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This is an opportunity for you to mature. Read about investing and get some financial counseling if you need to bone up. Try therapy: To help realistically assess your parenting skills, deal with codependency issues developed during your marriage and treat depression. Get good legal counsel: A lawyer who enables you to find a voice in the process is invaluable. Understand where you might find control: Control Freaks are vulnerable to what others, particularly authority figures, think about them. The Narcissist: Narcissists are self-serving to a fault. They are usually exceptionally charming and will use that charm to get their way, while treating you with very little respect.

When a Narcissist falls in love with you, it is like a dream, because narcissists will love you for making them so happy -- but it has little staying power. To narcissists, your history together does not really exist, particularly when they regress. If you have disappointed a Narcissist or if he or she simply has lost interest in the marriage, whatever love you had will not help make the divorce easier. And if you have crossed the Narcissist, he or she may make you pay with vitriol like you could never have imagined.

'The Control Freak' - Types of problem workplace behaviour

You don't count anymore. This may really hurt, but when confronted with a narcissistic ex it is important to understand the person that you are dealing with. What You Can Do : Accept that the Narcissist may never really have loved you in a realistic way: If you accept this as a tragic truth, you can work through the hurt and anger. Understand that the Narcissist wants to win because she feels wronged : You are dealing with a person who feels completely at home exploiting you and the kids. Know that Narcissists can look great in public: They are able to present a compelling public persona to your friends and family while treating you with calculated coldness.

Stay calm: Blowups in front of the kids or with the Narcissist in public will come back to haunt you.

How to Stop Being So Controlling and Accept Uncertainty | Happily Imperfect

People with this character trap have a remarkable ability to make themselves look smooth while making you look foolish. The Avenger: Any of the above, when taken to an extreme, can result in The Avenger. It's normal to want revenge when you have been hurt, but for The Avenger, this urge is overwhelming. Your ex will not be satisfied unless you have been put in your place.

He or she holds an extremely distorted view of you and your divorce. Avengers may honestly think that if they can't have the kids, you shouldn't either, or worse yet -- if The Avenger can't have the kids, nobody should. Avengers' self righteousness is palpable, and violence can lie just below the surface. At its worst, Avengers are hell bent on inflicting revenge even if they or the children suffer as a consequence. Tragically for everyone, they simply can't stand seeing you happy and moving on in a normal way. Most avengers move towards violence when they are in the process of losing control over the divorce, money or the children.

Plan ahead: Have a concrete plan if feel you are in danger. We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. I'm a bit of a control freak. April Bloomfield. Meaning of "control freak" in the English dictionary. Control freak. Synonyms and antonyms of control freak in the English dictionary of synonyms.

The manager’s guide to internal control: diary of a control freak

Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about control freak. I'm too much of a control freak. You've got to trust people. And because I am a control freak , sometimes that's difficult for me, because I want to micro-manage absolutely everything. I can't hand over. But I'm trying to do that more.

How to Stop Being So Controlling and Accept Uncertainty

I am a control freak , but not when I travel. For some reason when I travel, I am able to surrender more than in my real life. I am able to let go. I think it's why I like it so much. I like to control everything, and you cannot control everything. You have to at some point say, 'I let go and I'm going to let the cards fall where they fall For a control freak , it's hard.

Happily Imperfect

Film is a collaborative process, absolutely, but I am a control freak. I'd say I'm a pretty intense person. I'm definitely not my Denise character on 'Scrubs,' nor my Jane character on 'Happy Endings,' but I'm a mix of the two. I really feel that I'm kind of every character that I've ever played; it's just a part of me. And I am a bit of a control freak like Jane. In the near future, we may finally begin to be able to do something about aging at a more fundamental level.

In fact, we can now begin to attack aging at its most fundamental level, but we can currently only make perhaps a five percent dent in the most fundamental causes of aging. At this point in time, the very small number of us who have been at this life extension process for several decades, and have succeeded to some extent in making our biological age much less than our chronological age, are regarded to some extent as social freaks.

So one must be psychologically prepared to deal with this. This problem is actually much more pervasive and difficult than most people would think. It is a major disincentive for aggressively continuing a life extension program. Long before we completely conquer aging at its most fundamental level, we are likely to encounter what scientist Aubrey de Grey calls the Methuselarity, which is a point in time where expected human lifespan increases by more than one year for each year of elapsed time.

At this point, one's expected remaining lifetime stops decreasing and begins increasing. This certainly does not mean immortality or the end of death. It basically means, though, that you will have no real idea of how much longer you have to live. Some people will find this situation very uncomfortable or disconcerting.

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It is likely that most people alive today will live to see the Methuselarity. I had intended that the Life Extension Manual would be revised and updated frequently, but this has proven to be quite time-consuming and difficult. I realize that some sections are inadequately referenced to the primary medical literature. I have added a number of important references during the past two years. I hope to be able to remedy this problem further over the next several months, although it is likely to be a slow process.

DeCode was purchased by Amgen in December , and they have since discontinued their DecodeMe personal genetics testing services for new customers. In November, , I had a further analysis done by 23andMe. These companies did not decode the entire genome, but they did decode the points of human DNA that are the most common variations among different individuals. These points are among the points known as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs pronounced "snips".

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There is a lot of overlap in the SNPs that were decoded by the two companies. One result of my DNA tests was that I was able to identify an unusual variant in a gene that codes for the aromatase enzyme. A malfunctioning aromatase gene was causing me to lose bone density, especially spinal bone density.

As a direct result of the discovery of that variant, I had further testing done, and I discovered that my estradiol level was far too low.

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Estradiol is an estrogen that is necessary for health in both males and females. After using supplementary estradiol for 10 months, the bone mineral density in my lumbar spine increased by more than 20 percent. By June , my lumbar bone mineral density had increased by I already knew that I had a genetic propensity for spinal osteoporosis, a disease which resulted in my father's death in after a long period of severe disability. Shortly after my father's death, I had a DEXA bone scan that revealed that my bone density was also abnormally low, primarily in the spine, but also to a certain extent at the hip.

By May of , my spinal bone density had decreased to the point that it met the technical definition of osteoporosis. I was able to identify the most significant probable causes as variants in the IGF-1 and aromatase genes. Results of a DEXA bone density scan on May 6, indicated an increase in lumbar spinal bone density of DEXA bone density scans in December and June showed a continuing increase in my spinal bone density.

My spinal bone density is I am no longer in the osteoporosis range. Progress in medicine is expanding so rapidly that the doubling time for medical knowledge is now about four years although there no means of really measuring a moving target like expanding knowledge with any degree of accuracy.