was a brilliant man, but he was also an incredibly funny man.

It was a huge privilege to waste some of his time, and I'll never forget the twinkle in his eye here Navy vet from Previous to Flag Day, June 14, there were no federal or state regulations governing display of the United States Flag. It was on this date that the National Flag Code was adopted by the National Flag Conference which was attended by representatives of the Army and Navy which had evolved their own procedures, and some 66 other national groups. This purpose of providing guidance based on the Army and Navy procedures relating to display and associated questions about the U.

Flag was adopted by all organizations in attendance. A few minor changes were made a year later during the Flag Day Conference, It was not until June 22, that Congress passed a joint resolution which was amended on December 22, to become Public Law ; Chapter , 77th Congress, 2nd session. Exact rules for use and display of the flag 36 U. This code is the guide for all handling and display of the Stars and Stripes. It does not impose penalties for misuse of the United States Flag.

That is left to the states and to the federal government for the District of Columbia. Each state has its own flag law. The Pledge of Allegiance was written in August by the socialist minister Francis Bellamy It was originally published in The Youth's Companion on September 8, Bellamy had hoped that the pledge would be used by citizens in any country. In its original form it read: "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

At this time it read: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Bellamy's daughter objected to this alteration. Today it reads: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. When not in uniform men should remove any non-religious headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart.

Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute.